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Vegan general

Only evolved humans allowed itt

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Why are vegans such sanctimonious assholes? Fuck every single one of them. More meat for me.

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The next post will be an image of meat.

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Black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices.

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We’re not all sanctimonious it was a joke but also there’s some truth to it and I would like to discuss it but it sounds like you’d rather bury your head in sand instead of think critically

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General threads are cancer and you should kill yourself.

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Worth a shot.

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Sorry plant-eating primitive, I can't hear you over the sound of my massive brain that required the dense caloric and nutritional content of cooked meat to develop.

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What truth? How is a vegan diet more evolved than someone breaking from this unsustainable industrial agricultural system and just learning to reconnect with their food?

Like its very rare that any of the vegans I talk to even know how their food is grown, or even how to grow their own food.

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>dense caloric meat with nutritional content

Do you even read the labels of the food you use / have you ever seen the nutritional facts on plant based, vegan products that are superior in absolutely every way other than (arguably) taste and vitamin b12

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Is that why every vegan is on a dozen supplementary multi-vitamins or else their body shuts down? Is that why children raised on a vegan diet often die of malnourishment?

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Why don't you bury your tongue in my anus, you fucking twig?

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Buddy, I love eating plants as much as the next guy, but I can't feel full off them. I also can't eat beans without serious heartburn (which sucks because I love beans).
But I am not a volume eater. I like small meals that will fill me for hours. Veganisim just doesn't cut it. Even herbivores gotta graze all day.

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Cite sources bro. I can guarantee I’m way healthier than you and people who aren’t vegan take supplements all the time lmao. Every single athlete and fitness but is going to be taking several vitamin and supplement pills / powders

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Yes, because you’re not eating plant based proteins. There are plenty of filling foods that will also give you the rich, meaty, umami flavor that’s desired from animal products

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