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Alkpill me on steelies and malt liquor in general. What do they taste like? Best way to consume them?

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Tastes like shitty beer with a ton of sweetness added. The best way to drink them is very cold and very fast with plenty of salty snacks to balance out the intense flavor. After the first one the sort of shocking flavor recedes a bit so it becomes much easier to drink. A great way to get drunk for very cheap I did it for many years, although I prefer Icehouse Edge if it is available.

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Does nearly freezing it make it more palatable?

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Yes but why torture urself? Get a four loco instead. Less shit taste and at 14%abv

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>four loco
>less shit taste

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sour apple>steel reserve

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hey it's 2 for 4!

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Can’t wait for Christmas, going to be steeling it like these guys

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Imagine wanting to become a teenage alcoholic that drinks beer reserved for niggers because it's a meme on a fucking Mongolian McDonald's appreciation forum. Fucking grow up. You make me sick. This is stupid.

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It gets the job done faster and cheaper than your faggot IPA beers

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next time put steel in the subject so i can filter dumbasses like you

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Disgusting, undrinkable garbage.

There is no way to consoom them other than MAYBE using them to boil brats if there is literally no other beer available. Don't waste your time drinking this shit anon, buy a beer that doesn't make you want to kill yourself.

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>he thinks you can not filter via the subject field.
Lurk moar, newfag.

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Gets the job done and cheap, been drinking it nightly for over 10 years now

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what? Are you thinking about the "flavored" versions? Base Steel tastes like a beer, albeit some bastardized kind that feels like it was tortured in the basement for a year before you drank it.

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I fell for the meme after seeing it posted here for a while and completely regretted it. Absolutely disgusting, if the aim is to get drunk while avoiding spirits just buy bud ice or keystone ice.

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If you can find this in a liquor store, you're already in the ghetto. Might as well pick up a chore and a rose too.

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>What do they taste like?
Malt liquor.
>Best way to consume them?

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Watchu know 'bout it?

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Tastes like shit. Cold makes it more tolerable.

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watchu know about that? probly nothin.

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Tell me everything you know about this right now faggot.

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checkin in

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do they still make this? only found it like 3 times in the last 8 years

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Got some in my fridge right now

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Just get a decent beer. It's worth the money. If you're so poor that you need to get steel reserve, you're so poor that you shouldn't even be buying alcohol at all.

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Ive been blackout drunk since I was layed off in April, I am really not looking forward to detox.

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I can afford decent beer but prefer steel

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Same, I hate waking up in the morning/afternoon paranoid I did something fucked up the prior night, like texting fucking the kitchen up etc...

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Cheap and not that bad tasting for the amount of alcohol that's in it. You get what you pay for in terms of taste. Forties get warm by the time you're done so go with the 24 oz cans.
Don't go for the Alloy Series (flavored) unless you want heartburn. If Mike's Hard Lemonade and Twisted Tea give you heartburn, the Alloy Series will give you worse heartburn.

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I know that feel

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steel reserve is the best tasting beer.

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The worst

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I like Heineken

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Unless you're a full blown alcoholic they are pretty hard to choke down.

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what if you are just super frugal

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I get paranoid and delusional

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I don’t like waking up cause I’m so paranoid what I did or said the night before

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Taste like shit. Im used to em after over ten years of sluggin em. Nice buzz

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Tastes like budweiser strained through cat litter and is best consumed with a shotgun slug.

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never tried this but when I looking at genius for an eazy e song i learned people used to chug half, fill with orange juice and sip the rest

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Ahhh yeah... I'm a mid 30s professional male with a wife and son and I drink the 4loko and I also hate myself. cheers!

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Ha! Same except for the having kids part. Cheers m8

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Don't lie to the man.
4 loko tastes like death in a can regardless of flavor.
Steel isn't much better but at least it isn't sweet.

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Also if you want to get blackout drunk for cheap just by Spirytus. 192 Proof/96% ABV for less than 25 dollars a liter.

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King Kobra is very smooth but its only 6% abv. Once you get malt liquors in the 8+ abv range they become much harsher to drink.

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They taste awful but or ok at getting you smashed on the cheap. DESU the taste isnt THAT bad, but it isnt good beer.

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The sweet masks the death retardo

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whats your liver look like?

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A giant glass.
Pour entire beer violently into glass to get rid of the gas.
Drink beer in peace.

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Buy 3 40’s drink them all and go buy 3 more
Thank me later

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No clue

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>niggers like it so it must be bad!
it reminds me of malted milk which I enjoyed as a child
now as an adult I can taste the malted deliciousness without milk

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I loved malts growing up, sounds like this would be right up my alley.

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right here with you, I'll chug to that

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literally me

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What do they taste like?
Best way to consume them?
as cold as possible, as fast as possible

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>*pukes a little bit*

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They taste like shit, pretty much like everyone else here said.
The best way to consume them? As fast as possible.
I like to buy a few at a time, wait until they're warm. Drink a bit, and then shake it/ burp it repeatedly until it's flat.
Then drink the remaining warm/flat beverage as quickly as possible.
I don't like chugging cold or carbonated things, so this is the 10/10 way for me.
Or just be a real broke mf and buy some shit tier vodka.

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I legitimately enjoy drinking Steel Reserve at a moderate pace. Not quite sipping, definitely not chugging.
I've always liked bitter flavors more than normal but I didn't think my palate was so freakish until this thread.

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They taste like a skunk died in a a bowl of Cheerios. Best way to drink them is to chug half a can at a time. I prefer it to putting up with the burning nastiness of vodka and they're 2 for $3

Also Natty Daddy is better and cheaper

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Sleep tight, steeler.

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That was me last night. Slept like a baby but when I woke up it hurt to drink water.

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Doesn't taste that great, but fuck it right?

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taste like someone farted in a stale jug off piss

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based. he's going to wake up at 5am with a jump and wobble to bed

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Cracked open my first steelie and gotta say, it's not as bad as people complain about

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Who here Steelies pineapple gang?

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>Four Loko

Literally only once.

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It's bottom tier beer that will fuck you up quick.

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>Best way to consume them?

In the gas station parking lot after your SNAP card is reloaded.

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if you want nicotine, do you think of a juul or a pyramid? that is the difference between 4 loko and malt liquor

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same but with moar junk food

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No I just mean regular steel I have never tried their flavors. I find it very sweet compared to say a budweiser or oldstyle or pbr or some regular low tier beer.

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sleep tight, steeler

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Yep lol

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absolute child pallet

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The QRD on this picture is he overdosed and died off heroin whilst gaming

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I do that with cheap wine. It always gives me the shits though.

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you're all wrong
also fuck the ufc

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You can buy trash like Natty Ice for similar price points.

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You need to drink plenty of water while drinking these, lick salt/eat salty chips while drinking (the "call ambulance"-tier hangovers stopped, once I started doing this with 211 [mitigate the diuretic effect]). Here in Los Angeles, two 24oz 211 cans for $2.50.

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Lmao I did this to my fridge when I moved into my first place, alone, at 18. I spent weeks prior stockpiling various beers, and it was packed to the brim and the only thing non alcoholic was my brita filter,
The landlord wanted to do a walkthrough just to check that everything was in working order/that the locks worked, and I almost made it out without her looking in the fridge.
All I got was an "oh..." but fuck it, I was a dumb kid.

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sleep tight steeler

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211 was my first beer, so it will always have a space in my heart. Not that bad, but drink it cold and fast

>Here in Los Angeles, two 24oz 211 cans for $2.50.
Damn nigga, where? My local liquor store had them temporarily on sale 2 for $3. Normally it's $2.50 for one can in Koreatown

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