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>order a KFC 3 Piece Box
>it has a thigh piece

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I know this feel all too well.

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>order a kfc 3 piece box
>ask for only breasts

only blacks eat wings and thighs.

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>ask for breasts
>received ass instead
Fucking women I swear

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I'm a simple man. All I want is a bucket of chicken and a soda.

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>want to make chicken stock
>chicken wings are more expensive per pound than breasts
Fuck the man that invented the Buffalo Wing. Fuck Jeffery "Buffalo" Winginton.

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>any part of the chicken other than the breast

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>He doesn't know the best meat is by the bone
Sad existence desu

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I like that piece. Hate drumstick.

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based breastbros

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>he didn't buy boneless

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>Eating KFC in the first place.

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Drum> Breast> Thigh> [POWERGAP] >Wings
Shame spot: Boneless

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Its on par with tofu, tasteless

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>not liking chicken thighs
so what's on the brunch menu, susan

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>eating fast/junk food

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Fried chicken is a disgusting food for niggers.

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I would love a Spicy Big Crunch with a Poutine right about now.

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>He thinks breasts are tasteless

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Publix deli is all you need.

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>there's breasts and there's ribs

What's the fucking difference

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What's your favorite fast food tendies? Mine is a tie between Chick-fil-a and Bojangles.

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idk, anatomy or something
you're basically also saying ass and thighs are the same

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Compared to the rest of the chicken, yes.

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Wing > Thigh > Drum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Breast

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And that's a good thing because chicken tastes like shit.

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How is that even possible?! Wings should be like half the fucking price of breasts

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The owner of my favorite chicken joint recently died of corona. It hurt me way more it should, genuinely liked the guy. He'd greet me all jolly and remember my name everytime I came in for the thursday tendie deal. They had some of the best tendies I ever ate and I've been around. The new owner is some random karen and the chicken tastes awful now. It's tragic.

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>order 3 piece box
>3 drumsticks

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thigh is literally the best piece
its the largest piece, has the most crumbing cause of the shape, the underside get extra crispy and it tastes the best

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You have to be 18 to post here.

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Thigh is ok, retard. Unless you are too dumb to eat meat with a bone lmao

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Yea niggers are dumb but wings and thighs are literally better tho??

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i too enjoy dry flavourless meat

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its the middle ages your sat around a camp fire with chickens cooking, the cooks dishing it out oh no id like the breast piece only everyone turns around and looks, proceeds to beat the shit out of you because you're a massive weirdo faggot

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chicken breast fucking sucks
even when it's cooked perfectly it's always dryer and less flavorful than a thigh

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>"I purposefully choose to dislike the most flavorful pieces of poultry because I'm an egotistical faggot."
You are all the same type of retards who will complain if your breast meat is "too dry" when it's literally the driest part of the fucking chicken.

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tigh > breast > drumstick >>> w*ng

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>I choose to allow others to upset me with their dietary choices.

Kek. Grow up.

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OP really is a faggot

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>imagine being this much of a coping tastelet

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absolutely based

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Thighs are objectively the best piece of the bird and I demand a trial by combat against anyone that would deny their gender flavorful majesty.

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Asian recipes call for thighs all the time
Also wings, at least from an outsiders perspective I thought the US fucking loved their wings in general

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yes, fat and dark meat is bad and nasty, good goyim

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Is this an attempt at reverse psychology?

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Is this a meme I'm unaware of where people sarcastically pretend that the bland breast meat is better than the thigh? It has to be. Surely.

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thighs and wings > breasts

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enjoy sucking on cartilage

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