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What's everyone currently munching on?

Pic encouraged

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Completed munching. Only sleeping. Sleeping with kings only 2021 will be our years kings.

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Just some crappy food from the work cafeteria. Hey, at least it's free...

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Kings 2021

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Made some tacos

1 lb ground beef
1 onion
1 yellow pepper
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp chili powder
dash nutmeg
1 can refried beans

On warm corn tortillas. Mmm!

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just made a 4 layer dip but i ate it before i could take a pic sorry

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it was in order

>sour cream
>pickled jalapenos

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banana bread

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meant to say it's pulled pork mac n cheese

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no idea why the pic is sideways but that's what i get for being a nasty fucking phoneposter

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I don't normally like Banana anything but that looks really good

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This was last night's dinner. Grilled flank steak, asparagus, and sweet potatoes.

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Cheap steak is the best. Grilled a couple skirt steaks tonight. So stupid good and cheap.

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I never saw the appeal of asparagus. Tastes pretty bland to me.

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Short ribs, I wannna try them in pasta but I'm afraid it'll make it taste weird

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why would it
cook them with white wine and shallots

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I like the way it makes my pee pee smell

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excuse me?

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'spargus is one of the best greens there is. delicious when grilled or sauteed appropriately. only second to brussel sprouts.

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>brussel sprouts.
anon pls

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That looks good. What is it called? I almost never eat Chinese food.
asparagus taste amazing you cook and season them properly

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Why the fuck do you not make homemade pizza?

Not only is it cheaper than buying out from a pizza place, it's also alot better than any frozen shit you can buy at Walmart. You can make neapolitan style dough, new york style, detroit style, or even chicago style deep dish if you hate yourself enough. The sauce, dough, and cheese are all done by you to your preference. If you plan on making dough and you use that prepackaged shit I'll shoot you.

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sloppa kino

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pizza is boring

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Because I don't have an airplane afterburner hooked up to my stove

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Plain pinto beans, rice, mixed veggies. Boring but perfect. I was too lazy to make a salsa oops

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OP here, it was just Boneless BBQ Ribs and Chicken Fried Rice with Wonton Soup. Got it from the best takeout place around here.

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Correction, Boneless Spare Ribs, not Boneless BBQ Ribs.

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Shitty homemade quesadilla. At least it tasted good.

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Made this for my after work meal since I work afternoon shift till midnight most days.

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surely you didn't eat all that in one sitting?

that wonton soup is a meal in itself

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got a duck leg and potatoes in the oven. Gonna eat the potatoes first with some hot sauce and then in about an hour the duck in some lettuce wraps with cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce

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Had to stop halfway through lol. The soup was actually the worst part. Love the place I got it from, but man they don't have a good Wonton Soup apparently.

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>30g of protein
Alright not bad
>Like 20g of carbs
??? Are you a child or anorexic?

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Fuck off gordon

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I just grabbed a potato and sliced it up.

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just ate tacos made with some smoked chicken made yesterday, shredded cheese, and homemade kentucky style bbq sauce

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asparagus makes your piss smell bad
>new york style at home
i don't have an oven that gets hot enough. pizza also isn't something that you just put together quickly. agreed that premade dough is gay tho

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some pizza I made. I think next time I will go for a little longer. The broccoli is a little firm.

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Chili with garlic breadbowl, made from scratch.

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Generally you want to par-cook shit like broccoli and mushrooms. Having them raw on pizza is cancer.

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forgot to mention
>toss veggies in olive oil, salt, pepper
>small sheet pan, 425F in oven 8-10 mins
should get you a better texture before you top a pizza with them.

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how can one post be so based?

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Just finished making dinner

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>asparagus is inferior to brussel sprouts
I dont think so, anon

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Made a few of these for me and my family. Not quite at the level of the average or even below average ck cooks but I like to think I'm getting there

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sorry BLUE BOARD : (

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don’t forget to chug on your soylet cum shake you faggot.

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Made some Aldi manicotti

Pretty good

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My goodness that’s a rather extreme response to pan fried salmon and asparagus isn’t it? Sure you aren’t projecting a bit, anon?

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French dip sandwich with the leftover jus from last week's pot roast and some weird roast beef I bought at the store and didn't realize contained soy until he'd already put it in the bag and printed the label. The texture was awful. It tasted fine, like any kind of cheap deli roast beef, but the texture was gritty and sandy.

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whats that a 20mm ?

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Not to out myself as a massive pleb but I sometimes make homemade pizza with bagels or basic flatbread. Super comfy and it satisfies the pizza fix without all the money spent and guilt incurred from devouring a whole pizza from Papa Johns or something.

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