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Can someone explain "soul food" to me? It literally just looks like shitty food.

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im gay btw, if that matters

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"Soul food" sound heavily pigmented.

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What if it doesn't matter? Are you no longer gay in that case?

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The shitty parts of the animal and the share of the crops the landowners didn't take was left to the darkies. They turned it into food that had "soul" to cover the taste and texture of inferior quality veggies and unsold offal

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>slaves had access to exotic spices and sugar
>blacks actually believe this

this is just bastardized European cuisine...

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>killing a chicken when it gives you free food every single day (eggs)
>this is something a person with absolutely no money or resources would do>>14958833

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well that was made by a home cook so it's not going to look it's best. It's basically southern poor people comfort food. It's not all bad, but some things like chitterlings should be avoided. I don't care for black eye peas either but the rest is pretty good. I love collard or turnip greens. They usually cook them for a long time and season them with a smoked pork product. Cornbread is usually present on a soul food plate. My favorite soul food is shrimp and grits.

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it tastes good and is easy to make. I made this last weekend

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>Can someone explain "soul food" to me?
Yes, the people who cook it. Go to the real thing (when you can) and ask them.

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what is it then? i was going to call you both retarded, but then i realized that (((they))) are the ones telling me
blacks invented soul food bc racism or whatever. help me be more based and redpilled bros

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>It literally just looks like shitty food.
you got it, that's exactly what it is. crappy food given to slaves and poors.

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you know that chickens eventually become barren, right?

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It's got soul unlike other foods which are soulless.

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I need a bite of that D:

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im sorry

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It's not supposed to look good. It's supposed to taste good. The south was overwhelmingly agrarian up through WWII, and still majority so up through like the fucking '70s. Working class farmers and ranchers were eating this stuff while sitting on a bench out front of the transmission shop. They didn't give a fuck what the presentation was. This isn't $100 a plate haute cuisine food. It's just supposed to be delicious and filling.

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>asking a bunch of Whities about soul food

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This is a meme. Soul food was made by and for both whites and blacks. Blacks have no exclusive claim over fried chicken or biscuits and gravy, they're just desperate for literally anything to claim as their history

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What's to be redpilled about? Pirates plundered ships for tobacco, spices and sugar because it was vastly more valuable than gold and gems. The expression "worth ones weight in salt" exists for a reason, Musa 1 of the Malian Empire amassed the largest fortune the world has ever known from making slaves work his salt mines in Africa. Look into his trip to Mecca and how much dosh he flooded Saudi Arabia with, he nearly crashed their entire economy by overpaying for everything on purpose.

Why would a slave have access to such expensive things? Seriously... doesn't take a genius to figure out they consumed none of this type of food.

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>eating an old hen

Have you ever eaten an old hen or rooster? They're disgusting, stringy tough meat and nearly useless outside of a stew.

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>noooooo i need chicken tendies out of every animal I eat
shut up and make coq au vin you stupid spoiled faggot

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Why wouldn't we? We're the plurality of the best chefs in the world.

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No one eats an old hen or rooster. They're gross, and often diseased/necrotic.

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>looks like shitty food.
Yeah, nigs can't cook

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>soul food + black people food

When will this meme die?

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>no one eats an old hen/rooster
except the french lol, and i trust their opinions over stupid spoiled American faggot online.
>often diseased
nigger most chickens are salmonella carriers regardless of age, that's why you cook them through. stupid faggot.

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>When will this meme die?
when all blacks die

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It's seasoned unlike white boy food

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fatty, salty peasant food balanced with sugar and vinegar.

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Eat a plate like pictured and you'd understand.....it's simple, unpretentious, and filling.....Only yankees and hipsters call it soul food....in the south, it's just good home cooking

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There are no pictures of cornbread, greens, or yams in this thread. What the fuck? Is these regional or something?

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>is these
Oops. Funny enough I'm black.

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I live in Italy.

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It's basically leftovers with a ton of salt, fat and sugar.

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shitty food? man that looks SOOO GOOD

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That’s because it is shit. Same goes for music boomers who despise anything not directly born from shitty blues or similarly niggerish music genres.

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our grandparents music kicks ass you tone deaf mellon head

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"Soul" = "High reward" because Africans are more easily addicted by the kind of high reward recipes present in European/American cooking.

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how's that zoom class going zoomer boy?

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I have no doubt you have shit taste in music

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Are there any black women here who can teach me soul food??

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By what metric?

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Wrong. Try again

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>By what fuckin METRIC
lmao you fucking loser, either post what music you like so i can laugh at your shit taste or fuck off

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Pick anything from before the era of Jews propping up nigger music and shoving it down everyone’s throats so that 40 years later gullible sheep like you would use it as some kind of mating call for fellow consumers of “culture”


“hurr too many notes” “where are the bends? Where’s the feeling” ““hurr where is the emotion? Where is the SOUL” “where’s the groove?” “It’s about the space in between the notes”


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Wait my bad 60-80 years now

>> No.14962683

stfu and try this https://youtu.be/wyPKRcBTsFQ

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This reeks of niggerdom


>> No.14962707

oh really try this piano boy!

>> No.14962710

>I like Bach
lmao confirmed fucking LOSER, do you want a Fedora with that? Paul Gilbert would absolutely laugh in your face

>> No.14962712

Good, non nigger music!

>> No.14962713

Paul Gilbert was inspired by African American music and there's nothing you can do about it lmao

>> No.14962714

He would laugh in your face for saying he’d laugh in my face for liking Bach more than NIGGERS

>> No.14962715

I know he was retard. So was practically everyone else. That’s why the only video of him you’ll see me put up is one of him playing music written by someone who wasn’t a bigger.

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Mods just delete this whole thread...

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>slave nigger scraps
>put soul because nigger

>> No.14962724

*nigger. Also my post was written to contrast what was in the video with the absolutely nigger-tier influence that everyone drinks up because it’s what the social game demands! Pathetic sheep!

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Damn bro, must suck to have a rudimentary understanding of any musical history ever.
How pathetic are you to have this victim-hood complex?

>> No.14962737

Extremely non pathetic. You just keep drinking up the “soul” kool-aid like the desperate sheep to are.

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>social game
anon are you, dare I say...

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>Soul kool-aid
Some people get information from places other than Stormfront and /pol/
Your example of "good" music was a metal guitarist playing Bach, are you 14 years old?

>> No.14962758

>Paul Gilbert
Neck yourself you utter fucking retard.

>> No.14962767 [DELETED] 

Never heard of stormfront, and /pol/ is funny. My example of “good” music was merely NON NIGGER MUSIC BEIJG PLAYED AT A NON NIGGER PACE ON A NIGGER INSTRUMENT BY A NIGGER WANNABE. If you can’t put that video together with what was written immediately afterward then you are a retard.

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Hipster is trying to pretend Bach isn’t all that special just because he’s so important that it’s impossible not to know about him.

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anon what do you consider a nigger?
all black people or an ignorant criminals that never better themselves?
otis redding is far from nigger noise in my book.

>> No.14962777

Racer X is absolutely metal lmao, are you some weird true kvlt purist or something?
Are you having a stroke? Please take your medication, you most certainly are just an edgy teenager

>> No.14962785

Anything that has its roots in blues. Funny to see the sheep prep themselves for some modern music “Zoomer” shit then stumble over themselves trying to justify their nigger-ammo in the face. Of undeniably white composers that came way before their shitty boomer gods. Speaking of which


What a nigger

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Take food.
Cook it in tons of grease, butter, oil, etc. and salt.
You have soul food.
There's a reason there's so much obesity in the south especially among blacks.

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>> No.14962800

Cheap, high calorie shite they fed black slaves.


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Btw yes I’m a zoomer, and yes I have zero respect for brainwashed sheep who “survived” to middle age in a first world society where all basic needs are met and the elderly are no longer filtered by intelligence and genetic fitness. Get fucked boomers and boomer-wannabes.

>> No.14963031

were not boomer wannabes we just like boomer music and you are lying to yourself and us saying all boomer music is bad.

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Any food sucks if you don't fucking cook it well

>> No.14963048

wrong. whites gave the orders, blacks followed.

>> No.14963051

It can be enjoyable and still “bad”. Just like any other vice.

>> No.14963065

But fine I know there are musicians out there who seek to combine nigger music with the giants of old. Those are who I respect. Not the retards who “started” rock and metal and went all in on the niggerdom.

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>> No.14963127

God being able to vent on anonymous websites is so cathartic

>> No.14963306

this looks horrible, and so does the other examples in the thread

>> No.14964131

>blacks be claiming our buscuits! those be our chicklins! its culchural appripreation from us white folk!

>> No.14964141

Now now. If your momma finds out you're speaking like that she'll take away your Fortnite time.

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Making it to adulthood in this day and age isn’t impressive. Cope more pathetic sheep.

>> No.14965333

ok as an European why is this considered "soul" food, what's non-soul food ?
It literally looks like a normal plate of food ??
Am I african-american for eating meat veggies and potatoes ?
wtf americans.

>> No.14965384

Yes :3

>> No.14965445

usually its easy to make and cheap. two important things for its typical demographic.

>> No.14965457

The cheaper cuts of meat, less eloquent manner of cooking it makes it so. Largely, Southern American Blacks were responsible for creating "soul food".

>> No.14965509 [DELETED] 

It tastes good, but "soul food" is just a way for blacks to try to flex on white people. It's the closest thing that they have to a shared cultural identity that isn't slavery because there's a belief that white people in the 1800s didn't eat collard greens, cornbread or pig knuckles and that blacks invented slow cooking/smoking meat over a fire.

It's built on lies, basically. Not unlike every other black twitter meme.

>> No.14965518


Slaves weren't allowed to keep livestock anyway. IDK what point you're trying to make. Slaves didn't have access to spices that cost more than gold and diamonds.

>> No.14965521

Egg laying chicken breeds are different than chickens which are bred for meat, but of course the morons on this site wouldn’t know that

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That's a Mexican, strangely enough.

>> No.14965531


>meat chickens don't lay eggs

How do they get more meat chickens? Just stop...

>> No.14965564

>>meat chickens don't lay eggs
I never said that you fucking smoothbrain

>> No.14965574

You think you won, but all you did was ruin 4chan's reputation as a serious board.

>> No.14965604

Niggers can't do anything right

>> No.14965718

>American born in California
the current state of America

>> No.14965910

Its for the gastronomic jogger

>> No.14965918

holy fuck shrimp and grits is good. i live up north though so i can never find anyplace that makes it. i had some in the new orleans themed part of disney world last year and it hasn’t left my mind

>> No.14965925


You JUST said that. Don't insult me because you feel bad, learn from the experience.


Atzlan never existed.

>> No.14966215

Oh shit, you're a Redditor.

>> No.14966228

Dumb niggers making basic shit taste and look awful

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Here's your soul food

>> No.14966296

I see what you did there

>> No.14966317

what?? I've never posted anything on that site and the pic doesn't have a reddit filename

>> No.14966327

Its actually a biblical reference, one being worth their weight in salt.

Matthew 5:13
"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

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File: 3.60 MB, 1920x1080, The.Wire.S05E08.Clarifications.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD.5.1.H.265-SiGMA.mkv_snapshot_16.36_[2020.10.20_02.19.26].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

southern food is so disgusting, i don't know how anyone can defend it let alone eat it

t. alabamian

>> No.14966634

dumping loads of adobo on everything and frying the shit out of it doesn't count as seasoning

>> No.14966695

You must like it because it is "black" food.

>> No.14966701

Ok, take that soul food and shove it up your ass

>> No.14966722

He is mexican.

>> No.14966736

Where was he born?

>> No.14966741

order some grits and make it for yourself and your family. It's not as well known in New Orleans as it is in South Carolina, but I just love it.

>> No.14967048

Your games are bullshit.

Just because we made the mistake of making a stupid rule for blacks does not make anything regarding it true.

Some mexican born here is just a mexican.
The USA is not and will never be some mestizo or indo nation.

>> No.14967085

He is as much an American citizen as you are.
You can cry and kick and whine all you want, but that is true.

>> No.14967106


No I know what is true and some piece of paper, group think and social pressure will never change that mexican.

>> No.14967123

You mean, the piece of paper that grants him the same rights as an American citizen as it does to you?
Also, how do you feel about the fact that mixed race and black people are growing in numbers each year, and soon the majority will be mixed or black?
If I'm not mistaken, I think white teens under 16 already are a minority.

>> No.14967132

>how do you feel about the fact that mixed race and black people are growing in numbers each year, and soon the majority will be mixed or black?

It is fucking disgusting.
I am sure you average 94 IQ future is going to be just dandy.

There will be no dawn for man.

That is what I know about it.

>> No.14967140

Ok chud

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>> No.14967159

Theres no need to insult someone because they just present you with the truth, my dear angry American.
Im not American, nor Mexican, nor have any interest in living in that decaying shithole.

I whish you luck with your coping mechanisms though.
Maybe if you try harder, you can convince yourself that someone that was born in California and is of Mexican descent, is not an American. I heard lurking /pol/ like 8 hours a day does wonder for your coping strategies.

>> No.14967165

Good. No one wants you here chud.

>> No.14967169

no one here gives a fuck that your dad molested you when you were a child

>> No.14967176

Dont be angry man. Im sure if you just try to be nicer, the mexicans at highschool will stop bullying you.

Since it is obvious you are quite hurt by these facts, I will leave you to cope in solitude. Good luck.

>> No.14967191

Soul food looks great to me and I'm a communist american hating SJW tranny.

>> No.14967195

Spoken like a true chud

>> No.14967226


Soul food is the black people term for comfort food.

>> No.14967270

citizen =/= nationality, aka ethnic group
hes mexican

>> No.14967335

You must be retarded if you think that nationality is the same as ethnic group.
Step up your game.

>> No.14968195

Fried chicken was invented in england.

>> No.14968201

I am more excited to see the welfare state collapse when the tax negative demographics out weigh the whites enough to be untenable....this is unavoidable and undebatable enjoy mass shit skin death since none of them can carry their own weight lmfo

>> No.14968221

Boy are you going to be shocked when you start having to compete in the job market on the basis of real merit instead of just being ushered around by fellow whites.

>> No.14968227

The fact you believe that's how things work is how I know you aren't ready for what's coming lmfao

Asians make more then white men in a "racist" system

Shit skins fucked up and the bottom will drop out if they don't stop popping out babies without pulling their own weight.

>> No.14968233

Biscuits and gravy and fried chicken arent soul food.

>> No.14968254

you know so much trivia and yet you're still retarded

>> No.14968275

Soul food is just traditional poor southern food.
Nignogs call it soul food so they can make it look like slop and use the excuse "iss foh taste eet don gohta luuk gud lol white boi can't season food"
Also they can claim it as there own invention becaue they have no culture and need to steal others.
This is drived home by the Jewish media.
Ironically if you look on any of the main stream food shows/websights and look up soul food restaurants most are owned by white people and they all add the same 1 or 2 black owned restaurants to the lelist so they don't seem racist

>> No.14968919

You made those silly corn breads the other day hahaha.

>> No.14968934

You’re retarded

>> No.14968942

A lot of preparation goes into making shitty ingredients taste good. That’s why it’s soul food, it’s literally the 4chan SOUL meme. It comes from the fact that Black slaves got scraps to eat and had to make do with the shitty ingredients they were given.

>> No.14968949

California is not Am*rican, we’re our own thing.

>> No.14969026

corn stick bread is great. I've got a whole collection of cast iron cornbread pans. I'll make fish next time

>> No.14969330

We know, you browse /ck/

>> No.14969362

As long as you're gone I'll take it.

>> No.14969448

I've never had cornbread. That's beside the point though. You were on Reddit.

>> No.14969453 [DELETED] 

based and freedompilled

>> No.14969457 [DELETED] 

Not him, but how would you know?

>> No.14969736

We wont be, again not a single actual population prediction shows that. This is how childish your whole world view is.

It will just be more like brazil where everyone but us are living in squalor and we balkanize. Shit skins will simply lose resources and aid.

>> No.14969744

Literally all do now go cry some more faggot and be a manchild while I fuck your otitis or whatever you call your crush nowadays

>> No.14969786

Y u mad tho lmao

>> No.14969823

because you're right

>> No.14969839


>> No.14969868

You "made" this? What do you mean you made this? You didn't make anything

>> No.14969872

Coq au vin

>> No.14969885

it's when you say ytppo dont season dey food and then proceed to "season" every single dish with garlic powder and dry bbq mix

>> No.14969893
File: 33 KB, 722x349, NIGHTM~1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

newfags everywhere

>> No.14969906

Farmers weren't working class. Sharecroppers were working class.

>> No.14969933

Just confit the old thing or make a casserole.

I'm not giong to refuse perfectly good calories if it's not an eating hen.

>> No.14969956

I turned, glazed, and fired the plate.

>> No.14969966

Seems to me that soul food conditions are 1. cheap ingredients heavy on carbs 2. easy to make/simplistic 3. plated poorly and haphazardly

>> No.14969991

I work at stone IPA and also work at the grocery store on the side. I made the beer, stocked the beer then I bought it. I also built the table

>> No.14970228

Well how many people do you see baking cornbread into these shapes and posting them online?

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