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You should not ever order a ""'"secret menu""" item. At best, you'll get an eyeroll and sigh from the cashier, at worst you'll be told to fuck right off and order something that's on the board. The only people who order this shit regularly are teenage girls and flaming homos, and the occasional self-important reddit fag. If you have any respect for yourself you just don't do this shit.
I always used to make these 'people' feel absolutely retarded for trying to order off menu. Even if I knew what they meant. The fucking menu exists for a reason, order from it or go home and cook. I would give people my most confused look and slowly say how we didn't have anything like that. When they insisted they had heard it was on the secret menu, I would always tell them I wasn't sure what they meant. After all, the entire menu is posted behind me. Some of my coworkers would always say stuff like "Tell me what's in it so I can ring it in" but I wouldn't. I loved seeing the frustration and embarrassment as these fat middle aged rednecks and shithead kids had to pull out their phones, surf the web to find the item again, and then read it back to me. An even greater satisfaction when they asked for an ingredient we clearly didn't have and I got to tell them that. Or if something was discontinued, I would always say things like, "Oh, I don't think we've had that item since 2008.. "
So fuck you. Don't be a colossal retard and embarrass yourself in front of a wagie. Just ask for a fucking strawberry frappuccino with caramel and toffee nut, don't be the fucking nigger demanding a Captain Crunch frappe that you KNOW you saw on Facebook.

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i dont eat fast food

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Is this what happens to people who work for fast food? I feel fucking sorry for you dude. I hope something good happens to you at least once in your miserable life.

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all that hate in your heart is a waste of time and is gonna lead to a fricken heart attack
go for a walk and enjoy life dude, people are just trying to have fun, "secret menu items" are a fun idea, even if a little silly and impractical
don't take it out on them because your mom didn't show up to your 5th grade choir performance

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>go to restaurant
>ask for item on secret menu that i like
>employee gives me the secret item with no issues
>go to another restaurant
>ask for another secret menu item that i like
>employee says they don't have it
>order something else instead
if i knew that employees in the second restaurant were seething this hard then i would have just gone to chick fil a

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Waiter, this pasta is stale.

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Can I get uhhhhh.... 2 mcgangbangs with extra mcchicken sauce and no pickles but sub the pickles for mcnigguts?

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You’ve got problems my guy.

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Seems to me that if you're going to get "secret menu" items at fast food places you should really just be using their app.

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>Working in the kitchen
>On shift with cute bookish girl and this fat, acne-ridden guy who has worked her longer than the current manager but doesn't talk to anybody
>Slow day, but hear a customer come up and order a Snow Cream Frappucino
>Start pulling out the materials, since the recipe is often asked for, and it's all over the internet
>Autisticus is working the counter and starts sweating so bad I can smell him in the back
>Claims that he doesn't know what that is, even though he has to work 60 hour work weeks to meet his rent and has filled it before for other people
>Bookish girl cringes hard and walks into the back
>No idea what he's doing, customer and I are already embarrassed for him
>Customer tries to nicely explain by referencing the internet buzz about it
>Autisticus still claims he has no idea
>Girl feels bad and nudges me, so I ask him about what's in it to try and jog his memory, or get him out of this bad joke he's trying to pull
>He looks back and it's like he tries to grin, but it appears as though he has never smiled in his life, and his entire face is completely red
>Line is forming, but customers are trying to help him by explaining what's in it
>He keeps saying he doesn't think we carry that stuff
>Already have it made in the back, just need him to a-okay it, so he doesn't get embarrassed
>Eventually give up on him, and just bring it out, claim I knew how to put it together and customer rings up with me
>Bookish girl is smiling at me from the back
>Asks me if I want to go out for dinner after work, not really into her, but say yes anyway just to be nice
>That evening see Autisticus scowling at us with tears in his eyes as we walk out and he has to stay back and close
>Fuck Bookish Girl's brains silly that night
>Next shift heard he got fired because of numerous customer complaints
>Boss laughs as he tells me that Autisticus was on his hands and knees begging for his job because he was "in debt to some Chinese video game company"

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I honestly don't know how minimum-wage customer service workers don't kill themselves. I worked as a cashier in high school and every fucking time I drove into work I secretly thought about just getting on the interstate and driving to Canada to start a new life in the arctic territories. I hated customer service so much.

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>go to fast food drive through
>slowly order 70 dollars worth of food
>ten minutes into ordering, ask how much it is
>oh nvm, I only have 5 bucks lol
>see angry chef barge out the back door through my rear view mirror as I drive away
Can't tell you how many times I've done this lmao

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What the hell is bookish?

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cool story bro

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None because the orders are sent to the kitchen after you' ve payed. kys faggot

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>Wagie impotently venting his rage on his unpaid five minute break he gets once every eight hours if he's lucky
Tick tock wagie, I need my tendies.

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the only people ive ever known who unironically order cringe shit like mcgangbangs are skinny jeans soy hipsters

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I still order rodeo burgers from BK. they don't seem to mind

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Shut up and make my burger, wagie.

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When people say that, they mean she looks like a cute librarian. She usually reads for fun, has glasses, and is kind of awkward but not in a bad way

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Do my bidding, wagie.

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Based. I've made it my life's work to piss off fast food cucks as much as possible. I push and prod these minimum wage, middle aged workers until they explode, and then I complain and get a free meal and they get fired. The best part, there's so many of fast food places, and the turnovers so high, I can bounce around from place to place all week long, three times a day, and by the time I get back to the first place I scammed, the staff are all new and no one knows what I'm doing. I haven't paid for food in years.

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>i only eat fast food

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They all have salads. You should know your menu by now, wagie.

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It's over for two face cels

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>i have the salads at fast food places too not just burgers trust me
Yeah sure you do fatty, I haven't had fast food in months and work retail. Go complain about your food some more

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A cook that cannot cook anything but a la carte is not a cook. You are absolutely pathetic. If I go to your McDonald's and ask you for a shepherd's pie, you better start mashing up those fries and beef patties or else I'm gonna complain to your manager.
Seethe and dilate, ywnbaw.

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Well I guess the chefs get mad over nothing then lol

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Based, I'm always looking for new ways to fuck with wages, especially FF workers. Any other tips?

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>At best, you'll get an eyeroll and sigh from the cashier, at worst you'll be told to fuck right off
nobody gives a shit about some children who don't want to do their job. Make the damn food and don't be uppity about it, you losers are lucky you have a job

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whether a cook can or not has nothing to do with whether or not he's willing to, or if you're allowed to order it.

don't like it? don't let the door hit you on your way out.

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Manager please

>> No.15164099

the customer is always WRONG I have never met a dumber more incorrect group of people in my life

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You're over exaggerating your point

>> No.15164117

"I need to speak with your manager"
7 words that drive instant fear and anxiety into the heart of the wagie

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>Bragging about working retail
You're below even fast food cucks, at least they have to have an iota of skill. You put things on shelves, and man a cash register, and when I make you cucks explode, I get store credit and free clothes.
Be incredibly dismissive and insulting, use every sentence to remind them of their ever increasing age and how they're spending what time they have left on the earth, doing a minimum wage, low skill job for teenagers, speak slowly, change your mind constantly, especially right as they ring in whatever you just ordered, lots of modifiers, make them repeat your bizarrely specific order back to you, and even if they get it 100% right, claim they got it 100% wrong, refuse to move out of line to let other customers ahead of you, or if you're in the drive thru refuse to pull forward. Any wagie would break by the end of fifteen minutes, and then you get to cause a shit storm and pretend to call corporate, at which point even if it was the manager raging at you, they'll become compliant and give you anything you want for free. Then call corporate for real, and complain, and lie, and get them fired. There's an endless line of cucks to step in and replace the cucks you get fired.

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You can see their faces turn from frothing rage, to pure fear, now that their sole source of income, however minute, has been threatened.

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>"in debt to some Chinese video game company"

I heard on a podcast last week about a guy who worked the fraud department for a large CC company, saw $12,000 in charges get flagged for fraud so he cut the card off. The guy calls in an hour later demanding that the card be reinstated and that he had made all the charges for that Genshin Impact game.

I dont fucking get it. At least if you spend that much on coke and hookers you'll have a good time, and a story to tell, but on fucking video games?

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Glad we have so many based anons here today

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I work in the warehouse after closing. I don't even see the customers, let alone being a cashier. Keep crying fatty, have a burger and you'll feel better

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No anon I mean saying shephards pie to him is over the top. I get the point you're making to him, but it just sounds silly from my point of view because that would never happen.

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>Ha! Shows what you know! They don't even let me be seen by decent human beings, I just stack things on shelves after hours!
Wow, you sure showed me.

>> No.15164185

Different anon
On another note, I live above a commie coffee shop, whats the best way to fuck with them aside from using their bathroom sink as my grease disposal unit?

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Sometimes I place my order then just drive away so that one of the employees will get to discreetly eat it for free, since they usually let you do that in restaurants where you don’t get unlimited free shit.
It’s my way of giving back to fellow wagies while harming the bottom line of the Jew.

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some men just want to see the world burn

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You can only do it once or twice before you get arrested but
>call in a massive order to be picked up at a later date
>don’t show
Happened a few times at a deli I worked at and the manager would be beside himself with rage

>> No.15164218

>They don't even let me be seen by decent human beings, I just stack things on shelves after hours!
This sounds like pure cope, you don't know how nice it is to get the job done in peace with some music.

>> No.15164246

>Fuck Bookish Girl's brains silly that night
Aaaaand it turns out you're just making it up. I bought it until that line.

>> No.15164255

>Y-y-youre the one who's coping, honest!
>It's just so great and peaceful to stack things on shelves at 2 am for $9/hr! Seriously!
Without giving away too much detail, I make a $90k salary filing court documents from the comfort of my home, maybe two or three hour of work per day, Monday through Friday. Sometimes four if I'm REALLY busy. But you keep it up, champ! It's important to stay positive.

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Wow, we've got a regular Einstein over here!

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You are on the wrong side of history.

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too bad wagie, you WILL offer me the secret menu or you get 0 tips (not like i tip anyway, but you dont know that, heh)

>> No.15164401

Never said I worked nights retard, you practically admitted you eat nothing but fast food and haven't refuted it. And you sit at home for three hours working and never tried cooking? Do you not have a gas line to your house?

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Anon, phone.

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people who play gacha are addicts.

>> No.15164437

Dangerously based.

>> No.15164487

Uh oh, looks like wagie is having a little ragie! Shouldn't you be stacking things on shelves?

>> No.15164510

I used to love sending customers to the manager when they asked. Let me get back to doing my job in peace

>> No.15164518

I don't care enough about wagies to annoy them, I just get my food and eat it.

>> No.15164541

I have control over my emotions though, and my weight unlike you. You keep rolling around eating junk and I'll carry on doing my job. Seriously though have you never tried making a pancake or something?

>> No.15164544

This didn't happen faggot

>> No.15164569

>Unironically This
OP is just a bitter douchebag

>> No.15164581

Fake and gay

>> No.15164607

dump liquid shit down the vents

>> No.15164626

>Don't be a colossal retard and embarrass yourself in front of a wagie.

It's impossible for me to be embarrassed in front of a wagie because I don't care what you think about me.

>> No.15164640

What's more pathetic than working minimum wage is being such a sad sack of shit that you go out of your way to make the life of someone who works minimum wage even more miserable.

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>What's more pathetic than working minimum wage is being such a sad sack of shit that you go out of your way to make the life of someone who works minimum wage even more miserable.

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sorry you had a bad day at work OP. Hope you feel better by posting this.

>> No.15164812

How does it feel to know that everyone who sees you instantly knows that you're an imbecile?

>> No.15164829

Just let them have their fun.
Games like genshin impact are really fun and 98% of players will never spend any money, the entire game is carried by whales spending their disposable income on addiction.
If it wasn't gacha, they'd be wasting it on alcohol and drugs.

>> No.15164834

Arrested for what? Seems like that would be a breach of contract at worst.

>> No.15164847

3 calls counts as harassment.

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Fast food is for spiritually corrupted whores, human pestilence that has not achieved nirvana through expertly crafted simple home cooked budget friendly meals.

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>> No.15164947

>fast food
Cute delusion. The other guy is right too about fast food, it isn't on the screen to be made until it has been paid. The "chefs" would never know about your antics.

>> No.15165009

I've forgotten money and just had them cancel, so full of shit.

>> No.15165015

I know this is why I only got one shot at messaging my ex who dumped me over the phone when my father in law to be was dying of cancer but I still couldn't quite bring myself to propose just wanted some goddamned closure but I knew if I pushed the issue I'd lose muh freedoms.

>> No.15165019

Someone who makes 90k a year but only eats take-away fast food is infinitely more pathetic than anyone working there.

>> No.15165134

I have literally never witnessed this, having been on either side of the counter. Is this another muttland phenomenon?

>> No.15165160

definitely not true the orders come up on the board once theyre punched in or the wait times would be insane.
>former drive thru bitch

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>> No.15165189

I didn't work at a fast food joint, so maybe this is why, but I was tight as fuck with my manager when I was a bartender at a restaurant. He would have told you to fuck off and to stop bothering me.

>> No.15166184

>click op
>see this
This nigga wrote a whole paragraph. Next.

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>> No.15166198

back to work wagie
get me the Double Handel bar while you're at it

>> No.15166835

You've never done any of this. Ask me how I know.

>> No.15166915

I used to order secret menu shit all the time when me and my friend first found out about it in our early 20s. Only place that 100% knew what all the secret menu items were was jamba juice.

>> No.15166926

You're missing out on one of the higher pleasures then anon

>> No.15166929

Sorry its been verified by independent factcheckers and also I am straight

>> No.15166955

Ok call them cooks whatever, all I know is that it works when I do it
Maybe technology is so advanced in San Fagcity, California that they can wait ten minutes before starting to cook my food and still provide fast and courteous service but in the place I live it drives the chefs into a psychotic rage. I suggest anyone that doesn't believe me try it for themselves, you're in for a laugh

>> No.15166962

Number for the regional manager please

>> No.15166993

I only order standard menu items but in exchange I expect them to be done correctly

>> No.15167009

While this is incredibly based, It doesnt always work. My friend works at Pizza hut and his GM is such a slut for her corporate overlords that anytime she's showing them how to make a pizza, the pizza goes in the trash, even though it;s fully cooked/edible. I'll never understand how people will throw perfectly good food away just because somebody didnt pay for it

>> No.15167058

I literally do not have it. I can give you the same corporate customer service line anyone else would get by googling the company's name, and that's it. Internal communication is handled by email whenever possible, and I am not allowed to give out employee emails.

>> No.15167074

>you should not do this thing because the people do not like doing it
but are they getting paid to do it?
is it humiliating in a cruel way?
or is it just extra work, like 2 minutes of effort in a typically 30 second effort job

>> No.15167217

Why are Americans so hellbent on licking customers boots?

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Absolutely based if true. When I washed at pizza hut I would always love sharing unpicked up pizzas at the end of the shift.

>> No.15167302

>Thinking upper management actually gives two fucks
I literally called someone a gluttonous fatass when I used to manage a McDonald's and while they got free meals from the owner I just got a "Don't do it again" from the GM
Maybe crew is more replaceable than managers and would throw any crewfag under the bus before they would even consider letting a manager go. One of the managers I worked with did heroin every day and if any of the crew talked about it they got written up or straight up fired
Fast food managers can pretty much get away with anything that isn't stealing from the safe

>> No.15167542

keep seething wagie
I will ask for a secret menu item just to piss you off next time

>> No.15167547

this. Wagies are just there to be automatons that take our order and serve. We do not care what wagies "think".

>> No.15167677

They are literally cells in a corporate organism

>> No.15167710

Animal style, extra toast, well done fries please.


>> No.15167750

If it's something the location offers even if it's not listed what's the problem? You just sound like a whiner.

>> No.15168446

nice la

>> No.15168455


>> No.15168458

lol imagine being a register jockey at a fucking fast food chain and trying to flex on/embarrass anyone.

>> No.15168478

You could say that about many working people. People who work are working to the same goal, unable to reach the top like the overlords do. Some people might, be able to go on benders and drink ipas with retards or just sit home relax. But you yourself are wittling away with each day. Then you stop and you reached the goal but what's the next one? You make it up to stop insanity and mental wellbeing, ti have something to work otherwise your mind frazzles and degrades overtime. How do alcoholics work? They work and drink because people do when aimless. Its just how it is so you must make.

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Please stop posting here

>> No.15169243


>> No.15169644

The thing people don't understand is that "replaceable" generally only applies to employees quitting. It costs hundreds of dollars to find a new employee, interview him, train him, get him uniforms, and shit like that. And higher turnover looks bad on everyone's numbers as well as their budget. If your employees are quitting or getting fired, clearly, you're doing something wrong. As long as you show up to work, it is close to impossible to get fired as retail.

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>at worst you'll be told to fuck off
kek as if you have the balls wagie, now make my fucking food

>> No.15169675

Stupid frog poster

>> No.15169821

What the fuck is a """secret menu""" item?
Do Americans really?

>> No.15169848

do euros really not understand english

>> No.15169922

I don't care what you think.

>> No.15169935

this guy understands

>> No.15169956

shepherd's pie doesn't have beef reeeeeee
if it uses beef its a COTTAGE pie how dare you

>> No.15170073

>San Fagcity, California
but anon, that's a bunch of cities in California! unless that's exactly what you were saying

>> No.15170118

It's just this would never happen here in the first place aside from maaaybe some teenagers thinking they are comedy gold, because people here have what you insane entitled spastics will never have, decency.

>> No.15170192

I've been tempted to put in custom 'secret' orders at places, but then I think back to when I was on the other side of the register, and how miserable I was having to serve fussy, entitled people..

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shut the fuck up wagie

>> No.15170413

I would quit the job then and there. How much of a fucking psycho you have to be to throw perfectly good edible food in the trash because no no slavie wagie that might get deducted from your salary. How awful

>> No.15170421

this was good

>> No.15170428

The sad thing about visiting america was seeing literal wage slaves like in the memes. I didn't know people over there had actual careers in fast food joints. It was almost too much to bear. Especially because of the culture around fake hospitality and service. The broken smile of a 42 year old balding guy with no future, as he hands me a $1.5 burger, while making less per hour than I did clumsily sweeping some factory floor, listening to Metallica, when I was 15 old and trying to pay for a new graphics card. Or the 75 year old "greeter" (why is that a profession?) at Walmart enthusiastically asking me how I'm doing without expecting a reply, because he has no pension and no medical insurance. Yikes. Almost nobody in Denmark works at McDonald's past high school unless they become a manager.

>> No.15170441

If you refuse its manager time. I know you'll get in trouble even if they tell me they don't have anyone on staff who can make it.

>> No.15170452

Greeters are there to impress on the customers' subconscious that they can be seen. It reduces instances of shoplifting to a significant degree.

>> No.15170762

Secret menu items are for fags. But if I tell you to make it you will fucking make it wagie. Believe me, you cannot afford to get uppity at me, not on minimum wage.

>> No.15171324

All our other industries were destroyed by outsourcing and mass-immigration. Service is all we have left, so to keep your job you have to outdo everyone else and be the bigger pole-shiner.

>> No.15171411

>Implying I've ever cared or will ever care about what a fast food employee thinks
>Implying anyone does
>All of those customers drove off with their big group of friends talking about what an anti social fuckwad you were
The list goes on op. Get back in the cagie wagie.

>> No.15172057

Never worked fast food but in retail i would just call up the manager for any customer that i didnt want to deal with, some of you are taking minimum wage jobs to serious lol

>> No.15172092

False and retardpilled

>> No.15172180

I know a lot of wagies who worship corporate in hopes of being promoted only to work the same shitty position for years

>> No.15172213


>> No.15172285

nigger, the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.15172292
File: 431 KB, 400x560, A9E2F0B3-4BB2-43CE-B8FC-9BA867D025FF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re amazing

>> No.15172393

Its how we humiliate aging leftists

>> No.15172419

>I am the manager.

>> No.15172500

Regional manager then
I've pulled this card a couple times and you wouldn't believe how fast they bend over backwards to "remedy the situation" so I don't call the regional manager
Salaried are almost easier to manipulate and even more pathetic

>> No.15172719

Yeah you pathetic fuck
Being uppity working at a fastfood fucking resteraunt

>> No.15172747


>> No.15172780

What a massive fagot. I bet you fuck trannies and ask why their outie isn't an innie.

>> No.15172853 [DELETED] 

You should have just ordered an expresso.

>> No.15172867

You sound like a dork who hates fun. Get help.

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Heh, nice.

I'm not a cunt about anything except for tipping. I refuse to tip, haven't since I was 25 years old, realized It's a stupid, silly practice that I'm not obligated to do unless they put it on the bill, which they wont, because, you know, then people would never go there. I've had seven waiters chase me down after not paying a tip and I immediately read them the riot act and call over their manager, and usually they comp the meal on the spot, fire the guy right there, or both. Those losers are usually 35+ and waiting tables, something a fucking 10 year old with moderate cognitive faculty could easily do. They about deserve the wage they make in their town, which is typically around $2.15 per hour.

>You'll get spit in your food.

Lol no. Just don't go to the same place once every six months, get a new server each time. Not hard. Restaurants have too high turnover now.

>> No.15173155

Why are you guys such dicks?

>> No.15173182
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>mfw my shit tier wagie job requires me to NOT interact with customers.

>> No.15173211

Just another word for mousey, or homely if you're being a dick I guess.

>> No.15173215

Just a little wage rage, for soon he will be back in his cage.

>> No.15173305

>Yeah I'll take a number 44b. It's a secret menu thing, champ. You do know about it, right?
>Oh, that's rough sport. Tell ya what, fetch your manager for us? We'll get this sorted out

>> No.15173312

Ooh, so close.

>> No.15173317

I prefer to call managers over ahead of time and explain that I don't trust the strung out junky scum working there not to fuck with my food.

>> No.15173320

Didn't read. Keep seething, wagie.

>> No.15173869

>Corperate intentionally makes a "secret" off menu item that is "accidentally" found by media so people will eat there
>Angry retard thinks he can pretend it doesn't exist
Underaged faggot corperate made that "secret" up on purpose

>> No.15173896

Nice blog faggot. Didn't read a word of it.

>> No.15174574

>embarrass yourself in front of a wagie
Literally impossible.

>> No.15174584

tl;dr but if you work at in-n-out then you totally deserve it for having half of your shit on a "secret" menu

>> No.15174593

Then everybody clapped.

>> No.15174603

The customer is king.

>> No.15174614

market dynamics. are you retard anon?

>> No.15174627

Based Majima-han.

>> No.15174670

USA in general seems to have a low opinion on employee retention and lets their customer have an inflated sense of themselves. I worked in fast food when I was younger and some of the stuff that I read about happening there wouldn't fly at all in my cunt.

>> No.15174684

Nigga, why as a customer should I respect the staff? They are serving me. Aka they are servants. As in they are under me, the one being served. From the time I sit down to the time I'm tucking into my burger I AM your master.

>> No.15174686

This post is meant to get us all to go buy fast food. Op works at in n out on marketing team

>> No.15174708
File: 11 KB, 200x200, 1410184396184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf holy BASEDroni

>> No.15174886

This but unironically

>> No.15175759

>fun idea
Its a joke of an idea and restaurants only do it cause they saw it on tv or because other restaurants are doing it, and don't want to be only ones who don't.

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