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How accurate is this comic?!

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Everywhere except leeziana.

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i dont know. why dont you keep posting it?

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Im white and handle spice just fine, i still dont go floarung around like some sort of bumblebees buzzing about about it

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This is my first time posting here.

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There are 2 types of white people. 1 thinks bell peppers are spicy and the other boofs carolina reapers directly in their anus.

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Post the rest of his fantasy land comic

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>not boofing a Carolina Reaper/amphetamine combo while ripping huge hits of dmt every 20 minutes
I call it “red death”

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When I was a kid I had dinner at a white friend's house. They served me the most bland food I ever ate. Thankfully I had my pocket hot sauce at the ready to spice the dish up a bit.

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OH my God Hillary Clinton slay queen yassss

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>When you're taste buds are so fucked because you have coat your people's shit food in hot sauce
That's what happens when you're black, latino, or asian and don't have access to quality foodstuffs.

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