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Whys this guy so obsessed with nutmeg? Just started watching him.

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orange fool

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It was a signature spice of that time period

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I'm frustrated

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He's an old cuck who fell in love with his first meme.

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He's developed an addiction to nutmeg's mind-altering properties - just look at that face again and imagine him dissociating with powdered 'meg all over his face.

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he probably got his first boner around nutmeg or something and now associates it with that

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god why does it always have to be about politics????

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He likes nutmeg, and it's the ubiquitous spice of the 18th century, which is what he does. He's not obsessed with it.

Also comfy af channel, love Townsends

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Sir or ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from using more than one finishing punctuation mark per sentence. We don't do that here.

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I used nutmeg a bit found it overpowering unless it's in a vanilla egg custard or whatnot

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have you considered using less

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ok can someone catch me up on what happened
as far as i know he posted a video criticizing Trump, i never saw it though. or did he make a twitter comment on his personal account or something?
then he got annoyed that politics came to his channel after opening the flood gates on himself

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none of this happened. what the fucking fuck.

he did a series of videos at Mt. Vernon showcasing the food that was/would have been prepared for the Washingtons. A couple episodes were about fish and seafood, a couple were about the vegetables and livestock that the Washingtons raised, a couple were about bakery and kitchen treats. One episode was about an exotic (in its day) orange custard, which the ~1770 recipe calls an "Orange Fool". So they did the recipe in earnest, and suddenly all the low IQ trumpcucks and Russian social media trolls immediately attacked the channel for being anti-trump. Jokes on them I guess, they never considered the term "orange fool" could possibly not be about their trumpy-dump

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he made a video about a drink called orange fool
people in comments assumed it was about trump

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Trumptards proved how retarded and small minded and petty they are and assumed just because there was a drink called "The Orange Fool" like 300 years ago that must somehow be related to the last 4 years of human history that they personally experienced because of course everything is about/involves them in some way.

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desu I spread the ORANGE FOOL shit just because I think its funny

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Not sure sorry for the massive slowball.
And they took the video down so I never saw it.

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ok thats what the orange fool was
i only ever heard that he had a video with that term in it taken down so i presumed
good to know he didnt actually try to get political on a food channel
i hadnt watched the frustrated video cause i wasnt there to watch that kinda shit
cheers guys

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>another townsend thread derail by leftypol faggots who can't just ignore two little words.

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Had I ever seen the video I never comment on yt I would have watched it and moved on
T. /pol/ centrist
Not even American so this politics shit has no bearing on my backwater shithole aus
I just wanted to talk about nutsmegend

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well it was a common spice, its not him its the recipes

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A dessert fit for the Washingtons!

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This guy is a fucking poseur wannabe. Watch this guy instead.

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It was pretty big deal back in the day. Dutch and English literally fighting wars on the other side of the planet over the stuff. Plus it's good on pretty much everything.

/pol/ is annoying as shit, but leftists complaining about politics interfering with their hobbies always makes me laugh. They're literally burning piles of Harry Potter books right now.

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Harry Potter is extremely right wing and pro gun anon.

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the one on the far left is cute and you can tell she's flat as a board, just the way a man of taste such as myself prefers overwhelmingly
I bet the food there sucks though, you can tell because of the dumb ass costumes

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Next OP will start complaining about Chef John's obsession with cayenne.

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Wrong. But you just KNOW walter manhandles his pastry wenches when the camera turns off. And you just KNOW he knows more knots than a boy scout.

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Shouldn't you be? He is objectively correct to be obsessed with nutmeg. Why aren't you? You don't want to be wrong, do you?

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no, liberals saw orange fool and started cheering him on for "clowning on trump". liberals just saw orange fool and thought it was about their own obsessions with trump. hilarious how dumb they are

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He didn't post a video criticizing Trump you fucking incel. he made a drink that was popular from Mount Vernon back in the day called Orange Fool and the fucking retards in the comment section thought he was smashing Trump and he wasn't. It's just that retards like you, are fucking stupid and can't watch the goddamn video cuz you're a fucking moron.

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What's with the fat fuck?

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Maybe instead of playing old yme larder he should get his treasonous ass on a treadmill.

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seems more like something trumpers wouldn't care about but actual IQlets would circlejerk themselves about in the comments section.
>orange fool? haha does that remind you of someone LOL!
>omg how did they know about drumpf back then???

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He likes getting high on nutmeg.

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imagine all the fat ugly bastard sex that goes on here

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Why do I get frustrated from this image?

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4 straight years of unfunny forced memes.

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I think his name's Ryan. I can't fucking stand him. He thinks he's fucking all that and he's really just a fucking fat ass.

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it's historically accurate to put it on everything

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What are you insinuating? They just said "orange fool" which is a dessert made on the channel.

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>"orange fool"
This was actually not how the fool was typically made then.
Oranges were somewhat hard to come by and berries were a far more common ingredient in colonial days.
A "berry fool" would have been far more accurate for the period, and there is little doubt that the "orange fool" idea proved too irresistible to pass up. The video literally exploded with delighted lefties making comments about the orange fool in washington now.
Then others started calling the lefties cringy retards for remaining obsessed with Trump.
Then the lefties started gaslighting with "omg u think this video is about blumpf!"

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>Oranges were somewhat hard to come by
George Washington literally had his own private orange trees on his estate you fool

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>Townsend's and Wife's Son

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Nutmeg was big business at the time. The Dutch almost genocided the Banda Islands over nutmeg trade contracts.

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It impossible to gaslight someone who isn't already crazy or a brainlet. The right confirmed brainlets.

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I'm sure all the comments that said MAGA and called Townsends a cuck were just the liberals falseflagging too

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I still think about the qt butter churn girl sometimes . . .

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It wasn't liberals who laughed at the orange fool, that video was most likely linked to /pol/ and reddit where all his braindead MIGAtards started to complain, then people started to laugh at MIGAtards until those MIGAtards started their usual character assassination shtick that's totally not cancel culture.

And now /pol/lutants and other assorted vermin are buttblasted as usual bitching how antifa or whoever started it.

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Got meme'd by his livestream viewers and youtube comments into making it his signature thing. Also likes it.

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>This was actually not how the fool was typically made then.
Yeah, I'm sure random anon on 4chan totally knows more about historical food and agriculture than a guy who has spent literal decades studying and recreating historical life. No bias or ulterior motives here, guys!

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Suggesting someone is gaslighting is, in itself, gaslighting.

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If you've never had to sit below the salt, you would never understand.

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>possum in a tree fallacy
go back

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I don't get why you "people" always have to lecture others about shit you know nothing about just because you're coping with your sunk cost fallacy.

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he likes nutmegs, no one cares. lets move on.

I watched the orange fool video and thought nothing of it (in regards to trump) I didn't even read the comments and only found out that a bunch of tards got butthurt that someone made even the slightest oblique reference to their orange faced babbling huxter "saviour".

now anytime anyone posts a picture of John the crawl out from under their rocks and reeeeeeeeee!

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ur butt hurt ha

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Go back to your containment board or better yet to reddit, election tourist.

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butt hurt

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>ur butt hurt ha

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Ran out of arguments already, trumpcuck? Fuck off and die.

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it's really fucking tragic how a single video ruined any possibility of good threads on the second most comfy food channel on youtube. orange fool niggers must hang

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butt hurt

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ORANGE FOOL, its all so very obvious

>> No.14764261

>comfy food channel
Townsends is a cringe larp and the "food" looks absolutely disgusting and/or b;land 95% of the time.
I suppose the only thing that could be worse is a caveman larp showing how grubs and live animals were eaten raw.
Or a medical channel showing old treatments like leeches being used on people.

>> No.14764269

take your meds you sad loser.

>> No.14764276

>Historical recreation is "larp"
>Food that isn't saturated with inverted corn hormones is "disgusting and/or bland"
A close look at the mind of an American.

>> No.14764295

Weird LARPer that cooks to shill his overpriced cooking wares, the nutmeg BS is just him trying to have some artificial LOLQUIRK. Could have saved himself by making more Ivy videos, instead he went all LOL ORANGE BLUMPFH and ruined everything, fucking retard.

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Trumpnigger purge when?

>> No.14764327

When he hears “orange fool” he thinks of his dear leader blumpty dumpty

>> No.14764330


I've been watching this guy's videos for a while and I had no idea bout this drama because I ignore the comments.

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I can't believe you fell for 17th century bait.

>> No.14764480

Yeah, and it's fucking weird "orange fool" didn't become a meme in its own right.

>> No.14764485

he pretty much can't cook for shit, but it is nice when he brings that gay black jew on to get some finger lickin' ribs a going, oohh yessah

>> No.14764491

>2nd most comfy
Which one is the most comfy? Historical italian cooking is pretty up there for me

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it's Steve1989MREInfo

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More loike orange troolled

>> No.14764839

>something trumpers wouldn't care about
It's exactly the fucking garbage that Trump faggots care about. None of these garbage humans gives two shits about policy, they just wanna "own the libs" to help them cope with their own insecurities.

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Is there anywhere I can watch the deleted video?

>> No.14764853

interesting strawman living in your head there.

>> No.14764908

You ok anon? Do you need an adult?

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They would literally go to war over the stuff. Maybe it tasted better back in the days.

>> No.14765269

Spice was new and exciting back then
The spice must flow

>> No.14765333

Orange being somewhat hard to come by, would've meant it would be more likely to served for the washingtons as they were wealthy and liked luxury like most wealthy people do. Expensive and hard to come by = People eat it and want it even if they don't like it much.

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It's time to go back to /r9k/ guys. Really.

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The fuck this has to do with that board I just wanted to talk about comfy nutmegman and screeching leftierighties coom and ruin

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>make a series on Mount Vernon
>last episode is custard dessert with Seville oranges
>this is because George Washington was cuckoo for them

>involves cream, orange juice, sugar, beaten eggs, nutmeg, and ginger
>constant cooking on gentle fire
>for 45 minutes
>finish with butter and stir until cool
>serve in flutes and garnish with nutmeg
>eat with a spoon

>Hannah Glass, who wrote the recipe, called it an Orange Fool
>Townsends and the Mount Vernon reenactor use the name
>left-wing retards think it's a stealth insult towards Trump and egg it on
>right-wing retards think it's a stealth insult at Trump and REEEEEEE
>shit turns into a feedback loop of retards insulting each other
>Townsends gets so tired of it that he makes a video to call them tards

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More nutmemes!

>> No.14765483

the throwing knives he sells are SICK

>> No.14765581

>Youtubers never use clickbait
>Townsends dindu nothin
Give it a rest, retard.
He and his viewers are all retarded for waddling into the rat's nest that is politics.
I suppose if he'd done a nigger minstrels recipe he would likewise feign disgust at the chimpout that would ensue?

>> No.14765607

So were you the left-wing retard or the right-wing retard that read too much into an 18-19th century sherbet?

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This guy and Chef John are the only cooking channels you need

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>left-wing retard or the right-wing retard

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he's extremely /comfy/ as fuck. also he presents his recipes in a really accessible way for both those cooking in a modern kitchen and people who want to prepare the dishes traditionally.

>> No.14765694

Anyone got the deleted video?

>> No.14765695

ok lets say it was a reference to trump it wasn't why do you get so offended on his behalf?

>> No.14765711

No spoilers on /ck/, you fucking tourist.

>> No.14765729

Trump isn't someone that can take a joke about himself, all he does is attacking others so his lemmings lash out on anyway who dare to utter the word "orange", it's a dogwhistle.
But seriously, /pol/tards are even worse than SJWs even as they always try to act like they're the victim.

>> No.14765779

ha nice

>> No.14765818

Did they know you could get high on it back in the day?

>> No.14765831

Holy crap Lois!

>> No.14766064

he made a vid after that saying he was frustrated with the drumpf fans still watching him

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no he didn't. he vented frustration that people assumed he was being political when it was just a recipe

>> No.14766184

He was baiting for the very (You) (You) provided him, double-tourist

>> No.14766205

People who consider post number citations to be some sort of upvote methadone are the worst ex-redditors.

>> No.14766229

I don’t like the guy.he was very mean and nasty to My president.

>> No.14766232

He needs to brush his teeth.

>> No.14766235

Orange fool? More like orange cool


>> No.14766247

It's just a le quirky reddit thing. They are not human.

>> No.14766388

Idc it was fun to feel something.
Haven't given a shit since 2017
T. Smegnuthead

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Man this is a comment on a brick making video of his, talk about malicious.

>> No.14766567

I don't understand people. People are fucking retards

>> No.14766575

The undisputed king.

>> No.14766611

was it all a coincidence that he released the video during the start of the anti drumpf thing with people calling him orange x?

>> No.14766621

It was one video about the Washington estate among a dozen other videos also about the Washington Estate.
He was very specifically exhibiting the Washington estate, its grounds, and the living history actors there.

>> No.14766634

the orange fool is just food though

>> No.14766638

Dubs of truth

>> No.14767458

perhaps cause the video was taken down you spaz

>> No.14767484

In bechamel it's heavenly

>> No.14767516

>historical LARP channel
>decides it needs to be WOKE about OMG ORANGE CHEETO BLUMPF
>people rightly tune out for making the channel about politics
>cry and pretend its not about politics

>> No.14767522

People who eat raw meat are super healthy though.

>> No.14767546

Go on ahead and post the last three meals you ate you technodegenerate

>> No.14767548

Here's that (You) you requested faggot

>> No.14767578

Roasted onion, hard tack, and congealed broth.
Jealous much?

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