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My eyes have been opened

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I've made this.

It's not bad.

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Hi Jack.

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Don't say that on a plane! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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you saved my life

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the balding head, bulging gut, limp stroke arm and the fucking cripple boot he has on ALL while filming what's happening but his big fat greasy face has to be in frame because he's making a vlog that only 3 people will watch. incredible.

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Absolutely dead on

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His sphericity disturbs me.

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Dios mio...

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Jacks dressed for a grocery run and the pastor is wearing yoga pants.

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>salad night

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are you gonna post jack

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Wait wait wait..... jack jr got married? Who is the lucky lady? And isn't he like 18?

Also, jack looks like a bowling ball

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Damn, cali looks fresh af

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Best moment from the whole wedding

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How the fuck is he still alive?

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Imagine if Tammy was sitting on your face making you competitively eat pie like that. It would be something.

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>jack makes jenkem

I would pay a minimum $900 to sample a jar of Tammy's jenk.

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Yes. Her name is Brianna. He's like 19/20..

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That's fucking vile

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Good on Jack Jr for having not only two functional arms, but also a good looking wife. God bless.

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im gonna be sick

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>that suit

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>proposes with a jar of mayonnaise

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French Canadian here. That really crisses my tabarnak

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God I hate Americans

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yer no thank you

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dont forget this classic

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hes a big guy

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Right has nice buttocks.

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Hopefully he sees what a fucking mess his father is and runs far away

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>I took him down to the aisle, I took him down to the aisle

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Why is he so spherical LMAO

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Who wears flannel and jeans to their son's wedding it's like Jack's entire life is a joke

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I think Jack Jr himself is wearing sneakers

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I thought you hired a wedding photographer so you wouldn't have to sit on your phone like that

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He was livestreaming the wedding for his show

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That's a child. Better delete that post.

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