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What was the hottest food you ever ate

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gfs pussy

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I put powdered carolina reaper on taco one time.
Big mistake

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I worked at this BBQ place and dude decided we needed to step up our suicide sauce. Think it was just fermented habaneros? Maybe some other stuff but it turned out hot as fuck.
I underestimated it and had like 1/2 a teaspoon and it felt pretty torturous.

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My dad grows reapers, they're hot as fuck. A squirrel tried to eat one and it died

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ur mums pusy :DDDDDDDDDD

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My local Indian restaurant asked how spicy I wanted my lamb vindaloo on a scale of 1-5. They didn't give me a white people 5. I could see the folks in the kitchen looking at me in shock while I was sweating my nuts off. It was delicious.

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My friend is an organic chemist given free reign of a lab. He extracted some like, 90% pure capsaicin, a thick red liquid (100% pure is a powder, and takes a fuckton of effort, not worth).

Put some of that on our tongues. Took like 30 minutes for the effect to wear off, it felt like a fucking drug trip. My entire body felt like I had run a marathon afterwards

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I don’t know if this matters, but one time I put a bunch of gobstoppers up my ass and they melded into one solid clump that was impossible to pass. It created this sugar fizz in my ass that was surprisingly acidic and it burned my rim pretty good. Hanging out with the mates later that night didn’t feel quite right.

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My trans gf's asshole the night after she had hallerpeno poppers

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A tablespoon of Blair's 4am Reserve. I was already pretty drunk at that point, but it burned so bad, I drank myself to blackout so that I didn't have to feel it anymore. My stomach hurt for a few days afterwards, and my hands tingled for 24 hours.

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I grow reapers. I ate a reaper. That was a mistake.

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that's actually pretty dangerous lol

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I put myself in the hospital for one night when I was tasked with digging up a large resin spurge without being warned about what it was. I burned my eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and arms just by being too close to it when I chopped it up with a shovel.


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First time I made chili con carne was at the age of 14. And I kept tasting little bits like "its not hot enough yet, it's not hot enough yet"
Put in like 14 tablespoons of chili and ended up vomitting. I was a dumb kid.

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That's why a girlfriend is useful, she can be the judge, jury, and executioner.

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taco bell fire sauce

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cleaned up my wife and the bull with my mouth. His spicy BBC bull testosterone infused godseed burned my mouth when i sucked it off his dick and my wifes lips and pussy. she said she thought it was good. Truly his seed is too powerful for a melanin-lacking betacuck like me.

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That has nothing to do with food or cooking so please see a therapist about your fetish

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Some Caribbean soup that was made with way too many scotch bonnets because my friend misread the recipe and put like triple the amount like a dumbass.

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meatballs simmered in el pato habenero sauce. just a huge mistake.

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i was asked whats the hottest thing i've ever eaten, so i answered. It was his raging alpha black bull semen. sorry i offended you, chud.

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One of those da bomb style hot sauces. Just dipped a toothpick in it to try. Not enough to set my entire mouth on fire but it did cause my body to react by coughing for the next hour.

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Currywurst with Chili Bih Jolokia/the final answer combination ca. 1.5 Million SCU
Worst day of my life

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Fucking LOL

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Fuck is it just a little cactus? Imagine weaponizing that shit.

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I love scotch bonnets I wish I could get them where I live

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a burger with naga jolokia peppers from a local burger place
I cried and used up many tissues cause I got a runny nose from it but I did manage to eat the burger, flushing it down with an iced coffee

I think they eventually changed the peppers to habaneros lol, and in the end they went out of business unfortunately

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Aldi used to sell small packets of mixed chillies. I got the seeds from jalapeño, peri-peri, habanero and scotch bonnet chillies and grew them.
Jalapeño and peri-peri turned out just fine. But the habanero and scotch bonnets had no heat. They were fully ripe, looked like the real thing, but they had the same heat as a bell pepper.
Any chilli aficionados know what happened?

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Fuck Aldi

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sentenced to 10+ by ball drainage

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I think it's a climate thing, they don't grow so well outside of the tropics

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fucking burned my tongue on some hot bacon once

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Once ate a dish with not one, but two tea spoons of black pepper. Shit almost burned my tongue off.

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Today, ate real thai food cooked by a thai, it's like nothing else.

And i think she held back a bit :D

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My friend nd I were on a road trip. We stopped by at some place and grabbed some meatball sandwiches. They gave us dried peppers with it. He told me they were hot. I took a tiny bit the size of a 1/20 asprine. First my throat burned like a mof. Then my tongue went numb. I spoke weird for a while cause of numbness.

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This post made me angry

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i think some species need to be stressed periodically to generate heat. The heat is a defense mechanism like mescaline is in cactus. Stressing the plants makes more of it

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The hell hotdog. It was at a local hotdog place, if you finished it you got it for free.
Carolina reaper extract, minced ghost pepper, a hotdog, and condiments of your choice.
1 bite and I was done.

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According to some friends, the hottest thing they ever ingested was something called chimarrao which they drink in the south of South America. Their words
>It is like drinking lava.

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The leftovers I put in the microwave for a bit too long.

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There are a lot of varying habanero/bonnet shaped peppers seasoning peppers. Also a no heat habanero specifically called the habanada.

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pizza diavola in some restaurant in Germany. I had a nosebleed from it.

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It matters

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Learn to use a hyphen you unfunny fuck.

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Made a fermented pure Trinidad 7 pod hot sauce last year that was really hot. Was really hot coming out. Ring sting and a burning piss.

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Fuck me. That's like inflicting a chemical weapons attack on yourself. It's 500 x more powerful that capsicum. Less than 2 grams ingested and kill a full grown man ffs.

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Raw red magazine chilli pepper. Was on the toilet for like an hour in pain a while after.

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your piss isn't supposed to burn no matter how hot the food is that you're eating m8. unless you touched your penis with your unwashed spice laden hands then you probably have an STD

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It has happened to me a few times, always after eating a ton of hot sauce.

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Crawfish boil

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the hottest wings from BWW. they made me throw up. but they didn't even taste good. i've never dived that deep in the spice

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Your mom's pussy

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That's why at thai restaurants that are anywhere decent they give you a separate holder of multiple chile peppers and sauces, that's because they don't want stuff sent back so let customers shoot themselves in their feet if they so choose.

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This epic shit. Get on my level.

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This is actually pretty easy to do yourself. You'll want a soxhlet extractor, condenser column, boiling flask, heating mantle, and some everclear (food safe / non-denatured ethanol)

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The Thai place near me has a sign that says NO REFUND IF FOOD TOO SPICY FOR YOU. I'm weak with spicy food so I've just ordered the mild and the medium, they both taste exactly the same.

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Yeah bud lemme just go in my garage and grab that shit

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Lol I guess my point is that you don't necessarily need access to an organic chemistry lab. It's a relatively achievable project to do yourself if you are willing to sink $1000 into labware.

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Hot cheetos but I want to eat more spicy foods.

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I went into my local curry house when I was wasted and bragged loudly to my friends about how spicey I eat my food.

Every time I go in there and order vindaloo it burns my fucking face off. But I still do it about once a month.

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always having to eat spicy food and make everything hot as fuck and feeling like you're better than someone else for being able to handle hot spicy food is a form of cope

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I ate a whole carolina reaper while drunk at a party. Ended up breaking their pool and getting into a fight.

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Did you get something in their filter? That happened to me once. What was the fight about?

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I bet you were hanging out lol

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The hottest chicken from Hattie B's in Nashville. Bite for bite, it was almost as hot as just munching on habaneros. Halfway through it felt like I'd just ripped a bong. I didn't like Nashville very much but I would go back just to go to that place again.

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Fellow Eating Type People

What is your favorite meal when you are sick?

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Egg drop soup.

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