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Why are americans so obsessed with meat? I'm not a vegetarian or anything but I eat healthy and realize that a proper diet is primarily produce/carb based. I eat meat a few times a week, and it's mainly fish because the meat in this country is pretty disgusting.

Ever since moving here almost everyone I meet acts like they have to have meat every day and that it should be the main part of meals. Do people not realize that such high consumption of meat isn't realistic and it's the reason America's meat is such low quality shit that couldn't be sold in other countries?

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I like fish. I have chicken every once in a while. but red meat is just so. heavy. I always feel sick after eating red meat

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>Why are americans...
Not even a yank, but I stopped reading there. 'Obsessed' doesn't even begin to do this justice.

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Vegan false flag. Sage

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Speaking on a per capita basis, the US is on par with Australia and New Zealand for meat consumption, and in the same bracket as countries such as Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, and Argentina.
The quality of US meat has less to do with the amount consumed, and more to do with the USDA tiered grading system that does allow lower quality cuts to be served directly to the consumer instead of being reserved for further processing or industrial use. What poor third world country did you come from? The meat consumption in poverty-stricken nations like the PRC is under half that of developed nations.

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>Speaking on a per capita basis, the US is on par
What about processed and low quality meat?

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>Speaking on a per capita basis, the US is on par
What about processed and low quality meat?

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>a healthy diet is carb based
Are you sure that's the position you want to take in the year of our lord 2018+2

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Amerisharts are too stupid and poor to buy high quality meat.

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Yes keep spiking that insulin. Nothing bad can happen

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>muh insulin bogeyman
are you gonna post some fatkins foundation blog next?

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Not "Americans", whites. The answer is homeostasis, not our own, but that of other mammals. I won't bother to explain the anthropology of the Yamnaya's split into, among others, the Corded Ware and Vedic cultures and how they came to have such different dietary paths because you won't listen anyway.

>not efficient hurr durr

Which would matter in a planned economy, meat is a profitable product. If Vegans somehow get in the way politically the point I can't get meat I will just eat vegans, they're grass-fed AND grass-finished anyway.

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>is primarily carb based
America has been eating more and more carbs ever since the McGovern report in the late 70s, when you really don't need that much if you're not an athlete or have a job doing a lot physical labor

>having high blood sugar constantly doesn't cause diabetes

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Yanks eat a lot of meat but it would be considered industrial waste in any other country besides the USA. It's flavourless chemical rubbish

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They don't want to admit it but meat eating is their culinary culture.

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their culinary culture consists of taking european and mexican dishes, dumping plastic cheese onto them, and then pretending that it's unique

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>Why are third worlders so obsessed with America?

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'cause they live there

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They came from the poorest of the poor of the rest of the world (+African slaves). They couldn't afford meat on the regular back home, but could in USica so they just went ham (ahem) with it and the tradition continued with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc down to today.

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Also, healthy diet should have more veg than carbs, by weight. Starches are relatively calorific in comparison to, say, carrots, cabbages and the like.

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Why does American meat taste like nothing? I'm not even trying to troll but it's so odd. There is no flavour to it at all. It doesn't taste bad--there is simply no taste.

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I'm Honestly not even sure what you Mean good sir, American meats Tend to be Neutral in flavour due to the Corn Diet most animals are raised with if you want Better meat you need to opt for Grass Fed Meats at least when dealing Beef and Lamb etc Chickens you want Free range and Natural diet(yellower skin also smaller and more expensive) Meats are a huge part of American Diets i don't know because Meat is easy and convenient filling and cheap Blame it on our European roots i suppose, and then you blend all the other cultures that have made this country what it is, and you might have an idea, Also Diets heavier in meats and less veg had been proven a healthier diet considering your Body cannot actually process fiber very well, There's a few youtube videos that Go over the subject of why a carnivore diet is actually good for you, I recommend What i learned today and another channel by a doctor whom i cannot remember his name to save my life(just worked a 14 hour shift) but Search Keto Doctor and you might find him

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>Why are americans so obsessed with meat
Isn't it painfully obvious ? They have a domination issue, it applies to food as well.

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Yes that's what a boomer would say just before patting himself on the back thinking he's being sophisticated. To me you just sound like a dumb asshole.

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Sounds like you have a problem being dominated

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>I'm not a vegetarian or anything
11th thread and counting.

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You feel this way because you're easily influenced and you've been told red meat is bad for you.

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>a proper diet is primarily produce/carb based
Actually a proper diet is purely meat-based.
take the carnivore pill.

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Can't wait for vegans to start dying of malnutrition and getting to taste the soylent green they'll make outta them

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Meat is part of a balanced diet and tastes good. Problem is some people eat too much red meat, processed meats, fatty meats and such.

Such is life, I guess

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Because the entire course of human civilization has been to eat meat and when there isn't enough, we scheme to acquire more. Thise in power gift it when needee and restrict it when needed. The Jews banned pork to make their populace weak. Meat. Meat. Nothing else on Earth is as glorious as meat.

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The same reason the rest of the world is so obsessed with meat.
>b-but americans eat more of it!
We eat more of everything except veggies because we're fat fucks.

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[Citation needed]
It's Euros so I get you can't do basic research but

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Europe has third world countries where you have to wait 10 months for basic cancer treatment and this is like France and England not Moldova

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>Why are americans so obsessed with meat?
It's ingrained in our culture.
More land means more room for farming, which we absolutely make use of.
When immigrants, particularly Italian, migrated to the US, they found that meat was more readily available and far more affordable compared to what they were used to. As a result, they were able to use it more often and experiment with more meat-focused recipes.

tl;dr people like meat

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Yeah bring democracy to my country daddy. When you're finished with your internal troubles first, that is.

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Sexual impotence. State enforced circumcision cripples the neurological development of males. They cope by clinging to things they beleive are associated with manliness, such as the excessive consumption of meat.

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>carb based
fatfuck detected

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>realize that a proper diet is primarily produce/carb based.
Literally American propaganda by the wheat companies.

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>Not even a yank, but I stopped reading there. 'Obsessed' doesn't even begin to do this justice.

at least our country isn't overrun with niggers looting & burning shit at will. 2020 merica is a nigger criminal heaven and a joke to the rest of the world.

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it doesn't count when blacks murder blacks. black lives only matter when the perpetrator is white, so we have an excuse to be racist to whitey and you can't say shit back.

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The standard american diet is at least 60% carbohydrates.

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>a proper diet is primarily produce/carb based.

Carbohydrates are poison. There is no such thing as 'essential Carbohydrates' whereas you NEED protein and fat to survive.

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This is why BLM is really a hate group and not a social movement. When has BLM ever marched or spoken out when niggers murder other niggers?

A dozen black on black crimes happened just this weekend in Chicago alone, yet not a single peep out of BLM.

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>Ever since moving here
How about you go back, then? I don't want you here, you don't want to be here, so why are you here?

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I've been to every major beef producing country in the world. The US has the best beef but poor pork. I would stick with beef unless you can find heritage breed pork

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>Literally uses another country (probably France or Germany looking by it) image that you can confirm by reverse search
Nice "argument" you got here

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Cause it tastes good. There isnt much to think about.

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>proper diet
>carb based

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