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Now you may speak edition.

>What are ya drinking
>Where's it from
>How'd you brew it
Previous thread >>15040684

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Second pour finished, go to swirl. Spill everywhere. How I managed to dress myself this morning I've no idea.

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My grinder sometimes produces too many fines depending on the bean and clogs up the bottom when I swirl too aggressively. Ive found just using a teaspoon leads to similar results without the inconsistency of the swirl.

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Same, I'm just using a shitty Hario. Before I swirl after my second pour, I'll use the end of a teaspoon to lift up my bed so I can get a decent drawn down time

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Coffee and while it’s boiling drop a raw egg in. Anyone else?

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Yesterday I put oatmilk in my coffee for the first time.
Today, I won't lie... Had to make another cup of joe's porridge. These two breakfast flavors were made to marry, coffee time just got better!

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Nah that's fucked. You're supposed to do that with cold beer.

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What's up with this swirling fad? Don't fucking swirl or stir (much later than a post-bloom stir down). All you're going to do is particle pack the coffee and make it over-extract as it'll take fucking forever to filter through that. Got shit on the sides? Wash it down during a pour. Or don't. A fraction of a gram of coffee grounds isn't going to do shit. You nerds can't taste that. Dorks can't into physics.

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Double-plusss especially if you have a non-supremo deluxo grinder with a great difference in particle sizes.

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Watch the next pourover trend be rhythmic tapping or agitation to ultra particle pack and oversteep. Some dipshit youtube booby is going to make a video about it soon.

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Wondering if I should start my day with coffee and be productive, or start with alcohol and be a useless slob all day.

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Did a coin flip. Coffee it is.

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Just a reminder to all coffee drinking subhumans that tea is superior

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Based and redpilled

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>he doesn't pour a shot of rum into his coffee

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Thoughts on Cafe Du Monde coffee? What is the best way to brew this? Drip pot? Pour over? French press?

Is it only good for making Vietnamese iced coffee or do you like to drink it hot?

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>not Irish cream liqueur

Add a shot of this in your coffee. You’ll thank me later.

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Hario just revealed a stainless steel burr hand grinder at a trade show in Taiwan.

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That little bar across the bean feed looks like it's asking for beans to pop out.

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I'm getting more of a seared bite on the Aeropress, than I'm getting on the actual V Six- no no no no no no no no.... No please don't say that no no no... No. Nonononono. No no nono no no. NONO NO NONO NO NO NOOOOO. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not gonna trip. I wanted to come in a 100% hater.

I'mma tell you off the top. I wanted to take a sip of this and be like 'ehhh nah nah it don't it it'- I'mma just flat out say it; your Aeropress /ck/, IS BETTER THAN YOUR ACTUAL V SIXTY /CK/. YOUR AEROPRESS /CK/ IS BETTER THAN YOUR ACTUAL V SIXTY /CK/. IT HAS A MORE SEARED TASTE.

IT'S MORE OF A BREWOUT FLEX. IT JUST TASTES BETTER. Get over here. You get back in the cabinet. /ck/. That sip is so flavorful my m- and the fact that it works so well, it literally compliments the aroma. Like I'm not even mad that I'm sippin' up, and I'm not even mad, that I'm sipping coffee right now with my breakfast.

You can really taste the chocolate notes because the sear, on this press based situation right here, it's so strong and you barely get nutty notes but the notes are there so you get a crunch off it, with soft fruity action with BPA? /CK/, YOU'RE ONTO SOMETHING, AND I LIKE WHERE YOU, YOU GOIN' /CK/, THE AEROPRESS COFFEE SON!

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I'm pretty sure that it's less than five very vocal people who hate it. My press doesn't do the heavy lifting around my kitchen that it used to, but I do enjoy it

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nice digits, have some cobbee beens

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i predict it will cost 2x more than it should

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Is this thing decent? Doing pourover is boring now and I don't like cleaning the french press. This seems like the simplest manual way to make coffee

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I was looking at getting one of these off kurasu the other day, but FUCK if I don't want the urushi lacquered yasukiyo :/


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Just like Hoffmeme said, the draw down speed is a problem with all immersion brewers of this type (Clever, Hario Switch, etc.). Clever makes its own filters that have very fast draw down but they're hard to get outside of Asia, and regular Melitta filters are a little slow for Clever. With Switch, you can source Sibarist ultra fast filters in the west, but they're very expensive.

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Today I had my coffee with some chocolate syrup and a chocolate covered cherry

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damn that is a beautiful item

i'll watch that video. i'm not that anal about the finer details anyway, i just want something that tastes decent. i've been using chemex filters in my v60 for the last few times i've used it because i haven't restocked for instance

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nth for particle size distribution, extraction yield, pressure profiling, swirling, and rate of rise autism

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been drinking vietnamese coffee lately, favorite method is using a cold brew pot. I rarely drink hot coffee anymore. prefer iced because I can chug it down much faster. recently got a cinnamon toast crunch flavor coffee creamer by coffee mate. it's fucking incredible.

love this stuff, I used it for pour over and in my cold brew pot.

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First time using Naturally processed beans and going over my weekly budget for coffee. I got some Fulasha Gesha from a city coffee/cafe shop who I understand roast small batches of this stuff mostly for their regulars. I used my C40/Red clix+ Flair Pro setup to make a couple long blacks and lattes over the week.

Honestly, I didnt realise how much I was missing out by only going washed until today. The flavours were very funky which I neither liked or hate. It was different. But the subtle fruity undertones I usually get from washed Ethiopians just got amplified by 3 times . The coffees fruity flavours tasted like a basket Apricot and Fig were left on the forest floor and some vanilla too. I felt pretty floored that coffee can taste like this, although stone fruit coffee arent my thing.

The closest experience Ive had to something redefining a certain food was when I tasted artesian sourdough for the first time after living off the supermarket stuff.

But unfortunately, I dont think I can have naturals every day. The stuff is just too overwhelming for my palette.

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bros i'm having some doubts about the aeropress

constantly putting boiling water in a piece of plastic sounds bad...

i need a new coffee maker... recommendations pls, i just want a nice cuppa black coffee, don't want anything fancy

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Ceramic,glass,copper,steel v60/kalita. Origami dripper. Yasukiyo wood dripper. Bunch of alternatives. Torch mountain dripper etc. Make sure to preheat, and make sure you use it enough to really be upset when you break some porcelain/glass.

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what the fuck does all that shit mean, i'm a coffee layman, not some autistic sperg that wants to wait 20 mins for a cuppa

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Get a flair or a Robot with pressure gauge. Lever machines with pressure gauge allow you to control nearly every variable that youre able to out perform machined that are double or triple the price once youve mastered it.

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those are all product names dum dum

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Available in glass, plastic, ceramic, copper, and steel. Pick your poison. If you want a coffee "maker" and not something to make coffee in, just buy a Moccamaster and be happy the rest of your life.


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What's your go to canned coffee?

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what is the best way to make this. I will not use an electric drip

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Put it in a sauce pan with water and boil for 20 minutes.

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What are the significant differences between the different types of Kinu M47? I'd buy the Simplicity if there are none.

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t. female-palated faggot (or an actual roastie)

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Newbie here with a v60.

My coffee tastes sour, which would indicate coarse grinds. However, my grind setting, using the wilfa svart, is a little finer than the "filter" setting. I also end up with quite sludgy slurry, which would indicate its too fine.

What could I be doing wrong?

The beans are decent quality beans so I can't fault those.

>> No.15081032

But I'm an idort

>> No.15081044

Why the fuck would that indicate coarse grinds?

The beans are likely just a light roast, underdeveloped and hence, very acidic. Sour.

>> No.15081057

As far as i'm told, sour = under extracted = too coarse. The roast isn't that light. Not dark, but not light either.

My bloom water just falls right through, too. Which is why I thought they were coarse. I was told 30-40 second bloom time, but the water drains within 10-15 seconds. My palette is shit so it could be acidic but its definitely kinda sour to me.

I think my biggest indication of a problem atm is draw down. 15g/250ml, 40ml bloom draws down in like 20 seconds as mentioned, then the next 120~ml takes about 20-30 seconds, then the final 100ml takes a pretty long time.

Shit is inconsistent and I have no fuckin idea why.

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it's OK. It's not the best and kind of a meme. I have family in New Orleans and that's all they drink. Donno about the specific brand but they get the chicory stuff

>> No.15081189

Coffee can look a decent roast colour and still be underdeveloped leaving a harsh acidity to it, harsh acidity makes it sour. That does sound a bit fast, but in a drip it would just taste less strong. It wouldn't suddenly become really sour. If it's underextracted it will just be weak

>> No.15081330

Any recommendations as to what i can try?

Or is this just a "well thats how its meant to taste", despite the weird draw down time. I've got 3 different coffees and they all have this weird sour taste to them.

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rate my homemade cappuccino
light roast, cocoa, and oat milk :)

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Idk what roaster it's from, here in the UK, most hipster roasteries under roast and subsequently have sour tasting coffee.

>> No.15081360

Nigga wtf are you doing adding cocoa to a light roast, get a different type of bean roasted a bit darker that actually has natural chocolatey flavour notes
>Oat milk
Only acceptable if you're lactose intolerant

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Anyone got that no talkie pepe image?

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Had this at my local. Imported from Rotterdam. V-60 filter. Was AMAZING.


They do a Geisha filter blend which is even better.

>> No.15081438

I'm from the UK. This current bag is from square mile. Also got some from Yorks, Rave, and Union. Most are sorta chocolate-based notes. Yet its all kinda sour and I don't taste much. Partially cos my palette, and partially likely cos i fuck up the brew.

>> No.15081445

They say that the plastic they use is BPA free and resustive to heat so you should be safe. Nevertheless, I recomend a moka pot.
>imb4 aluminium
Buy steel moka pot

>> No.15081463

Union is usually stale when you get it (the negatives of selling in supermarkets) and the rest of them roast pretty damn light, so it can make it acidic

>> No.15081492

Really? Might have to use a hotter temperature then. Will try closer to 100c, was using between 90-95 before.

>> No.15081733

Holy fuck. I have a mr coffee with a clean me light that wont turn off. I buy starbuck dark roast either french or italian and sometimes throw in some sumatra. I buy ground coffee cuz fuck all that mess. I drink coffee everyday and love it. Coffee in the morning sun is all i need. But holy fuck you people take this shit way too seriously.

>> No.15081783

i feel like my sense of taste fluctuates throughout a day
i'll have a coffee in the morning from my v60, think it's pretty good, then make it again later and think it's entirely mediocre
or maybe i'm messing up my flow rate a bunch, only variable i can think of that could be causing a change

>> No.15081910

Certainly wouldn't use 100c water, but yeah a bit hotter might knock some acidity out

>> No.15081972

Alternative Brewing on youtube has a great comparison between the three main ones. The simplicity is a solid choice no matter what. You won't be dissapointed with it.

>> No.15081982

>hand cream

>> No.15081993

Looks expensive

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im happy youre happy, bud

>> No.15082060

I make mine with an aeropress. its pretty good

>> No.15082406

shot in the dark but does anyone have a melitta ex-3a espresso machine? I can't find a manual online and pressure vessels scare me

>> No.15082439

You sound like you buy 70/30 ground beef.

>> No.15082502

I think i found the solution to my drawdown problem anyway. Turns out im a fucking retard and i have a size 02 dripper/paper when i only brew for one.

Just ordered an 01 size.

>> No.15082541

>the extra fat hurts my tummy :(

>> No.15082699

Micro-roasters run by 45 year old autists usually have the best quality for the price.

>> No.15083151

>Can't afford paying for 20% more meat

>> No.15083195

V60 is best when you use at least 20g/330ml of coffee/water so that you have enough thermal mass/brew temp to extract properly. Let it bloom 30-45s no matter that the water has passed through and adjust your pour so that you're in the ballpark of the drawdown you want, adjust to taste.

>> No.15083240

>I pay 50 cents extra to protect my tummy :(

>> No.15083248

Hey fellow coffeefags, my french press is finally giving up the ghost. The crack in the side gets bigger every time I wash it.

Should I get another french press, or is there a better way? I don't have much kitchen space so a huge machine is out of the question. A 1-2 cup device is preferable.

>> No.15083292


>> No.15083361

Try out a ghetto pour over with a kitchen funnel and a no.4 cone filter before you buy stupid shit.

>> No.15083369

You could have just said "I'm a faggot" and your post would have accomplished the same thing

>> No.15083371

How does it feel to have all eyes on you while you desperately try to manage flare ups over your walmart weber?

>> No.15083989

>Learned how to make a capuccino with a moka pot and french press
Maximum comf

>> No.15084000

Feels terrible bro please stop cyberbullying me

>> No.15084464

90/10 isn't that much worse than 70/30 if the 30 is just going to be liquefied and removed

>> No.15084994

What's the best grinder under $100?

>> No.15085198

Just got a coffee scale and some V60 filters. Still have to decide on a grinder for good coffee, but I suppose I can work on my technique.
How do you guys do pourover? Ratios, etc?

>> No.15085575

1:16, ~3min30sec, taste and adjust from there.

>> No.15085634

Is there a more aesthetically pleasing coffee can?

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looks like a cosby sweater

>> No.15086148

Man I could go for a nice hot cosby rn.

>> No.15086153

Nothing like a quick 2am cuppa before bed ay gents?

>> No.15086389

I like french presses a lot, though faggots here will look down on them, the paper filters do make a cleaner cup, but the paper can also detract some of the subtle flavours

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I have had four coffees today.

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Quads confirm aeropress coffee is good coffee

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Grind them beans

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Doesn't that give you the shits?

>> No.15087206

Dean's Beans Full Moon Blend.

French Press.

Simple as

>> No.15087313

Why cant I talk to you if you're drinking coffee? My boss told me to wait until he had his coffee to speak to him. I couldn't do work until I had stuff off him

>> No.15087315

Have 10

>> No.15087343

unironically trying to talk to someone before they've had their venti? what's wrong with you anon?

>> No.15087380

I want to get on with my work, otherwise I'll just end up going to maccies or having a cig

>> No.15087386

Are Americans really this big of slaves to their bean overlords? Kinda pathetic, honestly. Imagine having your entire mood hinge on a roasted bean water.

>> No.15087407

Thanks man

>> No.15087499

The OXO grinder is selling at about 80 USD.
I've got it and would definitely recommend.

>> No.15087530

timemore were meant to be good last time i checked

>> No.15087550

Local blend in a moka pot with italian sweet cream.

>> No.15087589

Drinking coffee without milk is bad for your stomach. Just know coffee has bad toxins that hurt your gut flora.

>> No.15087596

But drinking milk is even worse for my stomach

>> No.15087697

Nothing like a hot cosby and a cold puddin' pop.

>> No.15087916

Alright bros I'm sick and tired of going to local roasteries and getting two-three week old bags of beans, what are some good online businesses to order from?

>> No.15088041

t. retard

>> No.15088257

Hah, that's fair. I'll go pick up some cones today. I imagine that needs a finer grind than the press?

I don't mind the tiny amount of silt on the bottom. I'd rather have a richer cup and not drink the last sip than a cup that tastes like pisswater.

Melitta beans are actually really good, on par with if not smoother than the local Vancouver stuff

>> No.15088278

What city or region are you in?

>> No.15088478

Central texas

>> No.15088650

Greater Goods Coffee in Austin, TX (probably the best roaster in your state) or Onyx Coffee Lab in Rogers, Arkansas (internationally renowned coffee roaster that's nearest to you).

>> No.15088723

Do ESLs genuinely not understand sarcasm?

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so i sleep with a 2 liter of mountain dew next to my bed so right when i wake up i can get caffine and sugar into my system so i dont sleep through my alarm

how could i replace this with coffee that doesnt taste like fucking ass cold?

>> No.15089195

Get a good thermos.

>> No.15089223

I've only recently started realizing how much better my morning is with good coffee. What I drink now is a step up from my morning Tim Horton's. I've decided to stop funding the temporary panjeet worker program. Fuck Timmies.

I drink 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain covfefe now and I brew it in a French Press. I steep coarsely ground beans for about 10 minutes, pre-heated of course, and I use a double filter. It's really smooth and somewhat rich. Sometimes I'll do 2/3 coffee, and 1/3 hot whole milk with a bit of brown sugar. Most of the time though, I drink it black. I really do love my BBC (Big Black Coffee).

>> No.15089287

pathetic. man the fuck up burgerbitch

>> No.15089568


Buy one of those. Whenever you're at the grocery store find the freshest bag of beans there, rip it open, and use their grinder. Rinse repeat.

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What the hell is wrong with Italians. Haven't they caused enough trouble already?

>> No.15090581

How do I take my mokapot to flavortown?

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Drank some instant today

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morning fags

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File: 1.19 MB, 2647x2922, 20201120_081834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Morning fag

>> No.15091519

So I discovered just putting a portafilter full of coffee to the machine and pushing the button programmed to fill cup up doesn't result in good coffee.
I want my morning mug of black coffee, propably americano or something similiar.
>What's the ratio of hot water to espresso? 2 to 3? 1 to 1?
>How long should I let the espresso extract? 20-30-40 seconds?

>> No.15091614

try just over 1:2 in sub30.

>> No.15091706

whast the best aeropress recipe technique

>> No.15091714

18ish grams of coffee in the portafilter, give it a solid level tamp.
You want your water coming out the machine at about 93degreesC
25-30 seconds espresso pour (from when you press the button, not from when it starts coming out)
About 35-40ml for a double shot (either measured or you can weight it)
Then top up with hot water to taste.

>> No.15092066

I have drunk four cups of coffee today.

>> No.15092076

What's the best way to stop getting the coffee grumpies?

>> No.15092176

Had a big bag of Ethiopian arrive today
Didn't much enjoy my Tanzanian at all, might just throw the rest in the freezer and bust it out when coldbrew appeals.

>> No.15092213

that happy mug christmas blend is pretty fucking mint. great mix between berry/fruitiness and darker notes.

>> No.15092442

>beans arrive
>roast date: 03 november
first time they've pulled that on me

>> No.15092692

What's with this first and second pour bullshit? Just make some fucking coffee. Get a French press or a moka pot if you want to act all posh about it.

>> No.15093062
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, Yemenia - Bigger than Gesha--oiHm0wlhfM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

James Hoffmans invites over a Yemeni coffee importer says, lets him advocate for Yemen coffee's quality unchallenged. He makes it sound like they're on par with Gesha or even better. The video title is "Yemenia: Bigger than Gesha?"

Patrik Rolf says Yemen coffees he received are all kinda dull tasting without clear tasting notes no matter how he roasts, and the lots that received highest scores from Q graders are all special processing lots (anaerobic, carbonic, etc.) indicating that the perceived high quality is due to processing not the varietal, the farming, or the terroir.

Who was in the right here?

>> No.15093110

Nescafe instant coffee

>> No.15093132

Yes. You want to use a medium or medium-fine grind for pourover. Matter of taste. But coarse is too large since it is not an immersion/steep method. Personally, I do a medium-fine grind.

>> No.15093169

Damn 40€/kg and its all tobacco flavoured, doesn't look promising.

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oh nonono

>> No.15093620

Who gives a fuck, you're a retarded consoomer who has no sense of taste if you even watch coffee youtubers in the first place. Both of them are shills invested in the industry. Stop posting and just kill yourself.

>> No.15093689

take your pills

>> No.15094331

i'm convinced i'm a retarded tastelet
i can go through 1kg of coffee and still be unsure of what grind size i like by a lot

>> No.15094342

Fucking hate chicory. Tastes like someone ground up dried shit.

>> No.15094347

Manual drip.

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Arab coffee charlatan BTFO by Coffee Viking

>> No.15094607

I got some as a gift and it was pretty good, 8/10

>> No.15094814

So James Hoffman thought it was good idea to shill some unknown yemeni producer of beans with origins in exchange for a part of the profits when his brainless fans and followers inevitably pay high price for mediocre beans probably no better than some cheap Ethiopians

>> No.15094881

Just grabbed my first pour over set wtf techniques and lingo do I need to learn? You just wet the filter, apply the grounds, pour your hot water, and wait right?

>> No.15094898
File: 21 KB, 474x377, images - 2020-11-21T112014.665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros, Ive been pretty hard on myself for the last few weeks when it comes to my shots, and Ive definately had some bad over extracted shots, but after tasting a few over priced coffees from some highly regarded specialty coffee houses, I think I can comfortably say I make coffee better than most Baristas and their fancy 20,000 dollar machines.

Its amazing what you can do with just with a flair pro 2, a C40, a few good beans and some dedications.

>> No.15094902
File: 11 KB, 255x226, 3p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Coffee has floral notes
Here's why...

>> No.15094917

best entry level grinder ck? im using aeropress or moka pot

>> No.15094948

major dickinson (peet's from costco)
pour over in my chemex
sometimes with half a splenda if i'm feeling saucy

my wife gets this maple coffee from trader joes which is a fun treat too. not my preference tho

>> No.15094949

>I make coffee better than most Baristas and their fancy 20,000 dollar machines.
Not really an achievement

>> No.15094967

>better at doing something than someone who does it full time with 20* worth of equipment
I'd say it's an acheivement. It's not like he's comparing himself to Starbucks.

>> No.15095002

>coffee snobs pretend there's any difference between instant and ground-to-order "specialty" beans

admit it, you zoomers are so retarded you just want to justify spending 20 bucks on 200g of ebin beans from some 3rd world shithole you probably can't point on a map.

If I can't instant brew it it's not worth more than a dollar. Some of us work you know.

>> No.15095011

yes yes it's all a big LARP you got me
shut it down lads, it's over

>> No.15095039
File: 1.07 MB, 986x676, firefox_VYp9xT6r1n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So, let me know your thoughts! What did I miss? Have you tried this? Do you like it -- did you hate it?! Do you have more questions? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below

>> No.15095055


Why even use fuckin filters at this point? Stretch a sock over your spout and boom you got a "super fast filter"

>> No.15095140

Coffee fags who actually make better coffee than most Baristas, do you guys stop going to coffee shops since your autism about coffee stops you from enjoying a flawed shot made quickly for order? Or do you have your special coffee places where you know youre gonna get something special most of the time?

>> No.15095187

I usually tried the coffee in every place I go and I'm always disappointed. It's always the same cheap crap.

>> No.15095302

Pretty much. I still enjoy watching cute women make coffee though.

>> No.15095307

All about the rate you pour. The more controlled, the better.

I stop going to shitty cafes for sure. Its like the inverse of "We've got _____ at home."

>> No.15095412

I only order milk drinks at cafes now, nobody knows what a proper shot of espresso is supposed to taste like, they only care about making drinkable latte art.

>> No.15095447

I added some Fernet-Branca to my coffee. Not a lot, just enough to cover the bottom. Tastes pretty good ngl

>> No.15095453

I started grinding my own expensive ass beans and the coffee admittedly tastes really good and I can't go back to instant. Used to only care about the caffeine buzz, and I can't say coffee is the highlight of my day but sometimes some actually good coffee hits the spot

>> No.15095810 [DELETED] 

Its strange isnt it. Ive been at it at this hobby for a year and yet I can get a shot thats better than 90 percent of the coffee shops Ive been and all it took was a few minutes of manual grinding with my C40 and cranking my flair. When it comes to coffee machines, QC procedures and grinders, these guys have the equivalent to a surgical knife to my saw, and years to practice, yet they produce such mediocre coffee. And I even try to get an order when they have no customer, so the pressure of make 5 consecutive shots of okayish coffee isnt there and they can just focus on making my shot. Yet they still fail. Baristas make me angry.

>> No.15095839

Its strange isnt it. Ive been at this hobby for a year and yet I can get a shot thats better than 90 percent of the coffee shops Ive been and it would take a few minutes of manual grinding with my C40 and cranking my flair. When it comes to coffee equipment, QC procedures and beans, these guys have the equivalent of a surgical knife to my saw, and years to practice, yet they still produce such mediocre coffee. I even try to get an order when they have no customer, so the pressure of making 5 consecutive shots of okayish coffee isnt there and they can just focus on making my coffee. Yet they still make it shit. Usually under extracted. These guys are making 5 dollars above minimum wage in our country, so they arent suffering from the indignity of working for exploitative wages and their job is easy, with comfy hours.
They should at least put some effort into honing their craft and giving their customers a great coffee experience. Baristas make me angry.

>> No.15095862

coffee isn't good no matter how much you pretend.

>> No.15095868

former barista here
depending on where you work, your boss (who usually knows nothing of the business, surprisingly) will not try to control how you brew, he'll also ignore your suggestions and fuck with you if you try to fix things.

This is why I gave up on being a barista and am now a coffee roaster instead.

>> No.15095883

>whatever is on sale, no low tier folgers crap(lavazza dark roast this week)

>> No.15095944


>> No.15095945

But I even encounter this problem with so called "specialty" coffee shops charging 5 dollars for a cup of coffee. Maybe I just have high standards but I get the feeling Baristas arent really passionate about their job and this trickles down to the quality of their shots.

I also see this problem especially acute in those coffee shops where the scene is far more the product than the coffee, which is probably 90 percent of third wave inner city coffee shops. Having a cute 22 year old girl barista make you a coffee in some hipster looking place with a young crowd is a much better marketing ploy to reel in the average coffeetard than having some 40 something year old male autistic barista make the greatest shots. Seems like female baristas tend to be shit and less focused on the detail than male ones , and there seems to be a trend of most coffee places to hire a cute young gurl fresh out of college with debt for their barista role. Those male coffee autists who care about the product are more likely to buttheads with the shop owner over coffee quality. So it makes sense to hire a passive college girl who doesnt really care about making great coffee.

>> No.15095949

I get the starbucks speciality drinks every now and then, but I don't think of it as getting coffee. I think of it like getting a milkshake

>> No.15095956

>But I even encounter this problem with so called "specialty" coffee shops
that's precisely what I was talking about though?
Many "high tier" specialty coffee shops still serve shit, they're just in it for the money.

I've always been passionate, it's why I stopped working as barista for other people. RN working on my roaster business and maybe one day I'll open my own coffee shop.

>> No.15095963

I only get coffee at coffee places if there's absolutely zero other option.

>> No.15095971

Someone should fuse those two extremes by making high quality shots, i.e. a man doing the coffee part, and hiring women only as cashiers and waitresses

>> No.15096027

Problems, thatll double the labour and most coffee shops are already operating on thin margins.

>> No.15096038

They'll make up the costs in increased foot traffic from lonely men like me

>> No.15096040

they know my name and i can't not go because if it has been awhile they ask me where I have been

>> No.15096054

>tfw there is an espresso bar in Montreal that has cute girls taking orders and serving customers and a nervous looking guy who won't make sure eye contact with customers pulling shots behind the counter
>their espresso-based drinks are the best I've ever tasted
>the shots are consistently excellent even during peak hours
>tfw I don't live there, so I can only get it when I visit

>> No.15096079

my office had a few queer hipster dudes pulling the shots and a cute asian girl taking the orders, that was the ideal setup for sure
also the coffee was free

>> No.15096222

>Just bought a 200 dollar comandante

>> No.15096234
File: 1.65 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20201120_232504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rite. 16.5g sifted ethiopian honey I roasted yesterday. Indescribably good. Flair signature + m47p. 34 out in 32. It'll be even better tomorrow.

>> No.15096243

Do you include pre infusion in that 32 secs?

>> No.15096529

Yeah. Since theres a fixed volume of water you start with on the flair, 32 seconds is when the presssure dropped, then I let a few grams of liquid drip before pulling the cup.

>> No.15096552


>> No.15097147
File: 125 KB, 2048x1365, aa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Burger + coffee
Good combo?

>> No.15097151
File: 139 KB, 2048x1365, ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fried chicken or beef patty burger?

>> No.15097197

Fries go with coffee.

>> No.15097501

Update about the new Kenyan I got last week:
I was having trouble with not liking it at city because it tasted of black tea and not much else (smelled vaguely of toast). Yesterday I roasted a fresh batch at full city, and it's very nice. The black tea is GONE, leaving chocolate and some actual fruitiness of some berrykind. Surprisingly, it is less bitter than the city roast. What's up with that? I expected fruits at a lighter level, but I was wrong. This bean is very delightful and easy to roast evenly because they are so large and roundy. Thanks, Kenya coffee grading system!

>> No.15097529

I fucking hate that tea flavor in african coffee

>> No.15097537

Yeah. It was blegh. I kept thinking I could just be drinking black tea for less than half the price. Pretty happy it turns into fruity chocolate at FC. Maybe there's citrus in there somewhere on the extreme light end. I'm not even curious. This is pretty solid.

>> No.15097575

To be fair, the premium you pay for those coffee goes towards the beans. Unfortunately, expensive beans with complex or novel flavour profiles are no good if your qt 20 something year old fem barista the manager is banging on the side keeps under extracting or doesnt pay attention to the flow/pressure/temperature/water variables to get out the most from those beans. Ive honestly had better coffee from places that had a good barista who only had mediocre beans or above average Ethiopian washed beans than some high end places with their expensive naturals that cost double than that of the cheaper stuff but who employ inexperience baristas who happen to fit the image.

>> No.15098317

I'd go beef before chicken.

>> No.15098649

I'm bored of my v60
What should I get next? I'm getting a flair for Christmas so no espresso machines yet

>> No.15098674


>> No.15098725

it's funny because this guy looks more like a lesbian than the actual lesbian on the channel, who looks like a man

>> No.15099130
File: 437 KB, 1537x1041, 20201129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice choice

>> No.15099680

Already have one. Should've mentioned that, oops

>> No.15099751

gotta admit his video trying the old-ass canned coffee was pretty funny

>> No.15099781
File: 3.07 MB, 4000x2250, 1605996681341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me coof bros. I bought a natural ethiopian, tried it in V60 and it tastes like absolute ass. Mostly popcorn/ash, not bitter at all tho. Looking at the beans i think its a roast defect. Also tried it for cupping its still shit.

>> No.15099896

Beans don't look good, but have you tried grinding them a lot coarser, like way coarser? How long has it been since the roast date? Some beans can taste off if you don't have them rest for several days to a week before brewing. If they still taste like shit, then the roaster completely fucked up.

>> No.15099952

They were roasted on the 16th this month. I'll try it way coarser tomorrow i guess, not too hopeful tho, i could smell the popcorn already while brewing it in the V60.

>> No.15101078


>> No.15101099

>See video that advocates for an instant coffee, tumeric, and black coffee drink
>Try it
>It is not the meme machine I thought it was
Not my favorite, but definitely in the rotation.

>> No.15101398
File: 50 KB, 780x439, 1604734183923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to my LCS
>ask for dark roasted beans for moka pot brewing
>pay $6 for 1/2 a lb of ground beans
>get home an try brewing it
>toss first brew because it didn't brew properly, too dense
>second brew with less grind comes out.. ?ok? still takes too long to brew and doesn't brew as much as it should
>they must have ground the beans too fine
>tastes exactly the same as cafe bustelo anyway which costs half as much

why the fuck should i buy beans from an LCS

>> No.15101509

>just any LCS because it's local
>dark roast
>moka pot
>$6 for 1/2 pound

Why did you expect your coffee to be any good?

>> No.15101994

>pretending coffee is good

>> No.15101996

>dark roast

Bro, you even trying

>> No.15102005

>dark roasted beans
>tastes exactly the same as cafe bustelo

Sounds about fucking right. Don't ask for burnt beans if you don't want burnt beans.

>> No.15102241

I like his videos, but sometimes I wonder what kind of effort you need to have hair like his, and what does it tell about him.

>> No.15102392

Stop buying stupid shit then. You don't want or need any more stupid shit.

>> No.15102399

Cafe Bustelo pretty clasic

>> No.15103368

thank you, the coffee is less bitter and has a way more broaded flavor profile now. Cold coffee isn't just nasty any more but it lingers pleasantly in the mouth. Even with the shitty north europe beans we have.

Thanks anons!

>> No.15103377


>> No.15103438

No problem bro, espresso is brew method most people get wrong, too many ways to fuck it up that completely ruin the drink

>> No.15103439

haven't had a drop of caffeine in 9 months

suck it, addicts

>> No.15103553

>drink different kinds of coffee
>it all tastes the same
>add milk
>I can now discern the different flavors

>> No.15103599

I just had a weekend without any coffee as well and I didn't notice any difference.

>> No.15103808

Here's some dopamine attention slut

>> No.15103887

Giving it another go

>> No.15103892

Milk solids coat the tongue and dull taste, so you're fuckin lying

>> No.15103926

UCC black

>> No.15103932

In Japan they sell canned coffee. You can probably find some on amazon.com or amazon.co.jp

>> No.15104095

I am fucking not. I absolutely cannot tell the difference between two types of coffee unless I add milk.

>> No.15104205

wrong, sorry your tastebuds haven't grown to appreciate bitter flavors yet. usually happens when you're about 20.

just order from happy mug. roasted to order, cheap, and they show up at your door.

>> No.15104574

what's a good general purpose unroasted bean from happy mug? i alternate between drip brewing and moka pot brewing and would probably roast to about a medium roast

>> No.15104614
File: 410 KB, 858x546, screen-shot-2014-02-04-at-8-59-43-pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people in this thread so fucking useless?

Anon, nearly any drip brewer you get will have an automatic start time thing that'll start every day as long as there's grinds and water in it. Not the best cup of brew, but the easiest.

Besides that, you could get a outlet extension timer that goes off and starts your electric kettle next to your bed, which you then pour into your french press, or your pour-over, or your aero-meme. Perhaps some electric kettles also have clocks to start automatically. The latter option would be a bit more difficult but if you dial in the ratios of grain-time-water-coffee it'll produce a consistently good cuppa.

>> No.15104654

>bitter flavors
properly brewed specialty coffee isn't supposed to be bitter though.

Learn how to not over-extract.

>> No.15104681

Coffee is bound to be somewhat bitter

>> No.15104764
File: 428 KB, 567x378, incredibleexcitement.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ordered two pounds of green Bali Blue Moon and Kenya Gakuyu-ini AA beans

did i fuck up

>> No.15104870

you're in the wrong thread on the wrong board mate

>> No.15104875

it's still bitter. not as much as run of the mill break room coffee, but still bitter.

get the sample pack, gonna be way more useful than buying and trying a bunch of origins

>> No.15104879

do you not have a hobby? is your life so dull that you cannot understand why someone would take anything seriously?

>> No.15104953

see a doctor to make sure you don't have diabetes/pre-diabetes

100% serious here

>> No.15104964

>the virgin bialetti moka pot buyer vs the chad imusa moka pot buyer

i'll never not laugh at people getting scammed into buying bialetti when imusa sells the exact same product for 1/4 the price

>> No.15105141

I'll never not laugh at people who brew out of aluminum. You're giving yourself Alzheimer's and are too poor/stupid to remedy the cause. An aluminum dollar general fry pan is going to be cheaper than Le Creuset. Guess why?

>> No.15105167


Ungraded chinese stainless may be worse than alu.

>> No.15105469

Only you can say. Everyone has different tastes.

>> No.15105508

coming from /fit/

is coffee bad for you?

>> No.15105628

no it's good for you just don't be a retard who drinks 10 cups a day and then cries about being anxious and shitting all the time

>> No.15105669
File: 612 KB, 2048x1536, dscn3420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we can all agree, getting Alzheimer's is worth it if we get to enjoy glorious Bialetti Mooka

>> No.15105724

Bialettis are italian made stainless. Imusas are chinese aluminum. Even their stainless ones are aluminum interior with a stainless facade.

>> No.15105748

moka pots are fucking shit

>> No.15105805

>Bialettis are italian made stainless

bialettis sold in the US are very plainly aluminum. they are made EXACTLY the same way as imusa. they're so similar, i highly suspect they're both made by the same manufacturer at the same plant and are just given different branding

>> No.15105834

moka pots are fantastic if you use the specifically correct type of coffee/grind for it. you aren't going to get good results if you try any old beans or grind coarseness with it

>> No.15105885

/ck/ shouldn't care

>> No.15105921


>> No.15106006


>> No.15106269

yeah except that isn't what's sold in stores in the US and that isn't what people actually think of or buy when they think of a moka pot

>> No.15106477

Just because you can buy an aluminum moka pot, doesn't mean you should. Don't blindly follow dumb americans.


>> No.15107233

/ctg/ Coffee Shop concept
>located in wherever neighborhood that has the cheapest rent but doesn't have high crime
>no power outlets
>tables too small for laptops
>only nordic roast for pour over service
>Decent DE1XL for espresso autism
>all baristas are men in their 30s with autism
>no talking allowed - human noises make the baristas upset
>$0 spent on interior
>chairs are uncomfortable

Would you visit?

>> No.15107282

Literally me at home. Why would I go to a coffee shop if there's no cute batista to serve me.

>> No.15107398

If the baristas were cute crossdressing Asian boys that would be perfect

>> No.15107647

>business model appeals only to coffee autists who make better coffee at home already

Yeah, sure. I'd order a coffee by passing a very specific pre-printed note to the bartender, pay for it with exact change, then rip a huge fart on my way out without saying a word.

>> No.15107660

If there isn't a cute hipster girl there I would rarely bother

>> No.15107666

No, they're all Italian Americans with extremely hairy arms.
What if they have seasonal rare beans you can try by the cup.

>> No.15107684

Dude, everything I roast is a "rare" seasonal single origin bean. This place would have nothing to offer coffeespergs like me. I only want to watch cuties with bobs making coffee.

>> No.15107922

Im drinking some local brand called Los Arcos, grown in Antigua Guatemala, its cheap and pretty good desu
2 spoons in a 16oz french press, boiling water, i leave it for 5 minutes and i press that shit really hard

>> No.15107941

Either that brand or i buy coffee beans directly with a farmer i know and then dry and toast it by myself, right now im experimenting with different flavours, like orange-mint (Shit) or cardamom (Kinda good desu)

>> No.15108647

>Having a consumer grade espresso machine in a coffee shop

Good fucking joke lad

>> No.15108658

For real, don't do this unless you want to commit financial suicide

>> No.15109056

there was a coffee/book shop in my area that was ran by former convicts
it was actually pretty good but unfortunately shut

>> No.15109123

Is it worth saving up for a Flair Pro 2, or should I just get the Neo with the pressure gauge and the bottomless portafilter?

>> No.15109159

>uncomfortable chairs
>tables too small
>everythiing filthy because the workers were probably all neets before this
>no cute cashier who smiles at me one time and then i think about her every day at 8am and 10pm for the next ten years

>> No.15109559

Drinking some kinda local blend brewed via moka pot w/ italian sweet cream. Probably should have skipped on the cream because I'm sure I'm drinking some pretty damn good Ethiopian beans. Making a bit more yeah I messed up, thought I was drinking grocery store swill & this is from my favorite roaster. Glad I cleared that up.

>> No.15109641

Popcorn would indicate quakers, a sure sign of lower quality green coffee.

>> No.15109931

If you have to save for a $200 purchase, its probably not one you should make. Wait a month, snag one on christmas sale/scratch and dent.

>> No.15111135

Yeah. I think he got some shitty coffee.

Dump out the entire bag and hand pick out the beans that appear considerably lighter than the rest. Brew a cup of the good, darker beans and compare. Quakers are a coffee bean defect, not a roasting mistake. Being underripe picked cherries, they don't contain the sugar content to roast properly, so they remain tan in color while all the good beans go through the usual caramelizing colors. They stand out much more obviosly as you roast darker. They taste like popcorn or peanuts. I kinda want to see a bigger sample size photo.

>> No.15111197
File: 975 KB, 5140x1428, IMG_20201123_155907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking. Delicious. Sweet, balanced and fruity. Toasted coconut on the finish. Ethiopian koke honey roasted to 405. 2.43 on a kinu m47p. Sifted at 800μm 200μm. Still trying to balance the benefit vs added waste, but we'll get there. Only like a gram or two of particles outside my range.

>> No.15111201
File: 198 KB, 1300x1300, folgers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Folger's in my $20 Mr. Coffee drip maker. Nothing like it.

>> No.15111205

I'm from the area, and I'm not a fan. I do have a tin in my kitchen though as my grease trap.

>> No.15111440

How many of you here have actually cupped before?

>> No.15111467

cupping some big beans rn

>> No.15111610
File: 37 KB, 309x679, 10 percent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is it so fucking good lads

>> No.15111709

I’ve had a chemex for a couple of months now and I’ve tuned my brews at a ratio of 1:13.5. A lot of the recommendations I’ve found online say 1:15 is the golden ratio but that ends up being watery. Have I just gotten used to shitty over extracted coffee my whole life or what?
I mainly use medium roast though so maybe that’s why.

>> No.15111924
File: 2.68 MB, 4000x2250, beans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have this other picture of it, I'm not at home at the moment. Its an Ethiopian Guji, they claim its specialty grade coffee, SCA 87.5 points. I'll try to pick out the bad ones tomorrow and brew those. Thanks for that advice. They had to have seen that the beans were defected before they roasted it, right?

>> No.15112023

Go cry in a gummy bear thread or sth

>> No.15112569

No, that's a defect that only shows up after roasting. You can sure taste it, though. Anything over 80 is a specialty coffee. I've never roasted anything in the 86-93 range that had more than a few glaringly obvious quakers in a 1/2lb batch. But then again, the lighter the roast, the less obvious it is to see and taste. I'm not an expert or anything. This is just a fun issue. I hope you didn't buy an assload of this one.

>> No.15113356

Why does my natural Ethiopian smell like baby bottle tops

>> No.15113897

Why do baby bottle tops smell like natural Ethiopians?

>> No.15113998

Me many a time. Why?

>> No.15114056

Its only 200g thankfully, the café i go to sells beans from different roasters time to time.

>> No.15114386

i've found nothing that goes better with coffee than a fresh pain au chocolat, have you ever tried ?
Next to my farmers market, where i go once or twice a week, there is a old cofee shop, with insanely good cofee and prices that never changed, and every market-day i take one pain au chocolat frow the local bakery and a coffee there, its the highlight of the week.

>> No.15115320

Drinking a quite nice south american caturra via my french press(decided to switch it up today).

>> No.15115723
File: 133 KB, 312x252, 1597278648063.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This anon gets it. I'm a 29 year old sperg who has been working full time in this industry for four years, now working in a shed of a cafe inside a train station making €0.90 above minimum wage. I left my job back in Vancouver making 17.50 as an assistant manager of another cafe, a job I loved, where my boss appreciated me, listened to me and let me deal with the roasters myself. I had developed a relationship with them where I could go down and shadow them, even arranging three weeks where I could be shown how to roast. People in my local community knew me and appreciated my my advice because they knew I wouldn't point them in the wrong direction for a few bucks.
Me and the girlfriend came home early because of the coof, so far I've had opportunity's to work in the health service, post office and retail management. I chose to work here, I chose to spend six months looking for a job in coffee because I love what I do, I kept my chin up even when the only results I could find for anything coffee related was "deli assistant" . I hate how plastic this industry is. I've had friends say to me you're finding it hard because you don't match the "style" of baristas in the city. I'm not hipster enough. How many of these cunts use a thermocouple to monitor temperature loss during brews at home? I'm not a qt scene girl or a plaid shirt, goatee sporting hipster, so I'm destined to be stuck in the fucking swamp that is retail coffee.

>> No.15115737
File: 81 KB, 1204x1388, 61fWLB7HyYL._AC_SL1500_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one of these, but my coffee doesn't taste very good.

I use Folger's Breakfast Blend and usually pull it off the heat when it starts steaming out of the top.

How can I improve my coffee?

>> No.15115896

Stop buying folgers
Get at least a decent grinder

>> No.15115966

Will grinding my own beans even make a difference?

The preground stuff is just so easy.

What brand would you recommend for beans?

>> No.15116175

Anything you can buy fresh at the store is going to be miles better than preground.

Nice blog post homo.

>> No.15116230
File: 84 KB, 640x480, F62546C8-1421-4205-9DE9-A53EA1CD5A68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recently got a Bonavita and I’m liking it a lot.

>> No.15116250

Got some baklava from my Greek Orthodox Church bake sale the other day. Enjoyed it with a moka pot brew w/ 1/4 teaspoon of cardamon mixed in with the grounds. Absolutely kino

>> No.15116354

based chad.

>> No.15116379

>tfw niche zero and 9barista arrive in january

>> No.15116388


>> No.15116399
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>> No.15116449

So, we just figured out that one of the triggers for my wife's migraines is the smell of coffee being brewed. With some experimentation, we figured out that instant doesn't smell strongly enough to act as a trigger. I suspect the problem with this is pretty obvious, so what are some instant coffees that taste at least ok or options that don't put out the coffee smell?

>> No.15116458

Did you already rule out divorce?

>> No.15116470

Instant coffee mixed into room temperature tap water is great. It's an acquired taste, but once you get it you're going to love it.

>> No.15116551

Yeah, she's kinda cool.
so you're saying I should kill myself?

>> No.15117923


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How the fuck do I achieve stable results with my quickmill orione? I grind my beans quite fine and use about 16g for a double espresso. Machine reaches between 10 and 11 bar.

Sometimes the stream has a silky texture and is dark brown (which I want), sometimes the stream is very fluid and is of a light brown. The taste corresponds. I have no idea how this is caused.

>> No.15120395

just make a bunch of strong coldbrew when she's out and dilute it with hot water when you want a cup

>> No.15120484

>10 and 11bar
Nigga turn that shit down to 9bar and load in 18g of coffee for a double espresso

>> No.15120586

>decaf espresso

Is there such a thing, and is it any good?

>> No.15120621
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Look at this shit. What's this a Gibraltar, or cortado? How's my foam look? The bellman steamer is a bitch to get consistent.

>> No.15120637

The coffee place I'd go to is run by the roaster I get beans from. I used to go on the weekends before they closed everything except their roasting operation.

>> No.15121377

See if you can reduce the pressure. That will reduce the chance of channeling, which is what is happening on those lighter shots. Essentially the pressure is causing the puck to break down and allow the water to flow through one particular part of the coffee bed and none of the other parts. Will lead to undrinkable results.

Also, ensure your puck prep is good - it's likely not good. Unfortunately, it's hard for a novice to properly evaluate puck prep. I've trained dozens of people to distribute and tamp properly, and tamping in particular takes dozens of repetitions with me testing each tamp before they are on the right track. Most of the time people have a hard time evaluating evenness of tamp when it's not an exaggerated flaw.

Here's the drill I use to train people:
Weigh and grind your desired dose.
Distribute and tamp
Look at the gap (this will only work if your tamper is the proper size) between the outside of the tamper base and the inside of the basket lip. Wider gaps indicate high spot, thinner gaps indicate low spot.
Hold the basket flat with the tamper in it and look to see if the handle of the tamper leans in any direction.
Feel around the edge where the tamper and basket lip meet for high and low spots.

Do this 10 times, use the same coffee. Notice any patterns of high and low spots.

Now you have to overcompensate for your tamping bias. If the low spot is on the side away from the handle for most of the trials, you have to make it feel like you are creating a low spot on the side of the handle. Do this until you actually create the opposite flaw. Then try to go level.

Do this until you get 3 90% level or better tamps in a row. Then you can make drinks. Evaluate every tamp for evenness with whatever method above worked best for you, or all 3 since you have time.

>> No.15121396

>Gibraltar, or cortado
No real difference between. Looks like you served it in a Gibraltar glass, so it's that. Foam looks like shit. Very thin - hardly any of it. And also it's not well incorporated, looks like it separated from the non-foamy part. It's hard to texture such small amounts, so no shame in goofing it.

>> No.15121742

of course, and yes it can be

>> No.15121747

Correct. In addition to this, you can buy specialty instant from places like swift cup. Also, coffee gay has a good video on supermarket instant coffee.

>> No.15121789
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Sifted red bourbon black honey pourover today. 1000/300 I think. Grinding finer and my pourdown is longer than usual. Trying to see how rao's "new" method works. Coffee is pretty fucking good, but the beans are excellent. Gigo.

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