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>Look up some new pizzeria's to try in my city
>See this review from an American tourist
>"Visiting from the pizza capital of the world"
>Chicagoans actually believe this

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All pizza is bad for you so who gives a fuck

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Chicago seriously needs a nuke.

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americans are so repulsive, physically and psychologically

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kek. Also I love how she ordered a plain cheese pizza. There is nothing wrong with a plain slice every now and then but seriously if you're a grown ass adult who is going to be writing food reviews, why would I take someone who probably has the palate of a child seriously? Chicagoans are cringe.

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You’re right, where’s the capers and raw onions?!

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Onions and capers on pizza are unironically delicious (not raw though)

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If they have a BOGO deal for cheese pizzas or something I can understand that but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

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My local place has $5 medium CP but it’s $1 a topping
Pepperoni mushroom CP for me

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>a 1000 kcal pizza is considered in America

No wonder you guys have problems with obesity

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Considered what?

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did you know water toxicity is a thing
too much of anything will kill you
stop eating so fucking much

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What are you even trying to say you fucking nigger

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>if you're a grown ass adult who is going to be writing food reviews,
Plain things like a cheese pizza makes it a lot easier to judge quality of a pizzeria because it's easier to taste the basic components. Just like vanilla ice cream is good to measure ice cream makers. You are a retard.

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Ignoring that it's just plain, it still looks like an objectively trash pizza like every other poor imitation yuros attempt.

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I don't live in Europe. I'm not sure what in that photo or what I said in my post implied that I am European lol but you need to learn geography. There are other continents than Europe mate.
Look, it's yelp not a fucking Michelin guide. Go cry about your child's palate elsewhere.

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Looks perfectly serviceable and I'm confident I'd enjoy it. 4/5 stars is a good score

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>Italians unironically believe inventing a thing means you will always be the best at making that thing
Face it, Americans improved on your recipe. We did it with sushi, we did it with tacos, why are you surprised we did it with pizza?

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I am American, dipshit. There's a difference between improving the recipe and mental retardation. Putting the sauce on top of the cheese is mental retardation.

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It can't be that bad.
Maybe if you're a ketofag.
If it's from a good place it should be fine.
Did I forget anything?

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hahaha based

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Why are you even here?

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If it makes you feel any better, she's not a real Chicagoan (only transplants say shit like that), though she's actually correct.

>pot pizza
>deep dish

All of this dunks so hard on the greasy parchment pizza of Brooklyn I'm surprised those scum have the nerve to show their faces in public.

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I'm sorry, what the fuck is that in the center of the pizza

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>Look, it's yelp not a fucking Michelin guide. Go cry about your child's palate elsewhere.
No one is crying about child palates other than you, and crying about child palates does not prove me wrong. Retard.

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>25 reply
>1 yelp review
Are americans so retarded they cant help but fight over why one nigger infested city isbworse then the other?

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>ITT: New Yorkers try to justify the damp cardboard that they call pizza

Chicago pizza is objectively the best. It's more cheese, more sauce, a more substantial crust, and, usually, more prominent toppings.

>Wah! Fatties! Chicagoans are fatties!

Most of us are capable of eating junk food in moderation. If you're fat or if you think that eating one slice of Chicago pizza is going to make you fat, you either have no understanding of how the human body works and/or have the self-control of a pigeon. Try taking a walk, every now any again.

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What pizzeria is this?

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looks like a dough ball to replace the mini table

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have to agree with this. the older i get the more i find myself ordering simpler pizzas. if the place is good it's all kind of deliciously plain, you're just tasting 4 or 5 basic things done really fucking well.

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The only true pizza is the margherita

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Only retard is you.

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Post degree, brainlet

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A fake degree, nice.

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That pizza looks bad ngl

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I don't understand that anyone can claim the pizza capital of the world is anywhere but Napoli (aka Naples), but I will accept claims that there is no pizza capital.

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>You must order plain cheese to tell if a pizza is good!
I think you are actually retarded. You can order a couple toppings. The topping especially if they are a bit mild are not going to magically distort the quality of the crust (most important aspect of pizza) or the cheese you fucking RETARD. Go get your chucky cheese pizza you pleb, you're not a real adult.

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You're a fucking retard

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>he's never seen a pizza clitoris

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I don't eat much water, and anyway I don't eat it I drink it.

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>being proud of being from Chicago
Do Americans really?

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take off that top and show me those Naples, bitch

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Chicago pizza is slop, best I have had was without sauce and instead had chunked tomatoes so you didn't end up with a pizza casserole, granted I haven't been to Chicago since I am not a fan of being shot or robbed.

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I did not say you must order plain cheese to tell if a pizza is good, retard. I was just saying it makes it easier to judge the basic components, not impossible.

Anyway, there's no point of arguing with an immature shit with zero reading comprehension like you. Grown ups can enjoy simple food. Actually if you have really high quality ingredients, less is more.

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She is from wheaton, not chicago. She knows fuck all about city life in all probability. Fuck chicago, fuck wheaton, and fuck me for living in these shitholes.

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>t. buffalo mozzarella producer

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digits confirm
You're not very bright are you? I already said there is nothing wrong with plain slices but if you're going to act like an upper-class spoiled food critic who has high standards at least order something that doesn't make you look like a fucking child. I can tell you're triggered and probably a gigantic manchild who loves anime.
based, never been in a city worse than Chicago myself frankly.

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Quads of falsehood. You'd have to go out of your way to be shot or robbed in Chicago. I've had far too many a late night drunken experience in Chicago without being shot or robbed. Can't say the same of the stint I spent in Ohio.

There's huge variety of pizza in Chicago. I've had the same sysco slices in New York as I've had in Chicago. I've also had the same satisfying yeasty brick oven baked pizza with fresh ingredients. It's amazing how if you actually spend a few months in a place you can find quality pizza. Except the west coast. West coast pizza is mysteriously soggy and strange. I've had decent pizza in cali but most places are confusingly mediocre.

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Chicago sucks, dawg. Art Institute is top-notch, though.

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Then you don't know what Mogadishu pizza is like. (Hey, it was an Italian colony at one point, and it does have at least a couple of pizza restaurants.)

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Try getting emails from UIC and uChicago, daily, about the crime in the area. A student is held at gunpoint about once a day. People are clobbered in the back of the head, phone stolen, or for no reason. I also never had this happen to me, but it’s hard to ignore. It could be you one day.

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>Chicago is actually a very safe city guys
Are you a member of the Chicago board of tourism? A gangster? Retarded? Perhaps all three?

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nice try Chicago.

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>Look, it's yelp not a fucking Michelin guide.
>Your tasting abilities are too sphosticated for this

>Go cry about your child's palate elsewhere.
>Your tasting abilities are too simple

What does he mean by this?

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>greasy parchment pizza of Brooklyn

What's it like on being so wrong all the time?

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It means you're an overemotional child that can't handle someone poking fun at you for having the taste preferences of a toddler while masquerading as sophisticated. Food critics/yelp reviewers/and cheese pizza enthusiasts are truly some of the worst types of people to walk this Earth.

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It is actually one of the healthier breakfast options because what cultures view as breakfast food is always full of fat and sugar with very little amounts of vegetables

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>perfectly nice hamburger, great lunch
>ruin it by slathering it in liquid cheese and mopping it up like a caveman with your bare hands
i hate Americans and their obsession with “cheese”

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cheese is not good for you. bread is empty calories. sauce might be fine. also it's probably cooked with loads of oil and is insanely calorific.

>> No.14668034

>Most of us are capable of eating junk food in moderation.
Clearly not, given most Americans are fat. I imagine it's probably even worse in Chicago.

>> No.14668073

Refrigerated pizza from the day before has always been my favorite breakfast food. Microwaved pizza is disgusting

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looked it up and Chicago has a obesity rate of 24% which is less than half of the state rate, surprised but I guess all that running from shootings must be good a work out.

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Cold pizza is based

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>we did it with tacos
>Americucks actually believe their hard shell tacos are good
Your burritos can be pretty good but that has always been texmex food anyway.

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I lived there for several years and don't believe the hype. Per capita it's no more dangerous than any other major midwest American city actually. Classic case of if you mind your own business you'll be fine. Don't go dealing drugs or trying to steal something or walking through the ghetto then act surprised when something bad happens to you, that goes for anywhere in the US.

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shut up chris you fag retard

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>Go to school
>Get shot

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Obesity: BMI>30
Disgusting fat americans. Having a BMI of more than 30 it's like having the anatomy of a walruss.

"Obesity is a major problem in Chicago, where 36.2% of the city's high school students and 61.2% of adults in the metropolitan area are overweight or obese."

>> No.14668331

European intelligence on full display

>> No.14668337

>in the metropolitan area
well see now that's a whole other thing entirely

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This dude is my favorite yelper

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File: 57 KB, 577x534, burgerktweet2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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huh? it looks like a shitty fast food burger but I don't know about food poisoning.

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Do amerimutts actually believe this holy shit

>> No.14668565

Yes they do.

The brain of the average american uses all its resources on keeping the bodily functions operating, while he organs are crushed under a mountian of lard. It is therfore no room for critical thought.

>> No.14668584

that's an australian creation

>> No.14668607

Is it seriously just one asshole shitting up every single post on this board with negativity and shit talking?

>> No.14668615

>cheese is not good for you

>> No.14668617

define "bad for you"

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I really wish this was a thread of bad/funny Yelp reviews. This is "Louisiana fried chicken"/Chinese food/Burger/Donut place that I assume only stays in business because it's right across the street from a major hospital and people are in a hurry and don't know any better. My dad used to stop there and get himself a coffee and a croissant every morning before work, and So I grew up getting croissants and donuts from there, and they were fine, but that was decades ago. I haven't been there in years. The idea of them frying the chicken and donuts in the same grease freaks me out.

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In my America, equality is being able to get shot anywhere just as easily.

>> No.14668775

did you try it bro? no?

than stfu picture critics

>> No.14668783

I highly doubt Australians invented the general idea of slathering your burger in more fat like a gluttonous pig

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>You'd have to go out of your way to be shot or robbed in Chicago.


>> No.14668851

>we did it with sushi
I'm not taking this bait, I am giving you your deserved (You) however.

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this is an australian burger

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rent free

>> No.14668940

At least I can afford rent :)

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Shoo shoo kike

>> No.14668971

Australians are weird with burgers haven’t you seen the burger kitchen episode of kitchen nightmares?

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if you actually had any muscle mass you would know BMI is complete bullshit

>> No.14669036

what are you, an entry-level antisemite? they don't pay the rent, they charge the rent.

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American """sushi""" is a pathetic insult to the real thing. I don't want a bunch of slimy avocado and fake "crab" meat in my food.

>> No.14670226

>if you're going to act like an upper-class spoiled food critic who has high standards
Making pizza reviews on yelp isn't "acting like an upper-class spoiled food critic, retard.
>at least order something that doesn't make you look like a fucking child.
Nothing childish about cheese pizza. You can add lots of garlic, add some black olives, or you can have quattro formagi with a well matured gorgonzola. Sometimes you just don't feel like anchiovies, mushroom, olives or other classical toppings, so you go for the simple delicious combination of mozarella, tomato sauce, crust and basil in case of margharita or oregano for NY style.

The child/adult food thing is not universal. It is a thing in anglo countries though, because adults thinks that children only like shit foods, and that there are foods that children aren't supposed to like. Your obsession over this dichotomy makes your projection obvious:
> I can tell you're triggered and probably a gigantic manchild who loves anime.

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>Chicago pizza is objectively the best. It's more cheese, more sauce, a more substantial crust, and, usually, more prominent toppings.
Replacing your car's tires with V12 engines doesn't make it go faster, and dumping a whole jar of sauce on top of the cheese doesn't make your pizza taste better.

>> No.14670452

imitation crab is used in Japan, its also sweet and inoffensive
the most disgusting American development in sushi is cream cheese

>> No.14670532

this is the equivalent to people from NYC leaving reviews for mexican food

>> No.14670534

Texmex is American

>> No.14670538

NYKer here, we're still the best despite having retarded politicians. Chicago and Cali still manage to be shit holes.

>> No.14671083

In my country i have seen Doritos as a topping for sushi. People here are retarded.

>> No.14671182

The massive amount of COPE in this post lol. Imagine being so triggered over someone critquing your plain cheese pizza.

>> No.14671187

>Nothing childish about cheese pizza.
Cheese pizza is most commonly ordered by parents for their children because it's inoffensive and mild. You're an idiot.

>> No.14671531

>Donald "Anal Herpes Piss Whore Fucker" Trump
Is this what passes as humor for coastie liberals?

>> No.14671535

>I'm not fat, I'm big boned!

>> No.14671621

Yes, remember that guy who got the tattoo of Trump with the pussy mouth eating a dick?

>> No.14671755

How much of that is centered in the poorest areas tho

>> No.14671864

Whenever I try a new place I always order a plain cheese. If they can't get a plain cheese right no way I'm gonna spend +$20 for a bunch of toppings next time.

>> No.14672159

It’s got the best architecture of any American city and is way cleaner than NYC (which everyone loves to compare it to)

>> No.14672268

That's an American thing, it's a pretty narrow mindset. People in Europe eating Pizza Mahrgarita aren't overwhelmingly children. If you feel like you have to throw a bunch of crap on your pizza just to assert your maturity, weird flex, but ok. Some people can enjoy the simple things in life.

I do think it depends on the quality of the pizza though. One of those $5 joints, you need to put meat on it just for some flavor. at a nice "Italian eatery" where all the ingredients are fresh and high quality, you don't need more than cheese.
Either way you're a bag of dicks.

>> No.14672274

You're trying to be a faggot, but capers and raw onions are perfectly fine on a pizza.

>> No.14672282


>> No.14672330

>Providing an argument instead of throwing childish insults like you is COPE

>> No.14672727

People actually use yelp? I thought that was an amerishart meme only. I just go by google maps reviews.

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File: 158 KB, 1200x630, pizza-i-kbh-baest-1140x619-baest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watching americans debate wether "new york pizza" or "chicago pizza" is the best makes my fucking day

>> No.14672763

There are restaurants that literally pay their employees to sit around and make fake google accounts and give their restaurant 5 star reviews when the restaurant has downtime.

>> No.14672781

i bet you dont even know who runs those louisiana stores

>> No.14672783

This looks diseased

>> No.14672794

watching non americans seethe day in and day out makes me smirk.

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>> No.14672805

The best part is that they'll never stop and all we have to do in order to trigger them beyond measure is exist.

>> No.14672813

I've had pizza in new york, new jersey, naples, countless coasties and flyovers in between, and nothing beats chicago style deep dish. disagreeing with this is a massive cope because you can't get legit chicago style anywhere outside of chicago. it's not what pizza hut calls "deep dish" or any of that "pan" or "thick crust" bullshit. it's its own thing and it deserves the recognition.

no, i'm not from chicago

pizza in italy fucking sucks outside of a woodfired margherita, but even some of those sucked.

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>> No.14672854

>Face it, Americans improved on your recipe.
>We did it with sushi,
>we did it with tacos
god no

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I will post this every chance I get

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>coinbase notification

>> No.14672897

Did she really expect them to say "to save money and rip you off" or something?

>> No.14672921

>lives in Wheaton
>claims to be from Chicago

>> No.14672982

>fags still havent realized detroit style is the best kind of pizza
>chicagofags thinking their lasagna with a crust is "good"

>> No.14673419

Based? Based on what?

>> No.14673643

awww is fly over country grumpy this morning?

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File: 145 KB, 500x506, CA5BC48F-F77D-42AE-B755-2774E47C117A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Americans can cook anything better than any other nation. We take the top chefs and brain drain the fuck out of your nations.

Have you ever had Italian pizza? It fucking sucks dick. New York and Chicago changed the game. French food? Cajun food is the next evolution and shits all over it. Mexican food? TexMex bitch. Anything you can do we do better.

We are the United States. Look upon our works and tremble.

>inb4 asshurt provincials start the water works and crying about McDonalds

>> No.14673746

It’s called the knockout game, and one day white people are going to get tired of playing it.

>> No.14673766

>canned beets

>> No.14673781

I'm from Chicago and I live in Brooklyn and Di Fara kicks the absolute ass of any pizza in Chicago. New York cannot compete with our hot dogs, sausage, Italian Beef (they don't even have an equivalent), tacos, polish food, shit even our Indian is better up on Devon, but they take the pizza crown and you're fucking kidding yourself if you think otherwise

>> No.14673786

the examples of it I've had tend to be overly-bready but the caramelized cheese is tops. who does it best, to your taste?

>> No.14673788
File: 129 KB, 1024x768, DA1C90E0-CC4B-4AC1-81B8-EB11B1A8B587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> awww is fly over country grumpy this morning?

>> No.14673820

Dubs confirm. Your city is a fucking shithole compared to NYC, LA or Chicago. Living in the suburbs or a rural community eats fucking ass. Unless you're from a place with an interesting regional culture like Louisiana or New Mexico, then you're almost guaranteed to shop at a faggy Kroger, have zero culture, cook and eat dogshit, have no good restaurants and be addicted to opium

>> No.14673839

People come here to get bitchslapped. You wanna lovefest? Check out Tumblr.

>> No.14673845

I lived in NYC for five years and moved to Texas, I like Texas way more and feel it’s a better spot to raise a family.

Five years is enough to get the idea and do all of the big “cultural” events. It’s really not worth the price unless your an upper class yuppie, and most normies I’m the city do what normies anywhere else do in their free time and drink/watch streaming services.

And honestly a lot of rich people are fleeing NYC anyway for the Hamptons or Maine.

>> No.14673943

>Try getting emails from UIC and uChicago, daily, about the crime in the area. A student is held at gunpoint about once a day.
Why are you making shit up? Those emails come up like once every other week and it's usually about a crime in the surrounding area of the campus, several blocks away to someone NOT affiliated with the school.

Yes people get held up by a pack of niggers, but it's not always by gun point and not every day. Most of the crimes that happen to people affiliated/on campus are either getting robbed in a parking garage at 2AM or getting raped by a "known acquaintance" in the dorms.

>> No.14673961

Regret isn't rape.

>> No.14674338

>once every other week
>not affiliated with the school
What’s your point? It still exists. Students with their Hershel backpacks and apple headphones are ripe for the plucking. People drive in from Chattam and treat our neighborhoods like walmart.
>proceeds to share a laundry list of violent crime
It’s fine if you think it’s safe. A sense of security is a good thing! You can get more of it by living literally anywhere else.

>> No.14674346

Meant for >>14673943

>> No.14674358

American pizza eclipses the garbage in Europe. The arrogance of those poor deprived faggots is unreal.

>> No.14674386

>Everything more is better!!!

You may not be fat but you have the mentality of someone who weighs over 300 pounds.

>> No.14674403


>> No.14674410

Are you saying DC is the most american, or the best place in US?

>> No.14674412
File: 70 KB, 1024x903, 1586471461756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think americans on this site should be rangebanned

>> No.14674425

If you'd argue that for NY pizza you might've even had a case. But Chicago "pizza" is just shit.

>> No.14674435

>What's your point?
That the crime emails you claim to receive constantly cover a bunch of city blocks that go beyond the campus. Of course we're going to get crime emails (not constantly like you claim), UIC's police station handles at least 4 different neighborhoods!
>laundry list of violent crime
Two points is not a laundry list. And like the guy who originally replied to you said, you have to go out of your way to get shot here. Reread your emails and check the addresses and times of the crimes

>> No.14674498

I wans’t specifically talking about UIC or uChicaco’s campuses, both of which also experience daily crime reports, some more serious than others. Like you say, these emails cover a wide area. How does that change anything? It’s giving a snapshot of the abysmal crime statistics throughout the city.

Is your point that chicago is safe? It is comparable to many cities, but it is known internationally as being dangerous and it’s embarrassing for me to live here.
>going out of your way to get shot
Also no. I know three people that have been mugged with a gun. Anecdotal evidence, sure, but god damn man.

>> No.14674504

yeah, we consider the pizza before eating it. what are you trying to say

>> No.14674582


>> No.14674589

>University of All Knowledges

>> No.14674601

Texmex is technically still american

>> No.14674646

Agreed lmao Jesus Christ fuckin mutts eh

>> No.14674661

>It’s giving a snapshot of the abysmal crime statistics throughout the city.
Wrong. All the neighborhoods here are unironically different and always changing. It's only known internationally as being dangerous because people like you like to hype up the chi-raq memes

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File: 103 KB, 1160x652, maxburger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Americans unironically believe just because they claim to have invented something despite it being untrue and they can't even define it, this means that they are the best at making that thing
Face it us Swedes improved your boring thing as we always do, we did it to texmex tacos, we did it to pizza and we did it for your so called american style hamburgers and you can't stop us

>> No.14674713


>> No.14674745

That fucking bitch isn't from Chicago

>> No.14674750

It’s called a reputation, not a meme. What is your motivation for deluding yourself that chicago is under control?

>> No.14674773

It has to be delusion. I grew up on the Southside and went to UIC. There is a reason I went to the suburbs afterwards. Fuck I miss my city.

>> No.14674799
File: 269 KB, 649x659, too pretty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14674865

what the fuck is wrong with women. We all know theres no such thing as a "pretty" women in her late 30's.

>> No.14674867

this, ingredient noise is usually done to disguise what was cheaped out on.

>> No.14674886

Warrenville fag, here. Right next door to Wheaton.
Us suburb faggots love to say we're from Chicago because we think it makes us appear cool. Truth is we only go to Chicago proper maybe twice or three times a year at most to go to the Field Museum, Shedd, or the Science and Industry museum.Maybe if you're a sportsfag you'll go a few more times if you go to games, but that's about it.

>> No.14674895

thanks for describing this obvious horseshit in great detail, where would we be without you.

>> No.14674897

the education system has failed these vermin

>> No.14674903
File: 30 KB, 657x527, smokey pep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just doing my civic duty, anon. I don't do it for the accolades.

>> No.14674918

I ought not to be so mean, but as a south-suburbanite I feel it's my civic duty to take the western suburbs down a peg at every opportunity. it is a surreal and upsetting experience to be anywhere in the napervillian/dupage orbit every time I have been made to do so.

>> No.14674965

Yeah, Naperville is especially entitled and detestable. Probably the worst suburb in terms of the people, maybe sans Schaumburg. I think the ugliest feeling burb is that Romeoville area.
I mean there are all shit parts and good parts, but for some reason those stand out in my mind.
I don't have much experience in the north or south suburbs, mainly just Dupage, Kane, and Kendall County.

>> No.14674983

I don't even know what part of the conversation to (you) into but the more pistol-whipped-and-pockets-ran uchicago students, the better, for this city this country and this world

>> No.14675041

Chicago "pizza" is a fucking abomination. Detroit style is the God Emperor of American pizza.

>> No.14675072


>posts a charred sloppa shit as rebuttal

>> No.14675152

I don’t disagree. I just don’t want to be one of those cucks that get BLACKED.

>> No.14675168

The last time I went to Chicago every other block smelled like raw sewage. At least you get whiffs of delicious food between the stenches in NYC.

>> No.14675196

The big brain move is to live about an hour away from NYC in a nice quiet rural town where all the richfags who commute to the city live so you get all the good restaurants and amenities without having to live in a city

>> No.14675248


>> No.14675253

Don't you mean darkest?

>> No.14675262
File: 57 KB, 644x800, 9AF4E40F-BE74-4C19-80A4-9C920073CC73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T. Seething city fag

>> No.14675272

why yes, i too hold Chainlink.

>> No.14675280

Are you fucking DUMB or just RETARDED?

>> No.14675411

This is the worst board bar none

>> No.14675418

This is a tame thread on /int/

>> No.14675419

>Living in the suburbs or a rural community eats fucking ass.

Living in the suburbs is the 120+ IQ move retard. I’d rather drive 45 mins than pay 2.5k a month in rent to live in a box.

Suburbs > Rural > Urban

>> No.14675425

All relevant countries have their own specific chans. Go there if you don’t want to talk to Americans on an American website

>> No.14675432

and then, there's this faggot nigger.

>> No.14675858

>Burger is dum-dum
Tell me something new

>> No.14675876

Sorry to say, but 90% of the cases a restaurant/takeout exists longer than 5 years, they cut corners and had a huge dip in quality.

>> No.14676074

Bro I was born in a place with a population over a million and now I live in bumfuck nowhere with a population of 100,00 (small by my standards) and the only negative difference is there's not as many restaurants. I buy my groceries from the organic hipstermart here that's actually better than the one where I came from.

And opium? Wtf do you think this is the 1800s? I think you meant opiATES. Which is also wrong. It's meth, thanks. Cityfags are constantly shooting heroin so you really have no room to talk.

>> No.14676101

No, you're thinking of pavlova

>> No.14676174

>almost 200 replies
>like 5 Yelp reviews
God you people are fucking stupid and lazy

>> No.14676258
File: 87 KB, 562x1000, Based Dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14676266
File: 60 KB, 898x595, 1563246700681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14676377

Imagine being proud that the rest of the world not only hates you but considers you a laughing stock.

>> No.14676383

Isn't detroit pizza considered the good one?
New York is like paper and Chicago is just a pie.

>> No.14676420
File: 179 KB, 600x600, 1539019013624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14676426
File: 65 KB, 641x534, 1530860340167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck yeah mamma

>> No.14676430

I like your style, nugga

>> No.14676441

Yeah but gordon just has to be a cunt for the sake of it.

>> No.14676454

would unfortunately

>> No.14676457

sometimes we also put grated carrot on it as well.

>> No.14676463
File: 2.71 MB, 400x230, NO EGGSCAPE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14676818

i thought the same until i was robbed at knife point at the north and clybourn station

>> No.14676834

Based, that is true folks

>> No.14676843

>Chicagoans actually believe this
They may think that their pizza is better and they might be right as long as they are the judges.

>> No.14677176

>Microwaved pizza is disgusting
Take the five minutes it takes to fire up your oven you subhuman.

>> No.14677204

Do Americans really eat an entire pizza as a "snack"?

>> No.14677235

>Women orders get fucked up
>Men orders are prefect
What is this based place?

>> No.14677244

>late 30's
Pick two

>> No.14677253

>he doesn't like based grandma slice

>> No.14677311

Damn, I'm really hitting the homeruns

>> No.14677372

Full disclosure, my favorite pizza toppings are just pepperoni with fresh basil and occasionally supreme, but plain cheese pizza is a great baseline to test the quality of the constituent ingredients - if I really want to judge the quality of your bread, sauce, and cheese (and you can't argue that those aren't the most important elements of pizza) I'm not going to muck it up with extra toppings that cover those flavors. If your cheese pizza manages to be good, then I know the rest of your pizza is good too.

>> No.14677417

AmErIcAnS rEaLlY?

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