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Post your favorite soup. For me, it is cream of broccoli.

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Good choice. I think mine is probably miso.

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Patrician. Clam chowder and lobster bisque are great too. Maybe carrot soup if I'm feeling dangerous.

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Hands down tom ka gai, Or however you spell it, used to get it fresh from my college cafeteria every 2 weeks, was a big deal on campus lol

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Shrimp bisque

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cheddar beer, especially since you can cut down the amount of cream added and get a really nice fondue cheese.

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plain ol chicken soup, i like mine with rice in it, some carrots and potatoes

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Broccoli or cauliflower cheese soup
Tonkotsu ramen

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since I can't have dairy, I'm going with frito chili pie

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for me? it's french onion.

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I like tomato soup when paired with a nice soft bread. But, alone, I make 5 cheese broccoli soup (experimenting with cheeses rn).

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Just a reminder. Remember to wash your starchy ingredients such as potatoes and rice. I just made soup and it became a gloopy starchy mess. Still ate it.

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a little bit of bleu, some of cheddar, main could be of havarti...

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Posole with hella lime

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Can’t decide so some of my favs. Beef soup with rice and vegetables, lentil soup, clam chowder with lobster, posole

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My Granny used to make cream of lettuce soup and, I shit you not, was one of the best things I've ever had.

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I love chicken noodle and vegetable soup made with bone broth. Shits god tier my ex wife taught me how to make it.
I also learned how to make guinness stew and I've made it a few times it turned out pretty based.

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Pea and Ham

>Soak green split peas over night
>Sautee onion and garlic in olive oil
>Add celery and carrot
>Add a few bay leaves and season
>Add a bacon hock and pour over half chicken stock, half water
>Simmer until meat is falling off the bone stirring the bottom every 15 - 20 minutes
>Remove bacon hock and let cool
>Whizz contents of the pot with a stick blender and season to taste
>Remove meat from bacon hock and chop then add to the soup
>Return to the heat and stir meat through
>Serve with crusty bread and butter

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>I think mine is probably miso
Absolute fucking tastelet weaboo pokemon bitch

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I can feel the farts

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Fuck, add the split peas after the bay leaves go in.

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I like half and half, half chicken noodle, half miso. That's great to sip on when I have a bad hangover.

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>cream of lettuce soup
Ballet dancers live on lettuce soup (no cream) when they're training for a recital.

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Something like that.
10:26 PM 3/25/2017
Open to the universe and all it has to offer. ?
Open to the possibilities of everything to come.
Open to the joy of pure passion.
Open to the sadness of inevitable failure. Open to the people who'll join me along the way.
Open to the lessons to be learned.
Open to the unknown.

-- Kira Kosarin

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The hard part seems like those weird shoes that fuck up their toes and feet.

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Co-op do this absolutely delicious Lentil and Bacon soup, needs extra salt and pepper but once that's done it's gorgeous

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But broccoli does not have cream in it?
Who was the dumbass that invented the name?

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I really like beer cheese soup, but I feel like it shouldn't even be called soup.

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Curry in soup form... perfect.

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Shut the fuck up europoor.

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>Mutts think they invented cream soups

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Czech sauerkraut soup

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There are so many good ones, but I think I'll have to go with split pea, with hamhock on the side.

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Oh man, now you've done it... I need posole now.

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A good pho is pretty fantastic, especially if you are hungover.

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I can understand rice, but how could you possibly rinse the starches out of a potato?

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big brained man of taste right here. nothing better than the croutons under the melted gruyere in a crock that’s hotter than shit

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You're only concerned with the starches released from the cut surfaces of the potato. So rinsing or soaking makes a significant difference, just look at how whitish the water becomes.

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Klar köttsoppa

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Lima beans and ham.

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Based and frenchoniononacolddaypilled

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Cream of sum yung gai

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Open my legs because I'm clearly a fucking whore. This is the kind of histrionic cunt that describes herself as "passionate" and "living in the moment" and all it means is that she's neurotic with extremely high time preference and a drinking problem. Fuck that bitch

>I like beef and barley

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soldatens ärtsoppa med slotts senap, timjan och mejram

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who dat aids biatch?

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You can make that far better, easy, fellow bong.

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I'm sure I'll try it eventually but I usually only have soup for lunch at work

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Needs oystestah crackahs

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big fan of broccoli cheddar

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that especially needs oystah crackahs

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Tomato mussel soup with a retarded amount of olive oil.

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Beef stew.

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Clam chowder here, tied with tonkotsu for favorite.

The missus likes tomato bisque

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Why does your bread look like a hunk of blue cheese from far away?
It’s got some dark spots, can’t tell if I’m just retarded or your bread is

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Gots to be New Englsnd chowdah.

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>Clam chowder

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They make some amazing clam chowder in Monterey, who knows if that place even exists anymore though because half the price point was the atmosphere. Also, luring people in with clam chowder samples.

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Lentil soup

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Creame of pickle soup

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>thinking bonito broth, miso paste, and whatever vegetables of your choice put together in a soup is weeaboo and "tastelet"
how about you go kill yourself instead

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Like you wouldn't bang her left and right given the chance. Don't be stupid.

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For some reason I read that as Bronto Broth.

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Quick question, OP. Why are you fucking me? Now all I want is cream of broccoli soup, but I have none and I am too tired to go to the store for ingredients and then make it

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But that's what I want to happen?

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If you need more salt from a canned soup you have a salt problem.

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>making assumptions put of now where.
Are you delusional?

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You can see on the label it has 0.9 grams of salt, that's less than the weight of a paperclip

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