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I'm fucking drunk and would like to have a thread about your favourite alcoholic beverages.

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That's not a drink

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For me, it’s Maker’s Mark. But I’m drinking some cheap ass Henri Mckenna at the moment and it’s actually pretty good for bargain stuff.

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Calvados. A good Busnel VSOP is my go-to when I do drink.

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it is too

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I'm sipping on this tonight between beers. It's actually delicious after the first glass, really hits that alcoholic nerve in me

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White port desu

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Red wine or beer

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Yes it is.
Manischewitz with 151 rum floated on top and flambe'd.

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Stout beer is my favorite. I'm not into hard liquor, but I do enjoy a good Amaro. As for drinks I do like white russian, but I never explored these kinds of beverages.

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At this point I'm drinking cheap grain alcohol just to stop feeling every night.

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go to a bar and ask for a hitler

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the white negroni

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actually laughed

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I worship Hitler and pray to my white god every night that the Jewish race becomes eradicated

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the eminem of cocktails

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lol faggot.

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This with a little bit of honey-like consistency food thickener is so good.

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-Flexs which blows the clothes off of you from the shockwaves my muscles create when flexing-

Sorry excuse me. Alpha coming through about to meal prep my 200lbs of turkey for the week.

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Black Russian
Gin and Tonic
Vodka Soda

I tried this Japanese whiskey last week called Suntory Whiskey Toki. For only $35 is was prety decent.

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Latest Total Wine haul.
>pay $70 for 10 year old scotch
>think this better be good
>take sip
>"oh my God"
The lively, bright lemony zest is balanced wonderfully with moderate peat funk with a hint of salt. Stupidly complex and interesting.

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by the way, I fantasize about men fucking me in the anus almost every day

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Redpill me on Dewars 12. I want to get a bottle for cheap. Is it delicious?

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Boys I’m fucking plastered right now, too, and hungry as fuck. Craving Taco Bell. Dubs decides what I get myself at the drive thru

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>I want to get a bottle for cheap.
Where do you live?

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Just keep drinking

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Grande Nachos Box

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The land of windmills and Gouda cheese.

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I gotta say that is a pretty nice lineup tbqh

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fucking supreme taco or whatever they call it

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whats your fav single malt scotch in the 100 range? Pic related is the only one ive ever tried in that price range and im tryna get a bottle to celebrate.

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5 dollar nachos box nigga

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big fan of drambuie, ask at every restaurant if they have it for an aperitif

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I will when I get home


Keep rolling boys. I’m starving. I will deliver. Budget is $10 so nothing stupid like 100 Doritos locos tacos

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>no hard stuff or I die or in jail

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I bought Glenmorangie the other day and it filtered me. I don't have a sophisticated palate, so I don't know if it's me or it just sucks, but it tasted way too "open". It had this gigantic feel and, to boot, was harsh. Would not recommend.

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>Budget is $10
Two $5 nacho boxes.

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*Glenmorangie 14
sorry for being a retard

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>but it tasted way too "open". It had this gigantic feel
It's like you tried as hard as you could to use the words which least clearly described actual flavors.
At least you didn't rave about how smooth it was.

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I like beer.

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Might wanna pick up some more liquor while you're out, anon. It's going to be a long night.

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Fuck yeah. Let’s hope I don’t die in a car wreck or get arrested lol. Good thing it’s only like an 8 minute drive away

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Quesorito ordered through the app

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1 oz rye whiskey
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/8 tsp fernet branca
1 maraschino cherry with a splash of juice from the jar

Dry italian manhattan

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sorry anon, like I said I'm retarded, and I was trying to keep it short. let me try again.
it tasted very sweet and floral, but at the same time what I would identify at the wood notes were fairly bitter and came on very strong. These two opposing flavors did not balance eachother out, but instead seemed to work together to create a very overpowering and generally unpleasant taste. The middle of it felt kind of, and I'm sorry again for being a faggot, but kind of fuzzy. The best I can say is it tasted like some sort of unrefined vegetable matter, but that's not really accurate. I couldn't tell you what the final taste was like because at that point I couldn't feel anything other than the alcohol.

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off yourself for driving drunk you waste. I hope you get pulled over and your life is ruined.

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Aberlour 12 year old

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Nobody goes to Taco Bell sober, dum dum.

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Never tried it but I would gladly accept a glass from you

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A home drink i mixed in college:
The Unexpected Baggage
>2 parts coconut rum
>2 parts mango juice (nectar preferred)
>2 parts whiskey sour mix
>1 part amaretto
>shake and serve with ice
Drink to understand the name.

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What, does it cause you to take a shit?

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some scotches are way too harsh

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Just hope you don't have anyone you have reservations for after drinking 20oz of this

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Ok fags, if its between Johnnie walker double black, Chivas Regal 12 or Monkey Shoulder, which would you get?

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things to drink before doing something you regret

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>off yourself for driving drunk you waste. I hope you get pulled over and your life is ruined.

Lol top soy

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Chivas all day but only because that's what my grandpa has always liked

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Monkey Shoulder, but preferably something better.

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I prefer grangestone for that price, but of those options monkey shoulder

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Literally dont drive drunk. Order some fucking tacos from grubhub or some shit.

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>it tasted very sweet and floral, but at the same time what I would identify at the wood notes were fairly bitter and came on very strong.
>he noted actual flavors this time

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And anon was never heard from again.

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this is my favorite

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3 beefy nacho loaded grillers

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My favorite drinks are the simple cocktails that're just liquor, some kind of soda/mixer, and a squeeze of citrus if you're feeling extra posh.
Gin & Tonic, Dark & Stormy, Rum & Coke, etc.

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Grouse isn't too bad for a blended whisky at its price point, you really can't go wrong with it.

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Based and drinkdrivingpilled.

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based fellow Tullychad, drinking some right now. Stuff of the gods and dirt cheap.

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i drink so much gin every single cell in my body emanates juniper berries

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GOD I fucking wish I were born a tree.

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but a tree cant drink to drown its feelies anon

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Bushmills Black Bush or Dewars 12? Both for sale here and I'm on a budget. Being a poorfag is suffering.

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anything with pulpy fruit juice , I prefer to fuck up my pancreas AND my liver at the same time.

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How’s the double oaked? I’m a fan of Woodford/old forester, but I’ve never tried it.

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take the cognac pill, plebs

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i like beer, liquor, and wine

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Beer and Tiki drinks on summer.

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Ol No 7

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Think again schlomo

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t. net social negative who the rest of us pray puts his retarded skull through a telephone pole

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I can't stomach this shit but I won't deny that it tastes pretty good, for cheaper stuff.

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I tried Roku and it's fairly tasty and was cheaper. My default was hendricks.
Ketel one and makers mark sit around as well.
I'm not really a fan of mixing them with obnoxious shit. Tonic and bitters occasionally mostly just citrus fruit juice. White russians if I want a drinkable dessert

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>al/ck/ thread
You know what to do boys.

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10 orders of black beans, add 3 cheese, cheese, jalapenos, nacho cheese. 1 bean burrito, remove red sauce, add black beans, 3 cheese, nacho cheese. 1 sidecup nacho cheese.

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It's a flavor bomb. It's got some of those same oaky flavors you'd find in a whiskey that's spent around 20 years in a single oak barrel.

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>try to sip whiskey to enjoy it
>end up hammering it down
>gone within a day usually

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The Dude abides.

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Impossible to pick a definitive favourite but this is definately at the top when it comes to beer if you haven't tried it and it is available for purchase where you live then I would highly recommend giving it a try

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Currently doing just that right now. Whiskey is just too delicious.

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I'm about to go buy some beer and probably middle-shelf vodka.

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Negroni. 1 finger gin, 1 finger sweet red vermouth, 1 finger Campari poured over ice in an old-fashioned glass. Preferably garnished with an orange slice, alas, I have none.

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is drinking fruit spirits healthier than grainshit?

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Possibly, considering that red wine is technically less bad for you than a beer.

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I don't know reissdorf but kolsch is one of my favorite styles, like what I imagine our american macro-""pilsner""s ought to taste like. great summer beer makes me wanna mow a lawn and take a shower just thinking about it.

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Exactly, they kind of like taste like summer and for some reason it's impossible to get a hangover from them (god knows I've tried) I'm guessing you've tried Frūh Kölsch as they export a lot more and it's a pretty good one I would probably put it as like the Carlsberg of Kölsch seeing as it's a lot more marketed and exported but it is indeed a Kölsch but not one of the best and also not one of the worst (that place probably goes to Sion Kölsch, it's not a bad beer per se it's just a bad Kölsch)

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For me, it's Wild Turkey 101.
I bought a bottle of Jameson last night to celebrate finishing the term at school, it's not as good as i remember. Any recommendations for an entry-level Scotch? I had some monkey shoulder once but I was 15 so it doesn't count

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>wild turkey
reddit is that way buddy

>> No.14608420

Ice water

>> No.14608431

Glenfiddich 12, Johnnie Walker Black are good entry level

101 is fine, quit being pretentious

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Nice subversion, kiddo. /ck/ is a Turkeyboard, through and through. Looks like it is YOU who needs to go back, my friend.

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whis/ck/ey has always been beam country, consider your larp exposed

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The only good whiskey there, is Knob. Consider yourself double exposed.

Also, Basil is overpriced trash.

>> No.14608495

>t buttblasted because they don't let hobos like him near the shelf with bookers and bakers

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More monkey shoulder. Auchentoshan.

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I raise you a neat Cardhu (the 12year is definately good enough)

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friend loves lagavulin but its too expensive for me
would you recommend?

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I've got multiple reserves of Bookers on my shelf right now. It's still trash compared to KC, which is the BEST whiskey one can buy under 30 dollars next to Woodford, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, and last but not least, Evan Williams.

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nobody would be touching your chicken swill if it wasn't for c-tier actor mconaughey, what a joke distillery.

>> No.14608560

I prefer Port Charlotte. Unlike Lagavulin it's non chill filtered and no colouring, and it's more complex and subtle. Same price though.

>> No.14608562

The FUCK are you on about, schizo? Take your meds.

>> No.14608568

that turkey is messing with your reading comprehension

>> No.14608571

hey al/ck/ies, a question
I poured a whiskey last night and didn't finish it, I look at it this morning and it's all hazy and cloudy. What the fuck is that all about?

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I'm a big vodka fan but unfortunately don't have any right now and can't get any.

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I don't know any of these names over here in burgerland, definitely will remember keep an eye out for them next time I'm at the place with the good import-selection. But over the past... Year or two or three? it seems to have caught on as a popular style for the craftier-brands, especially for seasonal summer lines.
Pic related for tonight, though.

>> No.14608664

was it cold that night? I forget why but that can happen, it has to be very cold though

>> No.14608688

I appreciate the defense of EW. Black Label is as fine as a 10-12 dollar bottle of brown gets. I don't know if it'd be quite "fine at twice the price" but it's a credit to the drinking-world just being around, God bless.

>> No.14608704

something about alcohol-soluble flavor compounds being fully dissolved into the bottle-strength stable solution, being non-water-soluble thus clumping together as the ethanol evaporates off faster than the water.

>> No.14608709

Damn stuff I wish I didn’t care about you anymore

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anyone had this? fucking mother's milk, I mix it with diet pepsi which tastes almost entirely neutral to me and it's like crack

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Glenmorangie 18 or Macallan 15 triple oak

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Fuck off, degenerate retard. Drink water and quit being such a pathetic faggot that you rely on escapism.

>> No.14608858

us wild turkey drinkers have given up on life a long time ago

>> No.14608895

Popular style? Kölsch is protected like champagne, it has to be brewed with water from the Rhein and around Cologne/Köln but basically it is made by warm fermenting top fermented yeast similarly to Ale I guess but not really.

When you get the chance definately go for Reissdorf, Gaffel is damn good as well and Frūh is okay I would go for the lesser known brands instead of a bunch of Frūh but it's worth trying.

>> No.14608906

still drink water.

>> No.14608953

It was not.
thanks anon

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Wild turkey 101
It's spicy, strong and sweet so it's wonderful on its own. Eoom temp, cold or with a big ice cube
Slaps all the dicks as a hot toddy
Makes an nice boulevardier too

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Red wine... nothing comes close.

>> No.14608970

First whiskey I ever had
Nice intro to whiskey and spirits in general

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Springbank is the shit my dude. I went to the distillery a year ago and my God, the smell of the warehouse was divine PLUS the barrel tasting was great and had the option to hand bottle whichever one you like the best and they usually cost a fraction of most other official bottlers.

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Shit this pic sucks. Lemme try another.

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>he dilutes and/or chills his whiskey
>he drinks his whiskey from a glass that isn't skinnier on the top than on the bottom for the funneling of aromas to the nose
>he takes too big of sips so he finishes his dram in under 30 minutes

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I’m drinking this myself.

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recommend me some liquor that wasn't posted itt

>> No.14609042

>Springbank is the shit my dude.
It has so much fucking character. I want to try the older ones now but at the same time I'm hesitant to because the 10 seems like it's amazing precisely because it's so spirit-driven. I feel like more cask and age will mute both the super interesting peat funk and the lemony flavor which is obviously from the spirit and not the cask.
>and had the option to hand bottle whichever one you like the best

>> No.14609060

I'm going Remy Martin if I'm going big cognac maker product. Richer and more flavorful.
I'm going 25 year-old Armagnac for under $100 if I'm going *nac, though.

>> No.14609062

Fuck off.

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>> No.14609081

Its not as much "seaweedy" as Springbank but try Hazelburn if you want something cleaner, Longrow if you want something dirtier with more oiliness or Kilkerran for something between those two.

>> No.14609119

You had me at "between Springbank and Longrow." Will try Kilkerran. Domo.

>> No.14609130

Too much homoerotic energy

>> No.14609132

If you can get the current 8 year cask strength do it, its a bargain for the quality.
That or the Springbank 12 Cask Strength will open you up to a new world of whisky.

>> No.14609156

leave it to r/ronswanson to shit up a comfy drinking thread

>> No.14609163

...in your mind.
I bet you drink Glenkinchie from a tumbler with ice.

>> No.14609166

Who are you replying to?

>> No.14609177

to whoever it is ITT talking about alcohol in the same way old women talk about perfume

>> No.14609181

>stop talking about NOT EXCLUSIVELY DRINKING cheap bottom shelf liquor! It triggers me!
Go back to /trash/ al/ck/ie.

>> No.14609186

You're gonna have to be a lot more specific than that.

>> No.14609203

wow looks like we got ben shapiro over here.

>> No.14609220

Can you explain what that is for non-italians

>> No.14609221

How does anyone stay awake when they booze? I am 28 and I still like to get drunk every now and then and while I am not dealing with the dreaded almost-30 worsened hangovers yet if I have more than like five drinks I am falling asleep in my chair. Don't even try mixing marijuana in.

>> No.14609225

Isn't he the guy from Zoolander?

>> No.14609239

How quickly are you drinking those 5 drinks?

>> No.14609246

>two boomers upboating each other

>> No.14609260

Look, it's fine if you don't like it when Deniro tells you something isn't an argument, just talk about it somewhere else

>> No.14609263

put down the eggnog and stop embarrassing yourself, grandpa

>> No.14609269

As your pal Al would say, "clean yr room"

>> No.14609280

the sad part is you're obviously really trying.

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Bought some whiskey for quarantine and this was by far my fav. Where do I got from here? Laphroig or something else?

>> No.14609287

Great, now we're not even allowed to reply to other people because it upsets you? Fuck off. You're worse than that autist posting "WARNING" images in every thread.

>> No.14609297

Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Longrow for heavily peated Scotch.
Other Ardbeg releases I'd recommend are Corryvreckan and Uigeadail.

>> No.14609308

I legit do not know what you two were talking about, I just find it funny how utterly bland and interchangeable your celebrities are. It required no mental effort whatsoever to not sperg out over how important and unique their opinions are, even though that's shocking to you.

>> No.14609322


Maybe over the course of two hours

>> No.14609324

congrats, in only one post you went from annoying old drunk to an actual psychiatric case

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Jack Daniels with mac n cheese

>> No.14609366


>> No.14609375

I'm 25...

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I just polished off a 375ml of soju, but I'm not drunk cause I'm not a lightweight.

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Did I get fucking memed on? Everyone online said this was the best cheap vodka but it tastes like fucking metal. I'd rather have fucking Smirnoff or Burnett's.

>> No.14609409

NA is my go to. I'm pretty sure you just got filtered.

>> No.14609415

It's decent, but I'd suggest trying Aviation Gin if you want something comparable but better for an American Gin.

>> No.14609416


in general vodka does its work as the pleb i am.

>> No.14609421

>Everyone online said
i could hire 1000 indians to like my facebook posts for 20 bucks

>> No.14609480

Sweet, thanks anon

>> No.14609542

Yeah thats decently fast. Most people get sleepy from that much. You're fine.

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i hate plebs

>> No.14609551

It's just a short way

>> No.14609595

so no?

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Baby's first cognac? Get on my level.

>> No.14609609


>> No.14609618

>flavored rum
>mixing with soda
>diet soda
anon...you march down the road to alcoholism.. steer clear of the flavored Jew and you'll be well. Mixing alcohol with soda unless specifically called for (ie: rum and coke) is degenerate college level shit.

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cope harder poorfag

>> No.14609699

go to bed Ryan

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Bros I've been drinking two 32 oz Miller high lifes or two 25 oz Bud Ices and a 24 oz high life every night since Monday. Should I keep the streak alive or kill it?

>> No.14609741

NO! I won't sleep until every fucking retard who buys vodka is buying gin like GOD intended...

>> No.14609754

Good luck with Russia bud

>> No.14609762

tell me you're not the guy from before who said to put gin and mio into lacroix
I do luh my gin though. but in my experience new-amsterdam is one of those gins-for-people-who-don't-like-gin, I remember it being sweet (not in a good way, almost syrupy) and citrusy rather than the traditional gin flavor-profile.

>> No.14609789

>gin+mio (water enhancer) + lacroix
I don't want to open a portal to hell so no I wouldn't suggest that god awful combination. I'd suggest mixing energy drinks and booze before that shit.

New Amsterdam is an American gin and should be treated like such. If you want a good quality american style gin but "mass produced" than Aviation is the ticket. If you can find it though I personally suggest Bristow Gin as it's fucking amazing.

>> No.14609793

You're not supposed to spend over $10 US for 1.75 L of vodka, silly goose.

>> No.14609879
File: 77 KB, 800x1556, jinro.1fe30163507.original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mah niggah!
just had a couple glasses of Jinro24 myself

>> No.14609900

I had three screwdrivers tonight and feeling might find now I'ma watch some old law and order and try to sleep

>> No.14609915

Taketsuru pure malt
2009 Wilson & Morgan Beathan
Northstar Fettercairn 12
Cadenhead Inchgower 9
Cooper's Choice Auchroisk

Aberlour A'bunadh and Glenlivet 18 also fall into that price range. But I think for the most part you're better off with hard to get bottles than older standard releases (especially since most other standard release 18 year old's cost substantially more). I haven't tried many more expensive 15 year old standard bottlings however, so there may be something there.

>> No.14609932

Big mistake, given standard Glenmorangie is the least flavorful (and harsh) whisky out there.
And by 14 I assume you mean the new Quinta Ruben. It's not harsh at all. Woody, sweet, raisny.
"Open" and "gigantic feel" don't sound like critiques.

>> No.14609970

The 6 isles is the cheapest I've managed to go with peat. Actually I got a Benriach Bernie Moss with a damaged tin cheaper once.
But yea, there's not a lot of good peaty whisky in the lower price brackets.

>> No.14609984

Just get Laphroaig silly goose.

>> No.14609997

I'm sipping Canadian maple whiskey. It's pretty tasty desu, but too sweet for my taste.

>> No.14610002

I reckon it's the biggest meme in whisky.
It's the best possible presentation of a fairly bad spirit, giving you a mediocre overall experience.
Proof that organic, uncolored, unfiltered, 46% abv, hand crafted, etc bullshit is of marginal, if any, benefit and substantial cost.

>> No.14610022

what type of red wine anon?

>> No.14610058

>the biggest meme in whisky
Johnnie Walker Blue, obviously.

>> No.14610271
File: 1.84 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200821_223846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who else here drunk gang on a Friday night!?!

>> No.14610313

engrossed jig off the phallus fellow

>> No.14610314
File: 7 KB, 253x199, drinking_wojack_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice kott

hear hear anon, drinking whiskey alone in the forest

>> No.14610375


>> No.14610392

I haven't drank in a while but with two hurricanes potentially fucking up where I live I bought some kettle one vodka and a bottle of Hennessy

>> No.14610398

This, but their Blue Ghost is a good runner-up.

>> No.14610401

What is the strongest alcohol available for a poorfag?

Currently drinking some J&B Scotch Whisky.

>> No.14610416


>> No.14610429

What do you mean by strongest? Strongest pure percentage of alcohol or alcohol content per dollar?

>> No.14610438

Strongest pure percentage of alcohol. As long as it isn't ridiculously expensive I can get it.
Haven't had it actually. How is it?

>> No.14610450

Everclear is grain alcohol that just tastes like liquid fire. Don't actually drink it straight, it isn't intended for consumption unless mixed. But it's probably the highest abv youll get. at least mix a drink and sub everclear for vodka

>> No.14610454

>Haven't had it actually. How is it?
It's for mixing. Don't drink Everclear straight. If you want to drink high alcohol content straight get a barrel proof whiskey that'll be 110+ proof.

>> No.14610455
File: 434 KB, 296x1000, 94.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14610462

this. WT Rare Breed isn't poorfag whiskey but it gets me fucked every time i drink it

>> No.14610487
File: 461 KB, 1200x1200, 1453440957565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What is the strongest alcohol available for a poorfag?
That is actual tolerable to drink straight and for a poorfag? Old Grand Dad 114. It's less than $30 for a fifth.

>> No.14610495

Sounds nice. I'll have to check it out, thanks for the recommendation

>> No.14610497

go to the nearest bar and ask for a hitler

>> No.14610511

Keep in mind high proof liquor isn't often cheap because it's not diluted. Most people prefer 80 proof and it saves the company money to dilute. High proof liquor is always going to cost more than standard 80 proof liquor.

>> No.14610761

bison grass vodka

>> No.14610859

For me? It's Sobieski, the poorfag alcoholic's best friend

>> No.14611021

I mostly drink beer because brewing is a proud part of my land's culture. also because it's what I'm used to.
the Hansa mango IPA is surprisingly good. I normally despise IPAs due to them being too fucking fruity, but this one's an exception.

>> No.14611422

Springbank rarely does organic barley though.
Also its only a fad among collectors literally because they put out better shit then basically every other distillery official bottling and have a good wood policy. Even their young sherried Hazelburns are more thick then modern Macallan or Highland Park.
>It's the best possible presentation of a fairly bad spirit, giving you a mediocre overall experience.
List now which Springbanks you've had so I can potentially laugh at you.

>> No.14611562
File: 293 KB, 1164x1600, Ouzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ouzo in the summer.

>> No.14611567

This desu

>> No.14611591

Star London dry gin as well as the cheapest vodka and cheapest beer I can find

>> No.14611604
File: 98 KB, 842x842, gebinde-hefe-flasche.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woods Rum is really nice, I wish I had the money for Pussers, never tried it before
Either that or a wheat beer like pic related

>> No.14611613
File: 95 KB, 1024x512, 1562381110622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the whitest post I've seen all week

>> No.14611640

This is quite possibly one of, if not the dumbest post in this thread. Well taste is objective of course, if you just said "I don't personally like Springbank" that would be one thing but you just couldn't contain yourself.

>> No.14611697

I'm going to go buy some Springbank/Kilkerren/Glenscotia today because of this thread.

>> No.14611704

I love ogd114. best kept secret in the 30$ range aside from Evan Williams single barrel

>> No.14611710

I usually go through a bottle of whisky in a little over a week but I fucking plowed through the Arran I got on Tuesday. gonna go dry for a few days

>> No.14611716
File: 176 KB, 187x838, Screenshot_20200822_171304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for the low price of 9.99 yuro you could have

>> No.14611745

If I hear you spreading your fake rumours from anyone again.... I’ll spread your name so far in the dirt your mom won’t look at you ever again. Ight?

>> No.14611746

>rumple minze, jagermeister, goldschlager
what a fucking awful cocktail

>> No.14611749
File: 2.20 MB, 2163x2973, 20200730_201551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like thick, juicy IPAs, strong, sweet stouts and oily, smoky Scotch whisky. Judge me fag

>> No.14611775
File: 225 KB, 1280x3363, k0belwiluqav6cm6balg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stand the fuck back pebians, this motherfuckin drink is the REAL DEAL

>> No.14611851
File: 48 KB, 634x953, Bloody_Mary_Coctail_with_celery_stalk_-_Evan_Swigart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing beats a nice ice-cold peppery bloody mary.

>> No.14611854

If you buy Glen Scotia get the 15 or the Victoriana. All the other OBs by them are overpriced.
Also if you see any single casks or indie bottled Glen Scotia look them up on whiskybase and if the score is 88+ and costs are reasonable then pick one of those up instead, especially if its first fill bourbon cask and 15-19 years old.

>> No.14611880
File: 38 KB, 600x800, 1598103629336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you buy Glen Scotia get the 15 or the Victoriana. All the other OBs by them are overpriced.
>Also if you see any single casks or indie bottled Glen Scotia look them up on whiskybase and if the score is 88+ and costs are reasonable then pick one of those up instead, especially if its first fill bourbon cask and 15-19 years old.

>> No.14611895


>> No.14611897

Caesar tho

>> No.14611898

Whats wrong with you?

>> No.14611905

>Nothing beats a nice ice-cold peppery bloody mary.
indeed, and I like a bloody maria w/tequila and lime just the same

>> No.14611910

It's what all the underage kids spam all day because their sense of humour is underdeveloped. Everything and anything they disagree or know nothing about with results in that or another similar low effort "insult". How dare anyone have any interests and tastes right? They'll never develop their own, at this rate. Literally NPCs.

>> No.14611923

It's my birthday, so I bought some Woodford Reserve. It's my favorite bourbon.

>> No.14611927

whiskyjaks are so fragile, they instantly have a meltdown once you make fun of their commodity fetish.

>> No.14611958
File: 3.88 MB, 1200x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>turn 26
>decide to not buy liquor anymore because it'll kill me by 30
>stick to beer and wine from now on
>1-2 beers a night with dinner is fine
>buy a bottle of sake on thursday
>drink it withing 4/5hrs
>hungover until dinnertime friday
wtf guys how do you do it? is this normal when you're getting old or am I especially getting worse hangovers? im a big guy and used to be able to do a bottle of 15% sake in a night with 0 problems and more afrerwards 2 years ago

>> No.14611986

Go back /v/irgin.

>> No.14612140


>> No.14612152


>> No.14612179

>hates fruity IPA's
>loves mango IPA's

>> No.14612190
File: 107 KB, 733x464, 173F0427-B6EC-4289-A69F-3417F107C604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worried about health
>drinks 1–2 beers a day

>> No.14612225

Weak bait

>> No.14612283

You’re an idiot if you think drinking every day is fine for your health. Ask your doctor and see what they think, moron.

>> No.14612310

Duvel because its like 8 or 9 percent

>> No.14612357

saraijishvili xo

>> No.14612600

which is why I was so surprised.

>> No.14612606

spicy potato taco

>> No.14612747


>> No.14612755

Holy shit madlad.

>> No.14612767
File: 679 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200822-142429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ungava gin is the best

>> No.14612983

Despite all the exoticism it sells itself with, it's just a basic bitch london dry.

>> No.14613011

Blue Curacao

>> No.14613721

The vodka of scotch

>> No.14613753

Ungava is good, but Hendrick's is better.

>> No.14613901

I'd film a feature length porn with a 66 year old nun for a Dark (a)n(d) Stormy right now.

>> No.14613927

In a G&T I prefer Hendricks. In a Martini, I prefer Ungava... similar enough at first, but I find the yellow gin just plays better with dry vermouth.

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