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Since yesterday's theoretical burger tasting thread, I know that many anons have been thinking a lot (and posting a lot on reddit) about how burgers are best eaten and how tongue probing plays a role in this.

Obviously, if a burger is stacked traditionally with the patties on bottom and toppings on top (duh), then if the burger is eaten as normal then applied tongue probing will result in the meat being tasted first. To recap the debate from yesterday, if a burger is stacked alternatively/modernly then the patty is above the toppings.

If the alternative/modern stacking is used and the burger is eaten as normal, then tongue probing technique could be utilized to modulate the taste profile prior to umami saturation.


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>many anons have been thinking

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Why does ja/ck/ eat like that? I've never seen anyone except him and his wife eat that way

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it's obligatory for all youtube fatties to do it. it creates more room in the mouth for their massive, ravenous bites

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they're exhibitionists who are selling videos of themselves eating. what type of degenerate creep would watch that? perverts. it's porn for food cucks. I guarantee they eat like normal people off the clock.

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He also lunges at his food like a wild animal

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already filtered. Goodbye

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it's all about the tongue technique

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We need David Attenborough to provide commentary for these before he croaks

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