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>Always thought making Bearnaise/Hollandaise was a pain in the ass
>Watch based Chef John from Foodwishes.com
>Instead of wasting time with a dumb water bath, he just cooks the eggs/vinegar blend straight on the stove
>The coagulation isn't even a problem if you keep the heat down and keep stirring
>Instead of melting the butter beforehand, he just cuts it up into cubes and throws it straight in
>This is fucking genius because the sauce won't split due to the butter melting slowly

What are some other things people overcomplicate for no reason`?

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chef john is a faggot e-celeb.

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he may be a faggot e-celeb but he does make good cooking videos.

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On one hand, this doesn't look that much easier than doing it the regular way, on the other hand, I am a stuck up traditionalist and I'd probably make mayo in an immersion blender if I had one

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i never thought poutine looked all that great nor have i ever craved the dish but after seeing how he made it really made me absolutely salivate over the dish. i'm American so i still have yet to try it making it but it's one of the upcoming dishes i'll make for myself for sure

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His speaking melody is atrocious.

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He actually changed his cadence to appeal to a broader, and thus gayer, audience. His old videos are super monotonous

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You are, after all, the Creme Anglaise of your Hollandaise

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>speaking melody
If you say shit like that daily I don't think you can complain about somebody else's "speaking melody"

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you are the tyrannosaurus rex of fuckin gay sex

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you are the tyrannosaurus rex of having gay sex

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Chef john is pretty based. I've used a lot of his recipes and they've always come out pretty good. His country fair lemonade is divine when shaken with bourbon

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It's soulful.

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That's how I do hollandaise.
>Saucepan on low heat
>Bring water to a simmer
>Sit ceramic bowl on top
>Start whisking egg yolks
>Add cubed butter a few pieces at a time
>Constant whisking
>Salt, pepper, lemon juice
>Keep whisking
>If it doesn't have a enough bite from lemon add a dash of white vinegar

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You're the David Hasselhoff of sucking guys off

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Hello, this is Chef John from fouuuur channel dot orrrrrg, wiiith... shitposting!

That's right, today we're gonna make some posts... but they're gonna be shitty! For this method all you need is an internet connection, and autism! And if you don't have autism... don't worry, because you can have down's syndrome instead, and the results will be indistinguishable! Mostly.

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Not gonna lie, I keked

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He's hardly an e-celeb

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Pretty good

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10/10 quality response.

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I read this entirely in his voice. Congrats.

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can't wait to make Chef John's Best Baked Ziti next week! fuck yes!

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got me fucker, well done

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Where's the "After all, you're the ___ of the ____" joke? 8/10

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After all, you're the Xi Jinping of your autistic shitposting

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10/10 I laughed

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>Bring water to a simmer
he doesn't use the double boiler

>Add cubed butter a few pieces at a time
he added them all at the start and it was fine

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that's the laziest way to make a shitty hollandaise possible... At least seperate the milk solids in the butter. I bet it was grainy as fuck.

and I thought I was lazy by making it in a robocoup when I was hungover.

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I didn't watch it.

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fuck you for posting that pic because I started reading your post in his voice and then stopped after the first sentence

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The milk solids is where the flavour is dumb dumb.

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I made it today and it’s awesome.

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none of that is true nice larp tho faggot

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i fucking hate when people that don't cook have such a strong opinion on cooking

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how else would he get a chance to talk about his manly epic hangover

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if you really want the fastest way

1. get an immersion blender with a cup that just fits its head
2. put an egg yolk, salt, tsp lemon juice, tsp water in the cup
3. heat butter on the stove to 105c
4. put blender in cup and blend whilst poring in the butter

congratulations you have hollandaise. this way legit takes 2 minutes

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true i should say sorry to this rippa legend

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I've been making it before I watched his video and I think you should add in some chilli flakes. Sometimes I make it with mince.

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I’ll have you know Chef John is world renowned.

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I occasionally watch his videos. The only think I've made his recipe for is khachapuri which turned out damn good.

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slow clap

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Damn dude, I wanted to make a mock post like this of my own. Maybe next thread. 11/10 none the less.

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I hate Chef John. I've made many of his recipes and they're always bland. I guess it's true what they say about whypepo.

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You probably forgot to add the cayenne pepper.

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>play at 0.5 speed
>chef john is fucking hammered
>thank me later

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look at this stud

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am I the Benito Mussolini of my own panini?

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But then you have to buy an immersion blender.
And then you have to find other things to make with an immersion blender because you've trapped yourself in a hell of your own creation.
You are now a slave to the immersion blender because its novel and you don't want to waste owning one on just hollandaise. Who fucking eats hollandaise more than like once a month anyways?

So now you're making mayo, and smoothies, and and and. It doesn't matter. You're done.
You've become a servant of your commodities.

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It’s good for making soup

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i use mine to smooth the consistency of my pasta sauces

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Not a hover-hand but a hover-FIST! Truly a man of power

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immersion blenders are extremely versatile and every kitchen should have one.

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did he give them the ol' tappa tappa after this picture was taken?

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What are your favorite chef john recipes, ck? I didnt really get into his channel untill a year and half ago and mostly just kind of started watching from there until now and I know his channel is like 8 years old.

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You can't be too cautious with bitches and whores

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His cheese crackers are the bomb

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He actually did it ironically at first as a very cynical way of mocking the people who criticized him for being too "boring and monotonous" but then stuck with his exaggerated vocal inflections after it accidentally became one of his defining his trademarks same with the cayanne pepper thing.

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Died laughing reading this out loud in his voice

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actually my favorite kitchen tool, has a whisk and food processor attachment

make mousse all the time
vinaigrettes, caesar
blended soups and sauces
butter coffee

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>Chef john
>Not based cowboy Kent Rollins

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Cope harder, retard.

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All the replies to this post disregarding the need for clarified butter.
Yikes ngmi

also i toss a couple dashes of tabasco in my hollandaise while mixing it. try it :)

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Chef John is the best. I've never made one of his recopies that flopped.

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>After all, you are the Chad, of making all the jannies mad

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Also good.

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why does he sound like that though? is it some condition?

>> No.14812027

No idea. Every time I comment about it on one of his vids, I get lambasted by at least 10 people, so I guess most people find it...endearing? Idk but it's very distracting desu

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astute post

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thermomix >

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