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Any time I go to an asian restaurant, I ask for my food spicy. And then I specify, extra spicy, or "as spicy as you can possibly make it".
It always comes out as though it was just ordered straight off the menu.
I am always very explicit but polite, and tell them that I truly do mean it, but they just don't give a fuck.
Yes, I am white.
I used to work at a Thai restaurant, and the owner would forcibly take a shift menu out of your check, and there was an off menu "double thai hot" that was like, make your nose run/cry hot. It was beautiful. She would actually make it that hot for me because she knew I could handle it.
I haven't ran into that level of spice anywhere since, I miss it.
When someone would order something hot, my boss would stick her head out of the kitchen and size them up and often times go "oh no, he want mild". So I understand that that does happen.
How do I keep this from happening?
How do I develop a relationship with my local Asian restaurants?
I am sick of being constantly dissapointed.

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Straight the fuck up, I have never once returned food at a restaurant (because I'm not a fucking asshole), but at this point any time I order Asian food I am so disappointed that it isn't even enjoyable.
I am considering returning something because it was not as spicy as I ordered it.

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>Any time I go to an asian restaurant, I ask for my food spicy. And then I specify, extra spicy, or "as spicy as you can possibly make it".
It always comes out as though it was just ordered straight off the menu.

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Order over the phone and use a racist SEA accent and even throw in some fake chinkspeak yelling like you're abusing your kids in the background. Then tape your eyes to the side when you pick it up and bow as low and you can when paying.

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I knew this picture would be posted.
The thing is, this is not me. If you can survive an off menu double thai hot from a boss that knows that you cannot return it, you don't deserve mild bobby sauce.

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Thanks dude problem solved.
I could try to get an Asian friend to order it over the phone... If I had an Asian friend.
I wish I would've thought of that before, my buddy moved back to China about a year ago.

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I've tried ordering online as well, but they probably just assume anyone ordering online is so pasty that they blend in with the fucking whitewall.

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>Yeahr I wan it ver spicy ver hotu, if I notd cryinga I make you cry, ya smerr me
Something like this is what I would do

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Ok, but in all seriousness. How do I get through to them?
I never have this problem at an Indian restaurant.

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Have you considered that you possibly have built up a rather large tolerance to spicy food? That happened to me.

Also you could just bring a packet of pizza joint red pepper in your pocket with you and stir it in

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I haven't worked at that Thai restaurant in nine years, and I don't regularly drown my stuff in insane hot sauce. I think the hottest hot sauce I have at home is El Yucateco XXXtra hot habenero, which isn't some crazy "hot ones" stuff.
I'm just bummed that my general tso's always comes out so mild that all I can taste is sugar.

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And if they just try to give me some chili oil/paste/flakes on the side, I'll just say no thank you, let them keep my money and the food, and ask them to make it as intended the next time I go in.
(sorry I had that copy pasted from earlier)

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Just ask to speak to the cook and threaten politely to take your business elsewhere if the joint doesn't oblige. If it's a random restaurant out with friends, inform the waitress that you will send the food back if it isn't bear mace hot. They can't fault you if you tell them up front that you'll be displeased. Or like I said, spice the meal additionally yourself. Ask for the hottest sauce they have on the side

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Because they pre make batches of the shit and reheat it.

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Make it yourself? Not like it's difficult.

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This. They're not going out of their way to make you meal for one, fresh and from scratch with double spices.

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Just point at the five chili icon on the dish, look the waitress right in the eye and say, "I want ten chilis. Make it twice as hot as the limit." Most of these places have an upper limit for sane people. Let them know you're insane. Show them your peg leg.

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Rather than return it, simply ask for some extra chili oil or some additional fresh chilis. I do this often, it's easy, doesn't make a scene, gets everyone what they want.

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This but pick up the knife when you say it and wave it around

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Dude, see >>14747442
It's really just not the same.

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It literally is tho. This is what they do in the kitchen when you order it mega hot

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I might have to do this (the politely saying I will take my business elsewhere if it isn't actually spicy). I really don't like hassling food service workers because I am one, it will feel inherently wrong, but I can no longer settle for mediocrity.

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Maybe to you. I like it cooked in with my food.

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Try ordering online with google translate to whatever language they use. It worked with me with mapo tofu at my local my fuck was it good and spicy.

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This is genius

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/@#?! \∆¶÷π£. 19004

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I'm trying to help you. Paste these into your ordering tab next time you want the good stuff

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If their max level is 5, ask for 10 or 15. I currently work at a Thai restaurant, this is what people normally do

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Find the young and cute waitress the restaurant obviously trafficked across the boat and give her the BFC (big farang cock). They'll unironically respect you as one of them and serve you hot food.
The downside is she'll want to get married and you'll be stuck with a traditional housewife who cleans your home while you're at work cooks you dinner.

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are you me?

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Post your credit card number and social just to be sure

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>Poo Poo Noodles Extra Spicy
>Dog on the side
>Qing Chong Qing Chong Qing Chong Qing Chong Qing Chong
>Sorry for no english please be spicy

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Tell them straight up that you want it spicy and if they don't bring it to you spicy you are going to demand for them to make it again for free. Hopefully you'll piss them off enough that they make it even spicier for you.

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