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If your chili doesn't have beans in it, its not chili.
Its a sloppy joe sandwich without the bread.

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No beans, no tomatoes. Anything else is sloppa shit

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chili doesn't have beans in it dude.

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BASED and bean-pilled

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>No tomatoes
You're retarded

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Enjoy your hot sloppa shit while I enjoy an actual bowl of chili.

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tomatoes are not in chili

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could be mistaken for red bell peppers or hot peppers.

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Chili elitist autists are the worst

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Red bell peppers are also not in chili.

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Go eat fucking straight ground beef retard.

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That, unsurprisingly, is also not chili.

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okay chili exshart what is in chili then?

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What constitutes chili in your autistic mind?

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Authentic chili, pic related

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>1 cup brewed coffee

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that's not chili, that's a shopping list.

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Nothing funny about the real deal. Maybe you can have some if you aren’t a giant faggot

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Here’s the link if anyone wants to try a bowl of the real deal:

Try it. Maybe you’ll understand chili purists then.

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I feel sorry for you.

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It’s fucking chili anon way to over think a sloppa out of the crockpot

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authentic abuela chili

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>t.people who think all pasta is made with boxed macaroni elbows

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this is a list for a witches brew.
not chili.

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>putting a sugar-filled ibarra into your chili instead of grating some dark chocolate or grinding cacao nibs
Love the fact we're making what is in essence a complicated champurrado.

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>t. muh 21 ingredient chili recipe

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I did swap out the hot cocoa for dark chocolate. Didn’t want to buy a whole pack of cocoa wafers if I only need half of one

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>Authentic chili, pic related

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Yeah dude, what the fuck do you think cooking is? Authentic recipes require ingredients. Wild concept. Enjoy your slop de la shit.

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Maybe in third world countries like Mexico or Texas.

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>he thinks his sloppa becomes any less sloppa because he threw in a cup of coffee and an ibarra

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This reminds me of the Mexican snacks where they just put everything imaginable over some chips.

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Actually this has already been debunked. Check snopes

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A steak isn't gonna taste better just because your dry rub has 27 ingredients

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It is less sloppa because it’s chili, not random shit thrown in a pot. Crazy to think that names mean something. And chili means something.

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>it's less sloppa because it makes my fee fees less hurt
enjoy your fat dribbling S L O P P A

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No, but this is what a chili requires to be called chili.

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lurk more

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>chili requires coffee, beer, cinnamon & hot chocolate

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I think I'm gonna have a nice bowl of vegetarian chili tonight.

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looks good, but go fuck yourself

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chili con carne requires chilis and meat

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lurk *moar newfag

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Holy based.
Based for beeing yourself and having fun with cooking

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Lmao that's at least 100 dollars in ingredients to make what is in essence a mexican pot roast. Lame

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That's not even close to $100, and you can't shop for shit if you think it is.

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>*dumps entire mexican spice rack with some coffee and beer into a pot*

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>Lying on the internet
That all easily adds up to $100

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I for one have literally never seen a Costenos or Pasilla chili in a store. Not everybody lives right next to beaner land.

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It's beef, bacon, onion, chilis, corn flour, and flavorings. I suspect you buy your spices from wypipo grocers, which is the only way you could rationalize that into equaling anything close to $100. A cup of coffee is 0.20c, and that's buying good stuff.

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Ooooh, I get it. I'm talking with flyovers, and flyovers that don't even have the privilege of living in Texas where beef is pathetically cheap at that. Sad. Many such cases.

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>Being a slob snob about the authenticity of your cherished autist chili
>Buying nigger-tier ingredients to make it

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>he thinks the dried chilis he buys from win-dixie are sourced from anywhere but the same brown-operated factory as the local tienda
>he thinks it isn't the same brand 99.9% of the time for 1/10th the cost
Flyovers really do be like this. I feel sorry for you, truly I do.

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Kek I bet the shitty beef and bacon alone costs you $30+ meanwhile I can get quality steaks for a third of that price. Enjoy your starbucks latte/IPA-infused sloppy joe you fucking weirdo

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>works on my machine! tier shit

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>making a sloppy home without deenz
I understand its basically Halloween but comeon m8

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>refutes the retarded $100 price tag shit

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We don't take kindly to libtards round these parts

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Bro its at least 100 dollars. Chuck roast is 9 dollars a pound. Then you have all these imported spices and peppers. The saddest thing is that it doesn't even sound good. Maybe if it had tomatoes and beans I'd try it.

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Do flyovers really?
I accept your concession of defeat with grace.

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I regularly get chuck for less than $3-4 a pound. Sorry you're terrible at shopping.

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>Thinks he "won" in a thread full of people that think he's an autistic retard

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Cringe. R/cooking is that way

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>chile de arbol
>imported spices
are you from the 1400s?

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You've already conceded, bro, no need to drag out your public humiliation any further.

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>he thinks those are domestically produced spices
Kek. Retard alert

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>chilis are not domestic
>nobody grows chilis in america, nosireee
Oh lawd have mercy.

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What did I concede? I called you a fucking weirdo and laughed at you. Why are you spending so much money on retarded spices that actual Mexicans and South Americans barely even use? You're worse than the asian market weebs lmfao.

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recipe has been updated. its now 4 pounds sneed roast

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They literally don't.

>> No.14924414

I continue to accept your concession and seetheposts with grace.

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A team of independent fact checkers has actually confirmed this to be true.

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Nobody conceded. Keep talking. I'm capping this thread and putting it in my cringe collection.

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Kek. Based

>> No.14924434

I continue to accept your seethe and cope with grace.

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4 pounds of sneed you say? That's $100 alone.

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>Massachusetts is now a foreign country
Fascinating, Cletus.

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>I searched Google for a single example of a product that exists in no grocery store near anyone on this site so I could pretend to be right
Sad. You're losing it bro.

>> No.14924469

>I-it's not true
Is this the last defense of the flyover? Trying to argue that chilis are a foreign product and then screeching like an irate tranny when proven objectively wrong?

>> No.14924476

not what i was implying, smoothbrain.

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What fucking straw are you grasping at, now? Trying to school me on semantics? Nobody wants your 100 dollar imported pepper hot chocolate beer ibbara dumpster chili. It doesn't even have beans or tomatoes in it, and id never pay more than 2 dollars for a bowl of chili.

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>Nobody wants your 100 dollar imported pepper hot chocolate beer ibbara dumpster chili. It doesn't even have beans or tomatoes in it, and id never pay more than 2 dollars for a bowl of chili.

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Literally your face when reading my comment

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>Literally your face when reading my comment

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Somebody's backyard grown chilis aren't a cheap nor reliable way to get most of those spices. For example, looking up those specific chilis from the brand you posted online, it's 10$ (plus god knows how much for shipping) an ounce, and they're out of stock.

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>browsing spice aisle
>suddenly hear thunderous footsteps approaching
>the man literally goes shelf by shelf dumping shit I've never heard of into his fucking cart
>anything that sounds vaguely exotic or Latin American is flying off the shelf
>he reaches the end of the aisle
>it's where all of the beans are
>starts fucking shrieking in agony and smashing the shelves to the floor
>all the commotion has summoned the manager
>"S-sir, we're gonna have to ask you to lea--"
>a freshly anally evacuated Rick and Morty© buttplug breaks his nose as it crashes across his face
>madman makes a mad dash for the exit with his bountiful haul of spices
>dumps some IPA and those shelf stable Starbucks coffees into his cart on the way out for good measure
Huh, I guess it really was under $100. The meat he bought beforehand only cost him 90.

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Holy fucking flyover, have you ever shopped in a place that’s not Walmart?

>> No.14924532

Put me in the screencap

>> No.14924537

>all this sheer asspain
I feel sorry for your parents

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The mexican grocery and the spice shop both would be more expensive than walmart retard.

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Got my chili ingredients guys

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Thats barely enough for a single serving of authentic Texas chili

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I personally don't think beans belong in chili but can and should be served with chili. My perfect chili dish is; chili that is thick enough to be served on a plate, with a side of pinto, lima, or baked beans and something like potatoes or bread.

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This is easily the most autistic post I have ever seen.

Keep up the entertainment, please.

>> No.14924580

What if it has beans but you eat all the beans first? Does it cease to be chilli mid-meal?

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Where’s the beans?

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>only one store's worth of spices
Fucking pathetic. Are you even *trying* to be authentic? Do you even have a spice dungeon?

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beans are for poor people

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Fucking kek

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The chili autist has been completely BTFO

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>chili in a bread-bowl is an open-faced sandwich

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beans? chili doesnt have beans. just beef

>> No.14924687

/v/ here, reminder that beanlessfags are the fox only no items final destination of chili and should be subsequently laughed at and ridiculed.

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>> No.14924693

no beans, just beef

>> No.14924701

that's how it works, santa

>> No.14924734

I put canned tomatoes and baked beans in my chilli. I like it.

>> No.14925403

Same bro

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Chili isn't defined by its filler. Beans are optional. Meat can differ. You just need "an protein" in it that matches the rest of the flavors. Arguing over beans in chili is like arguing over what type of cake frosting to use. You don't need any frosting but what kind you use doesn't decided whether it's cake.

What is necessary for chili:
>tomato based
>has chili peppers in it in some form
>has spices mixed with dried crushed chilis

That's it. Everything else is up to you. You can add whatever filler you want, your preference for toppings, garnish, and you can control the types of chilis and spices you mix together. You can use broth instead of water, onions and garlic and aromatics, doesn't matter.

>> No.14925426

Then how was the original chili made? Do you know the original recipe?

>> No.14925438

>actual bowl of meat water

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Anon my go to base for chili is simple as fuck, cheap as fuck, and literally comes from a website that caters to sharing low cost recipes with tips on how to cook on a budget.

And it has 10 ingredients before even mentioning the spices or chilis. Pic related is chili for dummies with no gimmicks, nothing special, nothing added. It's 19 ingredients. The spice list is simple as fuck. You aren't buying the spices for that single use and likely have most of them already.

I add about 10 more things at least and even that recipe recommends optional shit.

The only way you can make chili with under 10 ingredients is if you cook like a boomer
>take cans of stuff
>take premixed spice packet
>add both to water with cooked ground beef
>uuuum maybe salt?

You fuckers cook like white northern moms who only cook steamed vegetables and baked chicken with salt and pepper added afterwards because anything else is too spicy.

>> No.14926252

Why, with beer and coffee, of course!

>> No.14926283

Are you sure those weren't in the original recipe?

>> No.14926284

wa la

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>You fuckers cook like white northern moms who only cook steamed vegetables and baked chicken with salt and pepper added afterwards because anything else is too spicy.

>> No.14926296


>> No.14926298

That poster should read
>protect kids from transexuals who fill their heads with filth and lies.

>> No.14926316

I think you're just pretending to be retarded, but the research I did was interesting so I wanna share anyway. This source is kind of shitty and not academic whatsoever but pretty much aligns with all the other shit I read and explains it in the most concise way.
>Robb Walsh, author of The Tex-Mex Cookbook, argues that the original spice mixes used in the meat and tomato stews have their roots in Moroccan cooking traditions.

>“In the 1700s, the government of New Spain recruited Canary Islanders to move to San Antonio,” Walsh writes. “Canary Island women made a tangia-like stew with meat, cumin, garlic, chili peppers, and wild onions that they cooked outdoors in copper kettles in their settlement, La Villita. Their peculiar, chile and cumin-heavy spice blend resembled the Berber seasoning style of Morocco.”

>Chili first became popular in San Antonio, where the so-called “Chili Queens” cooked up the dish and served it from stands around San Antonio’s Military Plaza beginning in the 1860s. It was a working-class dish — a quick hearty meal that laborers could rely on during the day.

>Often the dish was served spooned on top of tamales or enchiladas... Walsh contends that chili’s use as a sauce in Texas dishes meant that it retained a stripped-down profile: just meat, tomatoes, and spices.

>> No.14926351

Literally just make mine with lean ground beef, entire white onion, red and green bell pepper, jalapenos, entire 16oz can of kidney beans drained, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder

>> No.14926355

I forgot to add canned crush tomatoes and a couple of cans of mexican tomato sauce.

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File: 259 KB, 480x480, based dio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You, sir! You are based!

>> No.14926367

There’s a saying in Texas: “If you know beans about chili, you know chili ain’t got no beans.” In Texas, “chili” is shorthand for chile con carne, which translates to “chile peppers with meat.” No beans in sight.

>> No.14926370

Texans have words for the things that aren’t chili. Goulash is one of them, as Moskin rightly notes. (I grew up on goulash: a guisado cooked with paprika and pintos, served over al dente macaroni.) Another one is frijoles borrachos, a winter staple in my household: dried beans simmered long and low with a ham hock or salt pork and half a six-pack. There are other things that aren’t chili, too: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, Montreal-style bagels, New England clam chowder, and dozens and dozens of delicious spicy bean stews. Words mean something, and for the richest words, it’s worth protecting that meaning. When we do, we safeguard and pass on the regional peculiarities that made this nation interesting in the first place. Even New York can boast a few dishes of its own, I’m told.

So chili: no beans. Chili is beef plus hot and smoky. No macaroni, no cinnamon (c’mon), and certainly no tofu. Chili is good over Fritos, but just remember, then it’s called Frito pie. Nobody cares what you put on top of chili. Cilantro, cheese, sour cream—have a party. Frankly, Texans are all too happy to share for the Super Bowl the party we’ve been enjoying for a couple hundred years.

>> No.14926397

>Words mean something, and for the richest words, it’s worth protecting that meaning. When we do, we safeguard and pass on the regional peculiarities that made this nation interesting in the first place.
Hello, fellow aspie. While you are objectively correct about the definition and history of chili (and tofu/pasta/cinnamon in chili are disgusting), I still hold that beans added to chili augment the flavor and nutrition of the dish (which desperately needs fiber of some kind) if the chili is being eaten by itself as a meal. Call it "chili (chile con carne) with beans" or "chile con carne y frijoles" if you please, but beans in chili are a logical and welcome addition. Assuming you eat Americanized pizza with toppings, the same could be said of toppings. Sure, you drastically change the dish and the "meaning" pizza carries, but you also create something good and (potentially, not always; see: Chicago, Brazil, Sweden, kek) more nutritional and flavorful.

>> No.14926411

>The mexican grocery and the spice shop both would be more expensive than walmart retard.
holy fuck you're beyond retarded

i bet you spend more than $70 bucks on groceries per month, you invalid.

>> No.14926440

Just another day in any Walmart or United

>> No.14926493

I had an argument in a bar with a vegan cunt bragging about his recipe for vegetarian "chili." Said that it sounded like an OK bean stew, but that was no chili. The argument that words actually mean something almost brought this fag to tears.

>> No.14926589

I have an uncle who worked at Walmart for years, I don't even want to know of the horrors he saw

>> No.14926754

but walmart actually carries all that shit. Every Last Ingredient on that list

>> No.14926765

>The mexican grocery and the spice shop both would be more expensive
Idk about a spice shop but mexican grocery stores and asian markets are generally pretty good on price

>> No.14926818

Based and correct view
Best way to think of it. Like pizza being different across the globe, chili is also different. A real texan chili has no beans, tomatoes, etc. Meat and spices basically.
Other chili's elsewhere can have whatever you want, it's just not texan chili.
Just like a chicago deep dish isn't neapolitan pizza

>> No.14927004

dont you call that chilli "sin" carne and with meat "con" carne ?

>> No.14927026

But people actually make neapolitan pizza
Nobody is making "just meat and spices"

>> No.14927037

This is the world's best Texas chili and it has beans in it.


>> No.14927161

Not mine.

>> No.14927166

beans not meat

>> No.14927168

Shitty version yea.
You wouldn't go to mcdonalds for good cuisine, why would go to walmart for ingredients for good food?

>> No.14927335

Holy fuck, you're a faggot.

>> No.14927353

I've made it before. It's actually pretty baste. Definitely not my go-to chili though. Just something to switch it up a bit now and then.

>> No.14927781

Who gives a fuck what gay texans say? Only manchildren avoid beans and vegetables.

>> No.14927823

ok faggot go shove ur beans up ur ass

>> No.14927907

Not a chili

>> No.14927917

Holy fucking shit that's disgusting.

Do you see why we put our foot down about beans? You let beans in, then why not corn? Why not carrots? Why not macaroni and god damned cheese? Eventually you're going to end up with a fucking vegan tofu and lentil "chili" with turmeric replacing paprika so it's "not so hot" dumped over spaghetti noodles and spread over avocado toast.

You people need to be stopped.

>> No.14927926
File: 442 KB, 633x524, 1576087904559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god i hate this board so much

>> No.14927932

I've always heard chili with beans called "jew chili"

>> No.14928382

A reminder that the dish is called "chili con carne", which is Spanish for "chili with meat". Thus, if your dish contains any ingredients apart from chili peppers and meat, it is not chili. Beans, tomatoes, corn, water, beer, coffee, broth, salt, black pepper, etc. all disqualify a dish from being considered chili, by definition.

>> No.14928631

Reminder that the dish is called "aglio e olio", which is Italian for "garlic and oil". Thus, if your dish contains any ingredients apart from garlic and oil, it is not aglio e olio. Pasta, pepperoncini, water, etc. all disqualify a dish from being considered aglio e olio, by definition.

>> No.14928658

Hey, if I make my pizza with pilsbury cake mix, ketchup and american cheese can I still call it an authentic italian pizza?
Okay then. See how retarded you sounds, you fucking fagoot

>> No.14928674

Neither here nor there.

>> No.14928681

you just made that up right now

>> No.14928688

It's the same exact thing.
Authentic texan chili is meat and spices. Nothing else
Other "chili" is whatever sloppa you want.

>> No.14928703

Seethe more, Texascuck. You'll have plenty of time for your traditional Mexican sloppa once the Mexicans win the demographics game and annex your state.

>> No.14928715

I did fucking not

>> No.14928720

>cannot handle being wrong and proceeds to cope by spouting unrelated stuff
Texas chili is spices and meat
Everything else is not texas chili

>> No.14928739

I can handle being wrong, but I'm not. You're the sperg who continues to rage post in this thread despite having been debunked already by several independent fact checking anons.

>> No.14928748

Texas Chili is spices and meat.
There is nothing wrong or incorrect about that statement.

>> No.14928754

Nah. That's already been debunked. Chili has beans in it.

>> No.14928760

Not texas chili. Other chilis might. Not texas chili though

>> No.14928764

Sorry. You're wrong. I'm not going to argue anymore because I'm summarily correct and you're just being immature at this point.

>> No.14928772

It's okay to be wrong, Texas chili has no beans and tomatoes. Other 'chilis' do.
We're both right

>> No.14928775

>we're both right
No, you're definitely wrong.

>> No.14928780

It's okay, you can believe that if it helps you sleep at night

>> No.14928784

I asked my GF about it, she's lived in Texas for about 9 years. Typically it does have beans. Her family used to be in Midland but they're up in Houston now.

>> No.14928792

>my sister and her family represent the entirety of texas and its history

>> No.14928794


>> No.14928802

Neither does your dumbass opinion.

>> No.14928805

This has already been debunked by NYT and WaPo. Southern living is a Russian disinformation publication. Chili has beans in it. End of story.

>> No.14928808

According to the International Chili Society:
>The ICS defines traditional red and green chili as "any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with red chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients, with the exception of beans and pasta which are strictly forbidden. No garnish is allowed."
>If that sounds a bit uptight, there is the ICS's Homestyle Chili competition which defines chili as: "the cook's favorite combination of ingredients resulting in a dish seasoned with chili peppers and spices." Bean lovers, go crazy.

>> No.14928816

>Homestyle Chili
Have a blast everybody. You can have beans in chili if you enter it into the special olympics of chili cookoffs!

>> No.14928834

(((International chili society)))
Globalist satanic society opinion has been discarded. I don't need a money laundering scheme to tell me what is or isn't chili. Spoiler alert, it has beans.

>> No.14928856

>t. my education ended at first grade

>> No.14928869

>This has already been debunked by NYT and WaPo
Those conservative freak shows? What did the SFChronicle say?

>> No.14928876

bunch of self-important city faggots thinking they can regulate working-class culture that originated from poor mexican women in san antonio, or arguably poor (mostly mexicans) cowboys in the 19th century
top cringe

>> No.14928898

Go to mexico and try adding beans to chili con carne in a restaurant. Do it. Take your bag of dry pinto beans, walk to the kitchen and start adding them to their chili con carne. Tell them you know what chili is and that you're just helping out. Add a can of diced tomatoes as well. Assure them that you, a faggot, knows better than them and this is in fact the right way to do chili. Make sure to pull out your kraft mac and cheese box and add the noodles. Let me know how that goes for you.

>> No.14928906

>poor mexican women in san antonio, or arguably poor (mostly mexicans) cowboys in the 19th century
Neither of whom put beans in it.

>> No.14928936
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>> No.14928945

>go to Mexico
Lol voluntarily visit a country that millions have illegally immigrated into my country from
>chili con carne
>literally translates to chili with beans
You're el stupido mucho yqhahaha hahahahaha

>> No.14929308

There is no other chili

>> No.14930237
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I put beans in my chili because without beans it's just pasta sauce.

>> No.14931168

Strike the sugar and onion powder and add some fresh and dried peppers and I basically made that today. I love it. Simple, cheap, tastes great and I can make a large pot that lasts for a week, or I freeze a bunch and eat it a few weeks later.

>> No.14932051
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Dear diary, /ck/ was pretty good today

>> No.14932088

Real question here: Do you wash dried peppers with water before cookinf/soaking/cutting them or no?

>> No.14932105

Checked. I just eat the ground beef.

>> No.14932326

The level of absolute cringe seized my heart.

>> No.14932349

Wrong. Chili without beans is bolognese without carrots.

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