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Doesn't exist.

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She's unironically the cutest girl I've ever seen.>>14840896

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Rip Tchalla.

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Umami is just savory/meaty flavor, the issue however comes from retarded weebs using it to describe savory/meaty flavor in general.

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She is not full blooded white. Wtf is wrong with you?

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so savoury meat flavor is different from savoury meat flavor in general. uh huh ok glad you cleared that up for us captain retard

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I just say savory to avoid sounding like a douche.

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No you illiterate cunt, I said that retarded weebs go around and say umami for literally everything that has to do with savory/meaty flavor because they feel superior using a foreign word that they think is being used correctly. There are a dozen and a half different ways to describe the various flavors a savory/meaty dish can have, but saying there's "umami" doesn't tell people shit other than it's savory/meaty. Learn to read, and improve your typing skills while you're at it.

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Just buy yourself pure MSG and try it

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she looks like 070 shake

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> why this word is bad and you shouldn't say it
You're like the vox media of 4chan posts

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Far right simp detected. RIP daddi trump lol.

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I like to use the word umami because it pisses of guys like you. Also savory is more general than umami, and meaty is not the same.

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>It's not something you *have*, it's something you *are*!

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not even a polfag but that's una creatura cut and dry

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The word umami is more general than how it's used to describe food though. Getting into a hot tub is umami. It's not a word used to exclusively describe taste.

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leave your house
that girl is NOT cute bro

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I'm not american and don't care about US politics. I do have free health care though, its umami.

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I'd like to feed her my sausage if you know what I mean.

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>imagine being a Chapo Tranny

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Umami exists because it's the word for describing a flavor that exists, retard

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Savory is a class of flavors. Could mean several different tastes.

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Listen Op.
Cheese is savory. Its a fatty savory or a pungent stinky savory but neither of these are umami savory.

Umami savory is that taste that's distinct in a Caesar salad, in a stir fry that uses oyster sauce or fish sauce, or that MSG branded taste you may be familiar with as an American or Euro.

Its a distinct flavor and I don't understand your autism over other people using precise language to describe umami instead of the more generic savory.

TLDR: all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. We have different words for a reason

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Holy fuck guys, Umami is largely about mouth feel. Do any of you people actually cook for a living or are you just weird ass food groupies?

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dude, you have specific taste receptors that we evolved on our tongue for this flavor
>Umami is largely about mouth feel.
No, its receptors that evolved to sense various amino acids, especially glutamate because proteins are very important in a diet

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>Cheese is savory. Its a fatty savory or a pungent stinky savory but neither of these are umami savory.
It depends on the cheese. Ones that are aged longer do have some umami to them, but younger cheeses don't, especially fresh cheese which is actually a little sweet.

Umami just basically means "meaty" which is more specific. There are savory foods that aren't meaty. Baked breads and roasted potatoes are savory but don't have any "meatiness" to them, so lumping them into the same category as mushrooms and soy sauce just doesn't always have enough distinction. I think people argue about it because they don't really understand the difference because it's not always explained well and people misuse or overuse the term fairly often.

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All dairy has glutamate in it, aged cheeses especially concentrate it, but even fresh milk provides some

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Yeah, but fresh milk has 50% more sugar than protein by volume so you're not going to notice it as much. Cheese has very little lactose, especially aged cheese which basically gets rid of all of it, so it lets the other flavors become more prominent.

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Milk is certainly more sweet than umami but i don't see it as an either or thing. Most foods we consume mix all of the main flavor categories we can taste, we aren't picking one

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It's just useful to categorize foods by their most prominent flavor most of the time. If you drink fresh milk it's going to mainly seem sweet, even though it still has a fair bit of protein in it. Otherwise you'll dilute the value of using those words to categorize them in the first place.

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>"bro, I looked it up in google translate"
>"it means savory"
REEEE this triggers my autism
the direct translation from japanese to english is terrible so stop fucking using it.
umami in japanese kanji translates in cantonese to"fresh flavor" or in mandarin it's
"the fifth taste"
for those kanji , 旨味, there are a million different translations and all of them are subjective.

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It's just savory.

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Umami does exist, it was named and 'invented' by the Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda.

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She just looks like a south eastern european

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This but unironically

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Ok weeb

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Savory is the preferred word to use. I'd understand if you are legit jap and barely speak English, but otherwise not using the word savory is cringe. The biggest reason is because Umami sounds bad as a word. Its like a joke or something "you mammy Haha" it also doesn't fit. It would be like saying "hot,cold,warm,flibberydippity"

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I aint no weeb, weeb. The only Japanese things in my room are some cameras and some screwdrivers. And all I eat is meat and potatoes. so fuck off, meanie

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Ok chud

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>Getting into a hot tub is umami.
We already know it's a word for pretentious fucktards, dumdum.
Namaste or whatever

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