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Popeyes "ghost pepper" wings arent so ghost peppery.
what gives? I expected unrelentless heat and i received none.

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It's made for white people.

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It's a marketing gimmick, they water it down to regular spice and technically it's still a ghost pepper wing while also being palatable to more people.

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"unrelentless" would mean that it does in fact relent
this is what you got
"ghost pepper" anything at any fast food place is always going to be bullshit. People, including you OP, would be crying if it was actually that hot

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>he fell for the spicy meme

Major fast food companies never go all out on spice since not as many people can tolerate super spicy shit thus the amount of people that will actually buy said “all out spicy” product is minimal.

This is old news bud

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they just taste good. they dont make them to fuck you up its a fast food item nobody would buy them if they destroyed your stomach.

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Speak for yourself you little bitch.
I can handle it.

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I've actually had ghost peppers, coughs, sweats and all, and there's no way you'd get it in food without fucking people up, even if they do taste good. It's probably the flavor minus the sheer pain.

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I quite honestly wished out loud you received your last breath in front of your entire family. That would make me sleep a lot better tonight.

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Wow, didn't realize I had so much power over the weak little faggots on this site.
I must be too crazy for 4chan.

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Food service is so shitty to work in it even made Goku into a cunt, pretty sad my dude

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The word you wanted, but failed to use, is "Unrelenting".

This is exactly what I would expect from a Popeye's customer however. Unrelenting stupidity.

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How'd that unfinishED English degree that left you $100k in debt work out for you, faggot?

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Being proud of being stupid os really funny.

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You're just mad because I was on point.

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What you see in the picture is what you get. Chicken that was at some point in the vicinity of hot peppers.

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I have an ordinary Canadian high school education, which I followed up with two years of college, then trade school. Total cost for the Post secondary part of my education was less than 15k, and I worked summers to pay for it all myself. I own my own house outright, own my vehicles outright, have about 30k in business debt, but it's very manageable. Since my company is an LLC, I'm protected.

If this looks to you like a $100k university English degree, unfinished or otherwise, I can but pity your stupidity even further.

Read a book now and then. It will do wonders for your vocabulary and ability to think.

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nah you're just a fucking retard for not knowing basic grammar skills

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damn, OP over here ripping these faggots to shreds

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It's the quantity that creates the heat, which is nothing new because even jalapeño flavors aren't as hot as eating straight fresh jalapeños. That's why they can sell Carolina Reaper cheese puffs and stuff.

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Wingstop atomic wings are actually spicy

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