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Do Australians really...?

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You can get kangaroo meat outside of Australia, too.

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Yes its lean and delicious

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I can't express how fucking retarded it is to sell meat by the KG
that's a colossal amount of meat, why the fuck is that your smallest unit of measurement

its' so fucking stupid

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Fuck that looks tasty

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overrated, it's as good as any old beef or lamb

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>i would like one half kilogram of meat please

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>can't into simple maths

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are americans really?

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cope more

base 16 will always be superior to base 10
deal with it faggiolos

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>why the fuck is that your smallest unit of measurement
>1000 grams

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How the fuck do you even operate a keyboard being this stupid.
Per kilo makes more sense than pricing it by gram, you ask for 200 grams you pay one fifth of the kilo price, 500 grams and one half the kilo price. Jesus Christ why am I even bothering...

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I couldn't eat of an animal that can punch you in the face. Too human.

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>base 16
This guy gets it, although base 12 is even better:

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Yes? meat is pretty good if you cook it right.

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it's good

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yes it's actually really good

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Kangaroo is pretty gud, my cousin used to make some with a honey sauce and it was delicious.

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or you can just go by the pound which actually makes sense and doesn't take gymnastics to justify

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If that's gymnastics for you I think you may be retarded.

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Thats a nice bait. Surprisingly many retards fell for it.

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If North America had kangaroos I'd eat them too, or at least try them.

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kangaroo is actually so lean that if you eat it you'll get protein poisoning from the lack of fat.

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that's not how rabbit starvation works anon

lemme guess, you think drinking distilled water will kill you as well?

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it's the healthiest and leanest red meat. shit's really good for you.
crocodile's not half bad either.

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I've had it before but it's not something I eat regularly nor do I really enjoy it.
Can usually get it at most big supermarkets.

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my health went downhill the day i realised that you can buy those choco woolies cakes everyday, not just for birthdays

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Incredibly lean, but not cooked right and it's rather unpleasant. Kangaroo burgers are a good way to go about it.

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Yeah its really not bad. If it's a cut you just need to cook it rare because it gets tough really easily die to the low amount of fat.
In sausages or burger patties it's really just a super healthy alternative to the regular.
Give it a try :)

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>Do Australians really...?
what's the problem?

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>Not hotdog in a piece of white bread.

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to be completely honest crocodile is exactly half bad

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Uh yeah? Don't knock it til you try it.
But it's not in the average supermarchet ime.

>a kilo is a lot of meat
t. Hasn't cooked for more than one person

Also it's pretty easy to say "too-hundred-grams".

Yieks for me it's base 2, intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked ability to convert numbers directly into morse code
Por example, 357 becomes 101100101 becomes -.--..-.- becomes YFT, which can be remembered as Your Favourite Things

I haven't tried doing this, but I imagine it could be good in soups when cooked for a long time. Would need its own recipes, but could be done along a similar model to tagines or bourguignon or a borscht.

Are we unique in chicken salt?
I should have a chiko roll.

>burger patties
Me likey this idea

I recall its taste and I liked it as a child.
Tasted like a dry white wine.
Although maybe that's what it was cooked in. Do you remember? I'm thinking lemon juice, dry white wine and a hint of musk with a slight snapper taste and a white appearance. But that was decades ago.

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I mean it's not that common but yes.
Like venison it's farmed

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Like at Jack in the box!

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>can't handle fractions

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gator is pretty chewy

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Yeah chicken salt is Aussie.
Haven't even seen it in NZ.

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>He doesn't but 6 months worth of meat in bulk and freeze it
Never gunna make it.
I bet you go to the supermarket daily like a citycuck.

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After living outside the US for 8 years, I realized what a shithole the US is. Moving away again in a few months and I cant fucking wait.

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is roo meat supposed to be that expensive? i thought it'd be on the cheaper side since it's one of the few products they never need to import

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I've had Kangaroo before, it's pretty tasty. Very red.

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it used to be cheap, cheap enough for dog food. Now it costs more than lean cuts of beef.

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>he doesn't understand the purpose of frozen food stores
I sure do, because I'm not a fucking retard using up the frozen meat meant to last me when I'm not actually able to go to the store.

Consume fresh, fall back on frozen, then fall back on canned as the very last resort.

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Are you blind or something ahaha

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What's the big deal? Maryland is a good cut of turkey.

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it's called a sausage sandwich cunt

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it's good, but if you cook it a single degree past rare it becomes instant rubber and you're better off just making it into a stew at that point

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Buy turkey from Maryland?

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> Near lean meat from. A plague esque level pop animal
Never ate it myself but kangaroos are fucking based and prevents j-ish bastards from getting rid of real meat by having an infinite supply to hunt.

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venison? farmed? what?

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I dunno how it works in the US or Australia, but in Québec, you can't legally buy "game" meat. It has to be farmed. You can hunt and give it to family or friends though as long as you have the right permits and hunt in the right season and area. The excuse given is to make sure the meat that's sold isn't tainted and of good quality, but the real reason is to limit poaching.

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I can eat five kilos of meat in one sitting. ‘Murica

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interesting. where i'm from in the us, deer are considered a pest, and while there are seasons for different methods of hunting, you don't need any permits or tags or anything. it's true that i've never seen it for sale though. it was just always something that my dad brought back from the deer camp and we butchered.
it's very lean, so we used it mostly for ground meat. we'd cut it with either bacon ends and pieces or the fat off of a brisket to make it more of a 85/15 mix.
it was so good. then i grew up and moved away and had to buy ground beef and i was bewildered by how it tasted.

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Does crocodile taste different from gator?

>> No.14536663

Where have you lived? I got a remote job recently so I'm looking for decent areas

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The fuck is a pound?

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I'm convinced Australia doesn't exist.

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Stream that film if you're so great

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outstanding bait

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fucking non bigtorians need to leave
also the woolies mud cakes are trash

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Kanga mince is pretty good per kilo though
pretty sure it's a bit less than lean beef at woolies and coles

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Approximately 4.45 Newtons.

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Even if this is meant to be bait, it's still valid. Why not price by the hectogram?

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The roos are basically to Aussies what deer are to Amerifats, are they not?

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Yeah, Its expensive but I love it
t. bong

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we have deer but yes in a sense (can shoot both here)

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11 pounds? Doubt.

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i've had kangaroo steak, it just tastes like beef but it's tougher

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How much is that in real Euro money?

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Do you have aborigine meat too?

I just, don't want to be racist against Kangaroo...

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It is so beautiful animal look like Australians,...

You Aussies are cruel, ugly, bitches! how on earth you can do that ?

Why you can't be just like normal people, eat normal delicious food?

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