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I like to watch black men fuck my wife.

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Don't they usually charge an entry fee for these? Either it covers the cost of the food plus the prize pot, or it's being used as a fundraises

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They really do find a way to ruin everything don't they?

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Cool the racism bro, ok?

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What's that black square? Looks like a Save icon

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Couldn't decide on my reaction image

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Epic bait. You don't know who moot is either, right?

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You guys make memes but I actually did walk into my girlfriend getting full on plowed by a BBC the one night I came home early from work.
We're still together to this day

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the jews or the blacks or the liberals?

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>a white hand
could have been a great meme but ended up racist af

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all three

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Lol nigger

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>Looks like a Save icon
Probably 3D printed.

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You have to be 18 or older to post here you pathetic underage faggots.

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>Not Cartirsha

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You're killing me smalls

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Vgh... (((they))) rvined the EVROPEAN tradition of competitive pie eating...

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Why do black people have white hands and feet? Because everybody has a little good in them. LOL!

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