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bros I fried a turkey this year and it didn’t catch on fire!!!!

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who asked?

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>smoked the Turkey last year
>everyone loved it
>grandmother insists on cooking the Turkey this year
>she always fucks it up
>buy her a thermometer
>she doesn't use it while baking
>takes temp after 3 hours
>meat is 190 F
>"I think i should leave it in for another half hour"
I love you mommom but come the fuck on.

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Why the fuck would you fry a turkey? Do you not like gravy or some shit?

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enjoy your dry ass bird, idiot

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>He thinks you have to cook it to 165
Look at him. Look at him and laugh.

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>he bakes his bird

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We brined it, spatchcocked it and then just oven roasted it. It came out fucking perfect.

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>no injection marinade
fucking yankees

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A fried turkey is still drier than a smoked turkey with gravy. You can't make a gravy without the drippings.

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What do you do with the gallons of oil after cooking the bird?

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i'm surprised these niggas aren't battering the turkeys before deep frying.
>tfw i forgot to inject my poultry yesterday though
>tfw american
>tfw the brine did a good job but i t could've been better
>tfw gotta wait until christmas to make it up with my duck

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>Not filling the oil to the top

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Drink it

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