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>go to any fast food
>order "hot" thing
>it's not hot
>go to thai restaurant
>order "hot" thing
>spend next half hour gasping for air as my respiratory system goes into paralysis

Why is there no consistency or standard unit of measurement for exactly hot "hot" something is? It would be nice to know if I'm going to be getting weak sauce or literally Satan's jizz before taking the first bite.

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there is a unit of measurement, it's called scovilles. but you'll never see a restaurant advertising how many "scovilles" is in there food because it applies to the concentration of capsacin is in a pepper.

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You actually got a Thai restaurant to give you Hot, and not "white people hot"?

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This is why

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I'm all for spice reform and regulation, and as your elected representative I promise to make the spiciness of a dish less ambiguous to the prospective diner

god bless america and joggers must go back

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Yes, and it was an otherworldly experience, it's not the normal kind of hot we are used to, it's the kind of hot like pouring boiling water down your throat, then your chest muscles get tense and you can barely breathe.

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thinly veiled pol thread

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A lot of places don't want to actually give out spicy food because they'll probably get people asking for their money back saying it's too spicy and they can't eat it and acting like it's their fault for making it spicy.

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This thread needs context
How do you feel about samyang 1x/2x?

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Meanwhile white people from Texas will give you shit for thinking Bdubs Blazin wings are hot

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How about not being a retard and being aware that Asians in general have way higher spice tolerances and so when you order Asian food be aware that if you ask for hot it will actually be hot, and that food made for western palates will be comparatively less spicy. I can count on 1 finger the amount of white people I know who actually enjoy spicy food.

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you're never going to get something with a proper kick from franchises for the reason >>14962835 stated

if you want spicy stick to the local thai/chinese/indian places

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1x is plenty spicy enough
2x is subjecting yourself to chemical burns for the sake of shitty marketing

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>be white
>ask for highest spicy level
>food isnt hot at all
>wonder if there shit just isnt spicy or if they just gave me the white boy treatment thinking i cant handle real spice

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Definitely the latter. Sometimes you need to ask for thai spicy or indian spicy to get them to actually give you the real shit. You will probably regret it though, I have a pretty good tolerance for spice but there really is a point where it becomes too painful to actually taste anything anymore.

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they should just let you season it yourself like in kebab places.

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they give you the run around bro. when i go to an indian or african restaurant i make sure to tell them something along the lines of "i know i'm white, but when i say spicy i mean SPICY". that's how you get the good shit. the shit that you feel in the back of your neck, not just on your tongue.

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