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Red meat and dairy products.

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Doesn't the dairy give them acne?

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Bud lite, underseasoned and overcooked game meat, McDonald's, Starbuck's protein boxes, diet soda, microwaved veggie medley, 50ml bottles of Fireball, tuna casserole, crinkle cut oven fries, tendies, "stew", or honestly just whatever mommy makes.

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Taco kits from 7-11.

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No, they're wizards not angsty teenagers.

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you really think /pol/ isn't filled to the brim with angsty teens?

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nothing but red meat cooked rare as fuck.

The whole chad thing is a meme for insecure kissless virgins.
nice thread making fun of them OP

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What a waste of a 4runner

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I don't know. Last time I looked there was pre-Trump.

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It's funny how the right didn't riot, loot and burn down cities when they lost. I'm apolitical, but you know full well the left would have. You know that's true. It's fine to lie to us to save face, but not to yourself, have some honour. They would have gone ape shit. Must be a relief for store owners in left states.

I'm guessing they eat burgers in any case.

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The right don't have access to cities. They're mostly in Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes mode.

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They're still in denial about the whole thing

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The right have been excluded from politics for over four years now. Donald Trump is a libertine egomaniac with no interest in preserving our cultural heritage. There's nothing to protest, we were always waiting for the Republican party to fix itself for the next election.

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I assume by cultural heritage you are dog whistling for white supremacy?

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their very white suburban mothers bake them chicken in a pan with steam veggies as a side. The catholic ones even get to have a glass of one now and then.

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>win the election
>still seething about orange man
It's time to move on.

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They're literally in denial and ramping up their conspiracy stories still just to avoid accepting the results of the election. It's absolutely bonkers but even the more reasonable ones think there's "still a chance" or "anything could happen". In two months when it's impossible to deny anymore they'll throw tantrums.

The problem with what you're saying though is "the right" are mostly in rural areas and "the left" in massive urban concentrations such as cities. So which of the two has the opportunity to easily gather in large crowds without much travel to riot and destroy things that aren't theirs? The right would need to charter busses for that, and then go even further away to not be hurting someone they knew. In a city people don't know each other so it's easier to just not be upset that the guy down the road got his windows smashed in.

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orange man is determined to break all the toys before the next guy comes into office. i don't know how any member of a democratic nation can not be angered by this spectacle

>> No.15108098

According to Mary Trump's book, Donald was known for breaking his younger siblings toys so they couldn't enjoy them as a kid. This is nothing new.

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>orange man is determined to break all the toys before the next guy comes into office
And here I thought the right was supposed to be the conspiratard faction.

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i consider myself conservative but i think you're wrong
the sad truth is the gop is way too fractured and has no money funneling riots under our name. im sure the proud boys are getting sponsored from some shady parties, but the scale of them vs antifa's funding and network is a joke.

basically the question of riots is pointless, lets not waste time. i dont consider leftoids more animal than us, because the rioting is not organic nor even close to characteristic... again, its all funded and orchestrated. i hate the rich fucks doing that, not the mooks on the ground.

but to take it back to the election, the spooky part is how quiet its been after joe biden was called by the media. trumps team has been taking ground and bidens just quiet. its the spookiest thing thus far, and im waiting for the climax.
will i riot? no. fuck no.

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>i hate the rich fucks doing that, not the mooks on the ground.

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Ok chud

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>tell you my honest thoughts, man to man
>get memed in response

forsooth, you have disgraced yourself.

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You're right on the surface and in general but the left isn't getting paid sponsors too. It's just population dynamics. The demographics on the left who would riot over something political live in concentrated areas of cities with easy transportation in out and around. The opposite is true for the right, making it harder for them to physically organize, maintain crowd size, and cause destruction.

You get the right group mad in a city and it snowballs on its own, opportunists flooding in to smash and grab, have some fun. Some kids treat it like a fun festival. Things like that can happen naturally, function organically, and be easily maintained. Mob rules and all.

But to get the same kind of crowd together with less urban folk you need planning, money, and busses and most of all time. But time is what kills it. If it can't function on its own power it will die quick.

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Stop acting like a chud and I won't call you one

>> No.15108150

i dont mind getting called a chud, you might as well call me aljfawejmfoicmow

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I read that Lauren Southern's old boyfriend refused to eat anything that wasn't European. He was so dedicated he refused ketchup becuase it was sorta Chinese

>> No.15108157

We may as well not even being language about it then like I could just bark up the wrong Apple and we can make a go of it. I have no idea what that word means

>> No.15108159

Sure thing chud

>> No.15108163

Low iq post

>> No.15108170

That's exactly what a chud would say

>> No.15108174

Ok chud

>> No.15108176

I had a relationship with a chud once and he used this exact line on me on our third date.

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Oh and by the way.... Yes, we are taking your guns away.

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>hurr durr chud chud chud
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller?

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>Me post gun, me strong
Ok chud

>> No.15108205

i dont have guns

>> No.15108208

Yes. Metaphorically.

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what gun is that? im not too good with the old rifles

>> No.15108219

ok chud

>> No.15108224

Yeah, same.

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Who is "we?" The authority figures you hate?

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That's what I use to get food, in my land of the Great White North
lurk moar

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just give me an answer, chuddy boy.

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Answer to what?

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Ok chud

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>What foods do alt-right incels usually eat?
their older brothers' semen

>> No.15108285

If time is the fourth dimension, what is the fifth dimension?>>15108263

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File: 32 KB, 491x358, AHAHAHAHAFAGGOT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh its just ducknigger being a baiting niggerfaggot once more.
anhero already you wasted of sperm.
>i don't have guns

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Not pussy! lololoooooo1o1ololo1lo111ll

>> No.15108292

no just a californian chud that voted for joe biden

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Why is /ck/ of all boards infested with seething liberals?

>> No.15108303

SVT-40, Soviet WW2 semi-auto rifle.
It's a decent gun, but what a shame. Should buy himself SKS

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>lost election weeks ago

>still can't admit it

*we* are the ones seething

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>suddenly a spike in 110,000 votes
>totally nothing suspicious here, goy!
Read a book, you redditspacing nigger

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me and my boyfriend eat all sorts of things, lots and lots of meat though, if the meal doesn't have a fuckton of meat in it, it's shit.
we think biden and trump are disgusting folk who probably have both chilled with mista J. Epstein
i voted trump, he voted biden, it was fun.

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lol faggot

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reminder, biden is faking it til he makes it

saddest shit ever

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i think fags should not be allowed to vote =/

>> No.15108337

Fuck. I just crunched the numbers with this info and it turns out Xi Jingping is the true president of the free world.

>> No.15108343

i dont think women should be allowed yet here we are

>> No.15108346

Shake your buns,
Shake your buns,
We gonna take your guns!
Gimme a B. I. DEE EEE EEN.
What's that spell?


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no ty

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>what is Benford's Law

>> No.15108368

*you* are the only ones I ever see bringing up orange man outside of /pol/ so yes, you're clearly the ones seething even though you fucking won.

>> No.15108377

Uh, there is no transition process going on right now dude

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