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what is the point of hot sauces that are all heat and shit flavour?

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Some bullshit pretense of being 'manly' for handling spiciness.

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Literally made for redditors

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>Another hot sauce thread

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For using a small amount as an additive to increase heat without altering the flavor of the original dish.

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if that's all it does then it's an alright hot sauce. But some of these brands legitimately taste like garbage

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They're not all like that, I used to get these then the guy making them stopped producing them. I called him up and asked about that and he told me how much a production and distribution run costs, its a lot. That's not even including lawyers and insurance and stuff.

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What's wrong kid? Too hot for you?

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Idk, I bought the 357 original that is at 357 thousand scoville because I eat a lot of chili and I put chili sauce on everything and I can outdo everyone on spiciness. Anyways I tried the 357 sauce, a little dab smeared on a sandwich and it was inedible about halfway through. I have a huge tolerance for spiciness and even I though this sauce was completely inedible. Idk why the fuck anybody knowing how spicy these sauces are would ever buy them. It's ok if it's your first time as a novelty but I don't know anyone who would be able to actually eat this ultra spicy trash.

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hot sauces are retarded.
just buy pepper powder. carolina reaper, ghost chili, whatever. it's hot enough that it doesn't significantly affect the flavor, so you can make the food taste like what it's supposed to taste like.

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For a jannie to get mad that someone doesn't like his spicy sauce and ban you for 3 days

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It pretty much is for extract based sauces like the one you posted. 1-2 drops is enough for typical use when mixed with a cup or more of some other type of condiment, soup, etc.

See >>14453211 and above.

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The biggest offender I have come across is DaBomb. Terrible flavor but will fuck you up.

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Hot sauces are supposed to be HOT. Use something else if you want flavor.

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can't handle a little hot sauce you gay baby hahaha

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Mad dog hot sauce was the one that made me reevaluate my interest in hot sauces. It smelled awful and tasted even worse, and unfortunately what it lacked in taste and nose was made up in heat.

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Hot sauces can be hot have very good flavor, but these prank sauces are not really edible unless highly diluted, which makes you wonder what is the point of having all those ingredients as part of a sauce blend.

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Make large dishes spicy without changing much of the flavor

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They are supposed to be an additive / dilutive and not consumed directly themselves. More like adding a bit to your bowl of chili or rubbing on top of a slice of pizza (although your weaker "strong" hot sauces are better to use for the pizza)
This but to still impart a decent plavor.

>The biggest offender I have come across is DaBomb. Terrible flavor but will fuck you up.
Yeah I tried mine for a bit and tossed it, heat but not much flavor

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Confirmed yuro yt that can’t handle spice lmaooo

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That picture like anything from that vegan bunch is very disturbing and makes me want to kill them with fire.

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some have that amazing fermented flavor. those are the good ones. the hot ones are just shit tier for babbies trying to convince themselves they're tough.

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