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>ruins your burger

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its okay, we all start off as tastelets

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your poor parents

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Some day you won’t be 11 years old anymore and will realize just how wrong you were

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Don't know what kind of tomatoes you're using but mine always enhance my burger.

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Not OP, but I never get tomatoes on any kind of sandwich. Love 'em on salads with some cucumber, carrots, and mushrooms, even like 'em fried green. Just not on sandwiches.

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Tell me OP, how was special ed when you were in School? They did made you paint with fingers often?

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>not tomato on a BLT

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I agree. tomatoes belong on cold sandwiches only

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I don't get lettuce on those either. Just bacon and mayo on toast.

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I feel sorry for your mother.

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The lettuce adds nothing and the tomato add only moisture. What's the point of crispy bacon if you want moisture?

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Is there a better way to store tomatoes so they don't go all mushy and lose all their juice when cutting into them after a couple days? I love tomatoes but the texture is usually off by the time I'm halfway through using one.

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>halfway through using one.
Just buy smaller tomatoes that you eat in one go,

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>ruins everything

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What is your favorite veggie on burgers and why is it onion?

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Tomatoes are great on a burger. However, dried tomatoes are the thinking man’s choice.

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I do love a nice sweet Vidalia on a burger to give it some crunch and acidity. Second favorite veggie on a burger has to be mushrooms.

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Never thought of it, always used them for sauces, based anon ngl

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Vidalia are too sweet for a burger. Better off with yellow/brown onions.

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Never thought of using sundried. Anon, you just blew my mind.

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What exactly do lettuce and tomato add to a burger?

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flavor and texture and lettuce is good for you and adds a crunch

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Properly fried onions are better. Explain the flavor profile of lettuce and the moisture content of tomato.

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thats like explaining color to a blind person

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So what you said before was total bollocks, then?

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not at all i just dont like talking to tastelets

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Yeah. Lettuce is so tasty. And most tomatoes in stores are just water bombs. Try harder.

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Literally the tastebuds of my 5 y/o nephew, are you autistic aren't you?

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Nothing better than a soggy sandwich with random tasteless leaves.

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It depends alot on how thick the meat is and how much veggies you're putting on the burger. I don't usually ask to take them off or anything but if you get a standard fast food thick patty, single patty, and they put average thickness tomatoes and a bunch of shredded lettuce it's gonna ruin the burger. The experience at that point becomes 50/50 meat/veggies. Biting your burger and the main thing you taste is a cold ass tomato and raw onions that's just gross, I agree.
If you get a decent burger with a thick party, or double/triple patty, a decent leaf of lettuce grilled onions and a few THIN slices of tomato it's a good juicy compliment I think, even a little bit of raw onions. The thing is the patty has to be thick and flavorful. In my opinion with a great patty the veggies just enhance the flavor and even adds flavor to the burger from contrast (like how adding chili to a watermelon makes it taste sweeter)
But if you got a shitty/mediocre patty, vegetables can make it even worse and feel like cafeteria/jail food

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>thick party
what do Democrats have to do with this?

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>what is texture

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If you smash the burger, it's still the same amount of meat.

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>random leaves
That would me leaves you just picked as you walked along a forest trail. Lettuce is a pretty specific leaf.

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He's never seen a mixed leaf salad. How sad. Tell your mom to shop better.

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tastelet noob

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Then ask for a burger without. Oh, wait, Those human robot can't even remember 30 seconds ahaed.

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Lame post.

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good posts

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>literally you over that comment

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It's the same lonely person making all these threads.

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How are you meant to remember the future

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My stupid autistic mouth finds every fucking seed and makes my stupid autistic brain short curcuit until I figure out something to do with the seed. Tomatoes are hugely problematic and I hate it, 'cause tomatoes taste really good. =(
Tomato sauce is almost worse sometimes, 'cause not everyone peels their tomatoes before crushing them and putting them in the sauce. So now I get to short-circuit when I hit tomato seeds AND tomato skin.

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Have you considered putting on your big-girl panties and walking it off?

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The lettuce adds texture, and tomato adds flavor so long as it's a quality tomato and not the mealy shite you get at the grocery store.
BLTs are shite.

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Water with more water. Add crispy fried onions instead. More flavor.

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you autismo nigga I eat tomatoes whole like apples, they're delicious

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The real filter is not knowing you are supposed to grill them first.

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>Lettuce makes your sandwich soggy
Tha k you for confirming what i said

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Thank you*

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Is that what I said, or are you badly educated?

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Huh? You don't know how to reply?

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the perfect burger, from top to bottom:


don't (You) me

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Yes and you confirmed to me that you are autistic that's what I said, or are you badly educated?

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If I was autistic I wouldn't be here, would I? Using your bad education as an excuse is lame, especially on a food and cooking board.

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lame eater

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You sad sad little baby.
Next you'll be saying gherkins are bad for burgers.

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Even lamer reply. Try harder (if your education allows it).

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You're here precisely because you're autistic.

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I don't care to have tomato on my hamburgers. I do not dislike the taste or texture, that part's fine. What I don't like is how it slides around and makes the damn thing fall apart in my hands.

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>you like lettuce on burgers for the texture? you should add this thing with a totally different texture instead
>lettuce and onions are mutually exclusive toppings to begin with

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>he eats with his hands

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says the manchild

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Onion, pickle, and romaine lettuce

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white onion is always better on a burger than the red

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this but replace ketchup with mayo, remove a slice of cheese, and add mushroom

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Then take it off, sperglord. A thread really died for this.

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Now this is autism

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Spergs aren't gifted at communication.

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>vastly improves everything

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You seem to have knowledge.

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The acidic tomato juices mixing with mayo to form a runny, creamy, vinegary sauce is one of the few reasons sandwiches are worth eating in the first place.

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red onion is just for show on a burger and you will never be a woman

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Good call

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At a fast food place? 100%. They all taste under-ripe and look like they were cut a week ago.

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>toppings elitism
This is what’s wrong with all of you, in case you haven’t noticed why people don’t go out to eat with you.
You’re the type of people who get seriously upset about someone ordering food how they like.

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This but remove bacon as it is not kosher oy vey

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Who thought it was a good preteen fucking idea to put FRUIT on a burger?!

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My favorite veggie on burgers IS the burger
Cause I’m Vegan lol

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Grilled mushrooms
Grilled onions

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this is the only valid point against tomatoes itt

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Pickles are fruit and wheat is a fruit as well.

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stop being intelligent on my forum please

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Why do eurocucks hate tomatoes so much? In Canada they are considered essential

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Tried it and it wasn't my thing, too chewy, flavor was nice though. I considered making a sun dried tomato ketchup as a condiment though (not a sweet ketchup but more like the old mushroom ketchup from the pioneer days) next time I make burgers

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This man knows burgers

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simple as, fuck vegetables

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You don't speak for all of us you tomato eating freak.

>spicy chicken
>no tomato
>extra mayo

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No fried egg tho?

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anon stop my penus is only so erectable

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>I've never had a good tomato, the thread

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flavor wise yes
texture wise no

Oil cured tomatoes fixes the texture problem

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>ctrl f grapes
>0 found
why do so few know this blissful pairing?

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Add more bacon since it's not very kosher

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Lord, tomatoes I could understand since most of the time they're out of season, flavorless and release too much water, but pickles add an element of crunch and acidity that's amazing in the right context

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>he doesn't fry his tomatoes before putting them on his sandwich

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Instead of tomatoes can I have another slice of cheese?

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There are several types of tomatoes. If you get the one full of fucking water from shop I say that ruin everything it touches.
Now if I get the meaty variant of tomatoes from my garden at their peak, now that is delicacy.

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