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I'm 30 hours into fasting I need your help /ck/, post some pictures that DESTROY YOUR APPETITE, I must persevere

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I thought this was a cartel thread

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i can't stop thinking about delicious food man please do not make thread jokes

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>*funky town playing faintly in the background*

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My cooking is kind of gross looking but p tasty ngl.
This is a quiche I made yesterday

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Here are some biscuits I made from scratch with fermented oats added.

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Roasted home raised duck on home grown potatoes, turnips.
Onion and the apples it was stuffed with was from the store though

I overcooked the broccoli, instant appetite killer.
The breast was juicy and the skin was crispy tho

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thanks! this is killing my appetite, jesus christ what were u thinking??

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here is a pizza I made from scratch.
It's square cut AND has vermin on it. So extra, EXTRA gross.

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WTF where did that rat come from dude!!! is that ur pet??

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He was a mouse and less of a pet more like I was his slave.

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love these threads. first contribution is "flying jacob" a swedish dish created by some guy that worked with aircargo, got fucked by a black man from africa and thought their cuisine was nice

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Ok but I burned the edges of that quiche But only the outer crust. The inner crust was just fine.

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oh, forgot to tell you the ingredients. its made with bananas, bacon, chicken, peanuts, whipped cream and chilli sauce (sweet)

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would eat anon
now, another creation from sweden. this time from the khalifate era, a pizza with french fries.

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jackposting allowed ?

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OP here, would just like everyone to know that i am a homosexual and ja/ck/ posting is more than welcome thanks everyone

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I would eat a pizza with french fries over their disgusting banana pizzas.

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This'll make you gag

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you know they make those with kiwi as well anon? like scandinavias brazil with a muslim twist, its all very exciting.

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He's so cute :(

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this looks staged

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Got a think in Scotland called an Americano pizza. Its french fries and sliced hotdog topping. Pretty good.

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>Got a think in Scotland called an Americano pizza. Its french fries and sliced hotdog topping. Pretty good.
>Pretty good.
okay anon

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anyone dare to play food or parasite

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>This was sculpted out of polymer clay and painted with acrylics. The detail work was done with dental tools and some custom texture stamps. I added the gore just to dress up the photos a bit. It's essentially lumpy gravy-cornstarch and water mixed with some food coloring and heated up until it gels.

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Drink some warm salt water.

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pretty cool anon, hope that guy makes money from his skills

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I wish to offer my sincere apology to the bongs for all the horrible things I've said about their food. Even the parts about toast sandwiches.

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He’s a cute little guy

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honestly not that bad
unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't seem to understand anything besides cheese curds are disgusting and wrong
just looks like standard bad non-canuck poutine

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I'd eat that
Probably not all at once

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kalium and other salt are supposed to suppress hunger
t. been into schizo fasting forum

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Post more adorable vermin

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Hello fren

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I think there’s cheesecake here. Wish I’d discovered cheesecake when more of them were still alive.

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Holy shit did your mouse eat all that, what a fucking pig! Did he eat your cat too?

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>op asks for disgusting food thread
Board transforms into /an/ rodent thread

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Well, one of the cats killed that one so...

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I give you my support

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Are you the guy who made the duck killing thread recently?
Did you upgrade your kill cone yet?

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Ugh I want rats someday.
My mouse technically wasn't a rat but because hes black the racists on this website thought he was a rat.
It also doesn't help that I have baby hands.

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Me in the center

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i actually cringed.

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He’s a very cute little guy, it’s just hard to tell from scale. My recommendation for rodents and pets in general is always get two, it’s very fun for them to like you but it’s also very fun to watch them interact.

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This is my rat, it also eats catfood

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The main reason I got a mouse is because I could get a solitary male and not have to worry about him getting too lonley. I don't think he ever liked other mice. Maybe if I had neutered him or gotten him african soft furred rats they could have co existed, but I was around alot.

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glad I do not live in america and don't have to worry about them

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>look like newspaper soup
>taste absolutely delicious

What did they mean by this?

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Very cute spike rat!
I’ve gotten two male rats (brothers) and two female rats(sisters), and there’s a lot of conflicting info online, so here’s my simple guide
1. Male rats pee more regardless of what online says
2. Male rats fight more (obviously) but both genders get aggressive because of sexual hormones. Male rights fight A LOT in a playful way when they’re young and this tapers off into fights that end in upset squeaks as they get to full size.
3. Male rat fights are more likely to end in a small scrape/cut (usually heal on their own, but good to check on them)
4. Both genders equally fight over food even if the food is unreasonably large (I’ve seen them fight over an entire banana)
5. If you can get a mouse to like you and behave decently well, you’ll have a great time with rats.
6. They can eat pretty much anything and even the lists you find of “poisonous” foods are littered with things that are simply unhealthy or in ludicrous amounts it would theoretically be bad (it’s the rat equivalent of if you ate a pound of apple seeds type argument).

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Yeah I was figuring I would get 3 female rats and a very large multistory ferret/rat cage with plenty of hammocks, wheels, food bowls, waterers and toys. They will either be littermates or of the same age and introduced in the cage at the same time. This way there would be minimal confrontation. I would also have to rat proof my room as I would require them to have free run time daily. My mouse was out of his cage multiple times a day (as seen in all the photos), and he would occasionally be allowed to free run in an enlarged area. Daily stimulation and bi monthly new climbing toys were also mandatory.

I'm still mourning the loss of my mouse and idk how long it will be before I am ready to get a new companion vermin.

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>enslaved by a rodent
Are you pic related?

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In about 5 years I will be
(p.s thank you for the movie recommendation! I have been looking for something decent to watch)

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I tried making toad in the hole (despite how it looks) because I wanted to try some cozy Bri ish food for once.

0/10 absolutely fucking disgusting and it looked like I was looking into a toilet made of egg pastry. Onion gravy was shit too. Why can't whites cook?

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Post pic for proof

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>/ck/ Animals and Nature

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Get him a buddy

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this thread is shit fuck women

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>toad in the hole
Try the American toad in the hole instead.
Is comfy, looks good, easy to make, delicious, and doesn't look like a cat confused your soufflé with a litter box

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I even used bangers and extra batter to stop it from looking fucked, but it didn't work. Kinda looks like a backed up toilet.

How the fuck do people not look at this dish and laugh? This is about as non graphic as it could ever look, and it STILL looks like turds swimming in piss. It tasted horrible, too.

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Like look at some other examples. This is POO.

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This is literally logs of shit in mid flush. WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS DISH HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THIS?

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Well, you can't buy them, they're registered pests and people shoot them

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this disgusting enough for you OP

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that looks fucking incredible just needs top half bun

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Coming back from Budapest, on British Airways, literally served a "stuffing" sandwich. I shit you not, a glob of stove top sage stuffing slapped between two pieces of bread. INSANITY

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Says 'Butter and red bean paste sandwich, $7' for anyone who can't read the moonrunes

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>Says 'Butter and red bean paste sandwich, $7' for anyone who can't read the moonrunes
Dipped into egg for sure.

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Oh fuck me this is real, is this what you're talking about?

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man the 70s sucks

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I thought it was a butter and ham sandwich at first, thank you for letting us know.
I'm french and I've never seen such a quantity of butter in a single sandwich before, this is absolute madness.

>> No.15027425

I've lived in ireland for quite some time and must inform you that chicken and stuffing sandwiches are among the best things I've eaten. I've eaten in lots of restaurants, some with michelin stars, others serving cheap but satisfying food. The chicken and stuffing sandwich may be simple but it is no laughing matter. The only downside being that it's meat based and detrimental to one's health.

>> No.15027825

Can someone please post a cartel video to offset this shit?

>> No.15028107

Here's a spoken word version:

Orange man dies

>> No.15028384

I think I've seen your pics before based mouse may he rest in peace.

>> No.15028689

So you're telling me thinking about someone without skin on your face still makes you hungry?

>> No.15029348

latino here, fuck you only mexicans do this

>> No.15029359

Sorry for late reply but three sisters would be perfect. Generally with rodents familial bonds stem the tide of hormonal rage leading to bloodshed. We tried rustproofing part of our room and one of the buggers made it behind the cabinet paneling because we didn’t know there was a hole, we had to nearly rip the front panel off to get her out. We couldn’t see how far it went so we had no other choice, but she was stuck in a small area and would’ve come out on her own eventually.
I need to be better with my ratties, although they’re sociable enough to not be afraid of people (bites don’t happen), so mostly I just need a better space for rat proofing.

>> No.15029369

Flygande jacob is based af

>> No.15029541

Watch the entire cooking with hoarders collection

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Fuck me I read that as "ogey"

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Please !

>> No.15029570

so this is how babies are born

>> No.15029667

what the fuck

>> No.15029707


Seems appalling at first but I'd try a bite.

>> No.15029968

post belly twink

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Here's a /fit/ recipe to help you out, anon.
They're gross.

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Here's a baby possum that I caught in my kitchen (got in from a hole behind the hot water heater in the utility room) and released in a field a few miles away.

>> No.15029992

You gotta soak your meat before you cook it. This lets out the starchy blood so that the strings of ground meat dont stick to each other when you cook it.

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Compared to some of the other shit I see from that board this isn't bad at all.
I don't like cooking with canned tuna in general but you could use some ground cod or salmon instead for some nice fish cakes. I might leave out the garlic as well.


>> No.15030414

fuck sweden

>> No.15030425

it seems they are aware that this is quite bizzare

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>> No.15030471

literally my bowel movements

>> No.15030475

Shit is that the movie where he eats the rat in the end?

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>> No.15030705

Nice video showing my most mexicans are obese

>> No.15030982
File: 1.25 MB, 1280x720, Jacks diaper.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15030989

Is that cheese with plantains? THE FUCK

>> No.15030992
File: 1015 KB, 1280x720, jacks non-newtonian chicken.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never noticed he has sideburns

>> No.15031000


>> No.15031023

The heart disease is palatable

>> No.15031029
File: 464 KB, 1920x1080, pizza_v1.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My delicious gummy pizza that /ck/ loved. First pizza I ever made and first time I made my own bread.

>> No.15031040


>> No.15031046

Step 2.5 drain the mercury

>> No.15031220

Looks like a giant batch of fried cum

>> No.15031446 [DELETED] 
File: 3.48 MB, 3120x4160, sandwih.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wasn't even that bad

>> No.15031451


>> No.15031703

does someone have the guy who "made" broccoli from cauliflower by putting it in gatorade.

>> No.15031733

how come the cheese isn't melted?

>> No.15031742

I'd try it

>> No.15031751

why is the meat still frozen?

>> No.15031758

did these niggas put onions in with pineapple and vinegar?

>> No.15031801

that looks good

>> No.15031808

what is that?

>> No.15031852

wow so this is how americans eat huh

>> No.15031929

fasting is for retards
enjoy losing your hair faggot

>> No.15032155

nice, comes with sauce

>> No.15032194

I fasted away 50lbs and I've still got my hair. I'm pretty sure that guys that lose their hair fasting were going to lose it anyway, and it's coincidental since it takes months.

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