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Who is the best cooking youtuber and why is it Ethan Chlebowski?

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good and youtuber are mutually exclusive

so I'm gonna go with chef john

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This guy is a midwit at best. He may even be dumber than Chadam Soygusea. To answer the first question, Chef John; to answer the second, it isn't.

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what makes him a midwit? His recipes have been solid so far. But I will concede that Chef John is superior

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OP doesn't know the law of headlines

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Kenji is the most based

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>cringe far lefty foaming in his community comments that too many people call out his shitty politics and can't ban them all

k, bro.

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This guy

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His Thanksgiving stuffing loaf recipe was truly delicious. His potatos were aight. One time I tried his sheet pan pizza recipe and it stuck to my pan really bad even though I used a lotta oil.
Unrelated but Joshua Weissman's pecan pie recipe SUCKS. I knew I should have went with Chef John's.

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I like henry's kitchen. I even bought a cookbook and it's signed

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>only one man in the thread has mentioned him so far

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I hate black people as much as the next guy but kenji is kino. Always excellent recipes, some good advice for technique and I enjoy the format of his videos.

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>Frens, dis thread needs some mo’ onyon

For me it’s Chef Jean and Chef John

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Middling, narcissistic gfags from bumfuck nowhere with some camera gear and no experience whatsoever with the professional culinary world, or even even much home cooking, shilling globohomo consumerism and pretending to be chefs on YouTube. Yeah, that's the quality content and personality that makes me not forget to hit that like, subscribe, and notification bell.

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