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Humans by their own nature are naturally vegans. The only reason why people eat animal products is because we have been manipulated by social constructs and revisionist history to believe that we have always ate them

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Im vegan

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I'm vegan btw

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im still gonna eat meat LMFAO you mad you fucking twink?

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>social constructs
>revisionist history
This. Fucking big meat and their bullshit.

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Your belief is a social construct and an attempt of revisionist history.

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Sure, but eggs and cheese are fucking delicious.

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Enjoy your multiple forms of cancer.

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>are we designed to be vegan
yeah, that lactase persistence gene sure is a useful design feature for vegans

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whats your lifts? i squatted 405 today for reps. can you do that with umm....beans? and uuhh....lettuce?

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>The only reason why people eat animal products is because we have been manipulated by social constructs
I eat them because they taste good

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>vegan by nauture

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Why did you pick something that isn't even persistent among humans to make an argument against Veganism.

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Because it is a trait humans evolved that other primates do not have, very specific evidence of how we as humans specifically are not designed to be vegan, quite the opposite

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we only domesticated cows fairly recently in human history. Almost every human is lactose intolerant to a certain degree

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The vast majority of people are lactose intolerant.

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>we only domesticated cows fairly recently in human history
and the fact that we evolved a trait to take advantage of it is direct evidence that we are not designed to be vegan

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Bait Thread, Humans are omnivores not herbivores or carnivores.

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yeah, we get it, China has a lot of people, I don't see why that matters for this argument

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It proves that humans are naturally vegan.

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If you can call them that.

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how does it possibly prove that? Nature handed us this trait and we ran with it, showing incredibly strong selection for it since it arrived

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I never made the argument that we are herbivores, I simply stated out a fact.
You dont even have to go to enzymes to prove that we're omninvores, our teeth are proof enough for that. Almost all animals with such diverse teeth such as we have are omnivores. I think thats something most people can wrap their head around easier.

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I'm a Pescatarian. Fuck fish.

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Do you know what an omnivore is, OP?

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Oh also our eyes are at the front of our heads which is usually a trait in predatory animals and those tend to eat meat.

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What is your reasoning for engaging in such a diet?

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>I simply stated out a fact.
a fact that had nothing to do with my statement, a non sequitor, the fact that the trait has only been around for tens of thousands of years and not everyone has it doesn't change the fact that we literally evolved this trait that specifically functions to make non-vegan people more fit than vegans

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based human poster

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Being non flippant about it. It's the med diet. Best diet you can have according to most studies.

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Do you include any other seafood such as shrimp? Is there any moral reasoning behind it? Would you eat jello?

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>Is there any moral reasoning behind it?
All morality is just made up, why try to justify picky eating with some fake set of rules?

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>All morality is just made up
I'm going to have to disagree, cowboy. That being said, I agree with your rationale.

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The entire native population living north of 60°N and south of 30°S disagrees with you.

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No moral reason. I used to get Diverticulitis regularly when I ate other meats. I dont eat shrimp because I dont like it. I mainly eat Salmon, Haddock or Cod. I dont eat jello but the Jelly you can get here doesn't have animal by products. I only eat fish Monday's and Fridays too.

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Untrue, the anatomically modern human is a more omnivorous expansion upon the rather meat-centric hominin before it. Modern humans evolved during the pleistocene era and can be viewed as an evolutionary response to the planet reaching it's last glacial maximum. The primary effect was the thinning of forests and ground cover generally, invalidating the ambush based hunting strategies of earlier hominins and initiating a change to persistence tactics with a focus on ranged weaponry, in fact, modern humans evolution corresponds directly with the development of the javelin and later the bow. There's all the evidence in the world that humans are an apex predator species tends to be about half meat, down from 80% or more in earlier hominins who lived in the worldwide jungles that existed before the last glacial maximum began. Meat was easier to get, and so, they were perfectly evolved to eat it. Not so with us, we're generalists, our entire intended diet is easily read in our dentition like with any other animal: half shearing/stabbing, half crushing, though the crushers have fairly aggressive grinding angles. In fact I think it's noticeable that descendants of the Yamanya culture (whites, arabs and indians) have somewhat sharper teeth than other humans.

If you must be vegan I suppose I would seek the advice of the Indians, the descendants of the Vedic culture only use their bows for war and they seem healthy enough. Odd smelling, but healthy.

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hey im vegan

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You don't have to make stuff up, OP. We all know you're insecure with your food choice and choose to project it

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Kill yourself retard

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nice bate

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>browse thread
>no homophobia
real gay men love to grill

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humans have been eating meat since before humans were a thing

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sticking sausage up your butt isn't grilling

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not him but if you look at what culture has most of the oldest living people on the planet (Japan) and you look at their diet, you will see it consists of mostly seafood.

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Not true.

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>Be blessed by being an omnivore master race
>choose to be vegan

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yeah no shit retard
i marinated some ribs in some mesquite spices and salt for a day. (onion powder, garlic powder, mesquite mix, argentine steak rub, black pepper, salt, infused olive oil, tapatio hot sauce, and a splash of white wine)
then i applied some screech rum bbq sauce and put them on the 'cue
finished with a li'l bit of cracked black pepper
they were delicious

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Enjoy your e.coli

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im gonna stay eating eggs, fish and shellfish because theyre healthy, delicious, sustainable and morally unassailable

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all males are killed. factory egg farms are horrific, even the "free-range" ones. hens are 'spent' (i.e. too fucking destroyed from osteoperosis to lay) after 2 years max. debeaking, antibiotics, unnatural soy/grain diet. killed in the end.
suffocate to death. destroys environment. bycatch. full of parasites and diseases. farmed fish are the most toxic food on the planet
they're gross

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Technically, yes. We evolved for far more time eating "vegan", but we adapted to eating meat and other animal products to survive. However, the average lifespan of people before the industrial revolution was too short for them to develop heart attacks and other diseases to die from. You'd only find them documented in the royalty.
Mummified bodies of hunter gatherers and other people from predominately meat-eating tribes show plaques and other signs of heart disease.

Nowadays, since we can live up to 80 and more, due to medical advances, we actually get to an age where we develop those diseases and they are our number one killers.

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>The vast majority of humans aren't humans
Bold claim.

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>they're gross
Too some limp wristed faggot like you, maybe.

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Yeah sure, that's why there multiple stories of babies dying from being put on a vegan diet.

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No you retard. There are many essentials nutrients you aren't getting from a strictly vegan diet. You will run out of B12 5 years after starting a vegan diet.

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>another vegan thread

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If you're right, you don't have to be loud about it.

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Oh no I'm a gonner.

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All of those are sensational stories that had nothing to do with a vegan diet.

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So taking pills is human nature?

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keep telling yourself that

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Yes you can do that on beans and lettuce, people worked 16 hour days of hard physical work on beans and lettuce

That said, humans are omnivores and this thread is dildos

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Even farm laborers before industrialization ate animal products on a regular basis. Many famous cheeses from Mexico derive from what farm laborers ate. Actual veganism or even ovo-lacto vegetarianism as a discipline is rare on a historical basis. Most lower classes ate meat when they could afford it, according to the seasons and when working animals were being slaughtered.

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nope we have a digestive system that is a compromise from a pure vegetarian and pure carnivore, leaning more towards carnivore.

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Meat is delicious though. So go fuck your mother, I will eat what I want.

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>In humans, the colon represents only 20% of the total volume of the digestive tract, whereas in apes it is about 50% (Fig. 2; Milton and Demment, 1988; Milton, 2003). The size-able colons of most large-bodied primates permit fer-mentation of low-quality plant fibers, allowing for ex-traction of energy in the form of short-chain fatty acids (Leonard et al., 2007). Thus, humans are relatively poor among autoenzyme-dependent omnivores in digesting uncooked plant fiber. The human large intestine lies somewhere between that of the pig, a similar omni-vore, and the dog, a carnivore capable of consuming an omnivore diet that has a reduced cecum and short colon.

Incoming cope.

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>the vast majority of minorities and therefore not people are lactose intolerant.

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well based on those findings regarding humans digestive tracts it looks like we are really meant to be carnivores. explains why people get malnourished on a pure vegan diet.

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Of course all the carnists in this place are all racist nazis.

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I dont eat salads.

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This is a pretty high quality shitpost. The only reason your mouth breathing ass can type is because we started 1. eating meat and 2. cooking meat.

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every vegan I've known binge eats in secret because they don't get proper nutrients and their body composition due to lack of animal proteins/fats makes them crave sugar and simple carbohydrates

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Why do the mods allow pro vegan threads but not allow anti vegan threads?

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this is one of those myths perpetrated by militant vegans and completely wrong and the opposite of what actually is.

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You have never known a vegan.

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your mom was a vegan before I got to her

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I think you meant to say whore vegan not just vegan. Because she is also a whore

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My cousin is like this. I think it's just human nature though.

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pretty much this, vegans are proselytizing fags and the more they do it the more they push others away.

they change goalposts so much it's not worth trying to keep them logically straight

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The fuck did you think scavenging humans did in prehistoric times before those cultivated vegetables existed? Do you really think they found a balanced diet of thousands of calories of fruits and roots for each member of the group every day?

Our body evolved to be a system that could take in multiple sources of fuel. Whatever it took to survive. Eating organ meat regularly means they didn't die of diseases from the plants they weren't finding. These fuckers weren't farming beans, squash, and citrus.

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Imagine saying that promoting a healthy and ethical way of life is proselytizing.

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OP eternally btfo

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People say it about Catholics all the time and they do the same thing.

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Isn't it interesting that 95% of Mongolians are lactose intolerant but still consume a diet high in dairy? Maybe it has to do with their ancient bacterial cultures passed down from generation to generation that break down the lactose for them?

Use fucking tools, you retard. We cook our meat and ferment our favorite foods. Stop trying to be a shit eating gorilla and get with the times.

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chickens in my yard live long and are happier than i am
none of the stuff you said about fish is even remotely true, especially if you put a little bit of consideration into what you buy
shellfish are delicious

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Your whole agenda is based on telling other people what to do. No we are not vegans by default. No I will not eat the bugs. No I will not eat fake meat. Fucking retards

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Vegans are not the same, its not a religion, its an objectively more moral and healthy diet.

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carnists are literally npcs
also fuck cheese breathers

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gonna go chug my carton woop woop

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People are designed to eat whatever the fuck is available and not deadly.
The fact that we CAN survive and get all the nutrients we need from a diet that doesn't involve killing billions of animals, mass deforestation, and dumping more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than all global transportation combined is the reason we SHOULD be vegan, or at least mostly.

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none of this would be a problem if the planet had 200 million people instead of billions of chinamen

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Considering that not even most religions care if you eat meat or not, I'd say you're subjective on the first one and outright wrong on the second one. There's enough evidence in this thread alone to prove that but you won't listen, so instead I'll just say my own piece:

If you hate farms so much, why not move out of the city and get somewhere you can hunt your own meat? You guys always bring up moral arguments about farming, but you don't have to get your meat from a farm. You can get it yourself by hunting, fishing, or even raising your own animals in a way that you believe is ethical.

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>none of this would be a problem if the planet had 200 million white people

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The wages of sin is death.

>> No.14531607

I am not going to murder animals to feed myself. That is objectively evil.

>> No.14531613

It's not though. Is a lion evil for killing a gazelle?

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>Humans by their own nature are naturally vegans. The only reason why people eat animal products is because we have been manipulated by social constructs and revisionist history to believe that we have always ate them

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does a lion have a conscious?

>> No.14531622

Before agriculture humans were nomadic hunter gatherers for tens of thousands of years. The truth is is that we ate whatever we could get our hands on, meat, bone marrow, organs and so on. Humans were not by nature vegans we were scavengers, which eventually became the apex predator.

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In your worldview, yeah.

>> No.14531652

what is my worldview

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This is wrong, back then humans were in harmony with nature and mother nature provided sustenance. The garden of eden is essentially an allegory of this time when we were at peace with the earth. The fall, the snake, is the falls word of the carnists which led to our fall from grace and lead to us attacking nature.

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There are plants out there less soi than you.

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Forgot pic

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That killing animals to feed oneself is objectively evil. You said it yourself a few posts ago. Going with this, we can assume that all carnivorous animals are evil. Of course, you also seem to be aware that this is kind of a ridiculous notion since you immediately tried to apply modifiers to the lion to somehow exempt him from being evil. But why wouldn't the lion be evil? Because he's not a "moral actor" or some such nonsense? Well that can't possibly be it. Animals have the same thoughts and feelings that we do. After all, that's why killing them is wrong! At this point the only thing that might MIGHT keep the lion from being evil within this set of beliefs is the fact that he doesn't enslave his food. He hunts it himself, deals with the reality of killing on his own, takes what he needs, and leaves the rest to other animals like vultures, who must certainly be evil because they had their meat slaughtered for them just like those evil people buying meat at the supermarket.

Does this sound stupid yet? If it does, you should seriously reconsider your beliefs regarding the ethics of eating meat. People who believe that killing animals for food is objectively evil have always operated with a moral code that has all the integrity of a house of cards, and when a breeze comes they curse the wind instead of closing the window or even gluing the cards down.

>> No.14531714

That was before we polluted the food chain with heavy metals unfortunately, let's see how that holds up into the future.

>> No.14531730

millions of stone tools designed for hunting animals, cutting up animals, says you are wrong. you dont need an arrow to get a fruit, or a chopper to eat a turnip. however, a nice knife can cut tofu into little squares, so maybe ancient hominids ate tofu

>> No.14531744

Nope. Not having ethics is not a ticket to being able to be slaughtered on a mass scale. Why don't we grind up psychopaths like yourself who lack ethics otherwise?

>> No.14531749

Where is evidence that they were meat-centric

>> No.14531750

that was my first post after asking if a lion has consciousness

>> No.14531772

>Humans by their own nature are naturally vegans
Not an argument. If you cared so much about nature you wouldn't be using the internet rn

>> No.14531880

>humans by their nature are naturally vegans
>chimpanzee's hunting a monkey to eat.mp4
>chimps are genetically 98.7% human


>> No.14531884

If we're naturally vegans why haven't we evolved 4 stomachs like ruminants?

>> No.14532043

Are remuninants the only herbivorous creatures? Humans using fire to process food for hundreds of thousands of years also makes our digestion pretty unique among animals

>> No.14532051

Chimps mostly hunt as a bonding exercise and when their main food source, fruit, becomes scarce. It's like arguing that humans are meant to drink beer because we often get together and drink. It's still taxing on the body and ultimately unhealthy

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Yes. Humans have always been vegans up until the industrial revolution ruined humanity forever. All you needed to do for dinner was go outside, pick some berries, maybe harvest some wheat, and dig up some potatoes. Go to the vitamin B12 bush a grab a fresh pill and bam. Fuck carnies.

>> No.14532124

I think my favorite part of being vegan is how pissed off other people get by my eating habits

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I like the taste of dairy and enjoy eating it so i started drinking kefir. One day i drank the entire bottle to get calories in and about 35 minutes later i entered the danger zone. I started to have some painful diarrhea for a few hours. I tried kefir another time but same thing. I still consume other dairy that doesn't give me diarrhea. It made me curious if i was intolerant of the beta casein protein and i have a greater tolerance of other dairy products with the same beta casein because of the processing of those products. Kpeaceoutby

>> No.14532168

It really is amazing how much murderers get upset when others don't partake in their violent acts.

>> No.14532171

>hundreds of thousands of years
>this fucking moron thinks that ruminancy takes a few hundred thousand years to develop and not millions of years
Yeah again, you're talking about nature and evolution. So humans are omnivores with a high meat drive to hunt just like chimps. Protein is so highly valued they'll sacrifice resources to eat a fucking monkey instead of gathering more fruit fucking mong.
>chimps hunt as a bonding exercise
Yes and humans eat meat as a bonding exercise

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>> No.14532188

>Yes and humans eat meat as a bonding exercise
Right, and they drink alcohol as a bonding exercise, and they do coke as a bonding exercise, etc. It doesn't mean it's good for us or we're designed to do it. It's true that humans enjoy eating meat. We enjoy eating candy and cake too. We didn't necessarily "evolve to eat it"

>> No.14532195

Since when are jews allowed to post here?

>> No.14532219

Are there any vids of chimps on coke? Asking for a friend

>> No.14532229

What a bunch nature/culture dichotomy flimflam. If a human culture, in its natural course of history, decided to kill some animals and eat the flesh and innards, than we've fallen into herbivore habits naturally.

>> No.14532230

Yeah idk find certified a2a2 cows milk or goat milk you can also age raw milk into clamber and try that but idk u could be fucked

>> No.14532233

Redpill me on a2a2 milk

>> No.14532235

Yeah tell me about it, vegans never want to talk about the suffering, death, and extinction involved in human food crop production, and they always seem so angry. Perhaps they have a guilty conscience?

>> No.14532236

no they are not for example new babies literally cant survive on vegan they freaking die

>> No.14532242

Idk look into it yourself. I’m not lactose intolerant but I am a milk enthusiast.

>> No.14532250

Exactly this, if fucking cows took over the world and there wasn't enough grass to eat. They'd fucking start evolving to eat fucking cows.

I know you like eating plants and all but please don't insults others intelligence with your low tier understanding of evolutionary niches.

>> No.14532253

Do vegans not condone literal breast milk?

>> No.14532259

Nah they’d start with small animals. Meat eating is not the same as cannibalism, as much as vaygans seem to try to convince themselves,


>> No.14532264

What I meant was that they'd start eating other stuff and eventually eat cows

>> No.14532266

No animal should be raped.

>> No.14532268

what if they consented

>> No.14532274

You're thinking of 1 in a million examples of babies whose parents thought 1 pint of apple juice a day was all the nutrition a baby needs. It's not a vegan diet in general that's the blame in those cases.

>> No.14532278

You mean AI? Well then don’t get any bully breeds because that’s definitely rape, buddy.

>> No.14532289

Consent is the only reason why it can be ok with mothers milk. Every single other existence of dairy is literal rape.

>> No.14532338

What was "natural" in our diets is a fallacious argument- what we did in the past was not necessarily good.
We live much older now, even when the infant mortality is factored out.

Animal products come in a wide range of forms, making a blanket statement about them being "good" or "bad' is delusional.
Claims vegans make about the sustainability of the meet industry are universally irrational, sometimes stemming from an ignorance of agriculture but often simply lies oft repeated.
Like Muslims claiming pork causes aggression and cancer (can't express how many stupid Muslims tried to convince me/themselves this) the claims vegans make are just lies because other people do not share their core values.

I eat meat, sometimes.
If I lived in a shepardic community I might eat meat all the time.
If I lived in cold valley I might not eat meat at all.

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I'm fine being manipulated, I genuinely like eating cheese, eggs, fish and the occasional beef.
Not big on chicken tho.

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Why did the snake offer an apple and not a burger?

>> No.14532599

>white people
You really should stop using pleonasms.

>> No.14532663

>Does this sound stupid yet?

no, we should sterilize all humans and animals, and then nuke the planet so no more suffering occurs

>> No.14532747

Predators aren't evil, because they usually only kill the weakest members of a species. This maintains the fitness of the prey species and prevents far greater suffering from injury, illness and starvation.

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Those cavemen sure were thinking about social constructs when they needed to eat

>> No.14532795

Well that goes back to Siddhartha and the nature of suffering; or you could just shrug and say that shit happens.

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