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Can we have a /ck/ webm thread?

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This and people who add meat to their eggs, it completely hides the egg flavor, why even make eggs at that point

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>56% Americano
>Macbook Pro
>drops food onto laptop
i expected nothing less

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Some people like the meat flavor and want the savory flavor of egg yolk along with the meat, and yolk is a strong flavor you fucking tastelet loser

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agreed. >>14696364 is a stupid faggot who should just die

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this feels wrong but I can't tell why

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Is that Fat Bob Kelly?

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Mao would be smiling.

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Meaningless. That are two mentally illness people. Do not represent China and Chinese people.

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Destroy sparrows, loss of sparrows leads to famine, famine leads to habit of eating wild sparrows. Circle of life.

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Dearest friend most grounded CCP representative :)

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Who is this guy?

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Cooking with Jack

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sure sweetheart. anything you want

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why did they add motor oil?

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wy the tongue? why sticking it out?

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Walter Mathau, star of the TV show "Dexter".

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Found the insect

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why the fuck do they do this

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It's the same people who used to cut off your eyelids for brushing up against another man's stolen horse. Do you expect a reasonable excuse?

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that fat asshole lives in my city. he's a fucking prick and everyone hates his dumbass reviews. always really annoying and rude to the waitstaff

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I was going to say the corn thing has gotta be something like:
>live on shitty land
>can barely scratch out one crop
>eat corn every fucking day
>start dipping it in whatever you can to make it tolerable
>that becomes your culture
The other thing I have seen so many webms made about where they just dump an excessive amount of bullcrap into a foam box and call it food is inexplicable.
What even is that last thing they dump on top of the chips? If is onions? Diced potatoes? Fucking hominy?

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You don't have to tell me what happened...

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Does this guy have down's or just unfortunate facial features?

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disgusting meme burger also too much meat. Gave me an idea for a bagel burger though which actually sounds quite nice desu

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its a display of wealth in mexico to walk around with a plate of food

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I know not all Chinese people are like that but honestly dude you gotta fix a lot of cultural problems with your country (mostly the pointless poaching of rare wildlife particularly pangolins). It's ridiculous, your country sent fishing vessels to the Galapagos Islands (a wildlife sanctuary basically full of rare and beautiful creatures) to obviously catch a bunch and bring them back home. You guys still eat shark fin soup too albeit a lot less. Still, very backward beliefs.

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I clapped.

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That's not what they mean by computer chips!

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you're right saying chinese people would be incorrect, they represent chinese insects

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americans can't eat vegetables without dumping a gallon of cheese and sugar on it kek

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Fuck off chang you fucking bug man

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honestly looks pretty good for when walking home shitfaced and wanting something to munch on, wish he used a paper bag instead though, not fond of eating melted plastic personally

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ive done this before

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Eggs basted in pitch, eh?

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done what, been a retarded fat fuck? Yeah I'm sure you do that every day.

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One Sobeys bag of fries, please!

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He's an anglo with a plate of cheesy chips.

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DId jack ever admit hes playing a character and doing all that whole shitty cook on purpose for the views?
I mean I would understand if he suck at the beginning but its been years

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Oh for fucks sake, really

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Why not drain it first?

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>Five Pajeets

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Dios mio...

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So many of the webms I'm like, looks good....looks good...looks good....and then it's too much.
Like they just keep adding shit and the food looked terrific like six steps ago.

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