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this kills the tolberone

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i'll kill YOU with this giant toblerone

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>contains nuts
no thanks

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what a shitty name.

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My underwear

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The Toblerone can't die, have you even tried cutting up a giant one (the kilo or something one that existed way back at least) it is quite literally semi-impossible

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That poor cat looks very afraid, a fraidy cat.

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Toblerone killed itself, have you seen what they look like now?

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Since when? This has to be recent if not fake and gay

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It looks like they reduced it to that size in 2016 to 'keep prices low' but fans hated it so they went back to the original size in 2018 but tripled the price of them.

The whole thing stinks of lying jewry to me.



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eww! I'll alert the media!

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>president's choice
fucking based
there hasn't been a single thing from them i haven't enjoyed
except maybe the chips
when they first started the gourmet chips, a lot of the flavours were kinda gross

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I got a bone she can play with

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What ever happened to Milka?

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This. Best store brand.

Also there are a lot of Canuck posters on /ck/. Feels comfy.

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I can buy this shit at like literally any foreign grocer.

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Still present in my country, pretty good for it's price too.

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I'd LOVE to beat her to death with that thing, holy shit

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Seek therapy

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make me

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This has happened to food products everywhere. I won't buy A&E yogurt, Gatorade, or powerade anymore because they all shrunk the sizes of their products without reducing price. It is absolutely jewery at work. Fucking greedy assholes.

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>muh jews
you faggots really need to read marx. occams razor that shit and you'll realize everything you blame on the jews is just a product of late capitalism.

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I don't think an economic system is what makes people greedy anon. It's culture and the environment you're brought up in. There's likely genetic components too.

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Happen to coffee also, weight reduced by 25%, same price.
Stop being a victim. Buy stocks.

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>greed is somehow genetic
Do you assholes seriously not take the time to listen to what you're saying to people?

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Rat faced

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not original poster but thats not too crazy. Like for exmaple what causes greed? theres factors that cause greed, lets say one of the factors is lack of empathy right? well empathy is probably genetic therefore greed could be genetic.

ofcourse it sounds ridiculus when you say greed is genetic but its not too ridiculus when you actually think about it

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Is this greed or common sense?

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It's just a friendly suggestion :)

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Explain specifically how Jews are solely responsible for chocolate prices going up.
All I see is companies trying to max their profit. Whether there are Jews involved or not. Ever heard of inflation?

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absolutely everything about your personality is nothing more than chemical processes in your brain
what determines the chemical makeup or your brain? genetics

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>ummm akshually this jew said it wasn't the jews

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Marx was about as Jewish as you probably are African faggot

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Nice try rabbi. He can chose whatever goyish name he wants but the fact is his father was called Hirschel Levi and his mother was Henriette Pressburg. He was a 100% pureblooded Christ killer.

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Eating out in Canada is even more expensive than in the states so if we don't learn to cook we're kinda boned, aren't we?

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It's not Jews, it's Mountain Jews IE the swiss

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