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Do Americans really do this?

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no i use an electric kettle for quick things, otherwise i use a real pan

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Its more energy efficient.

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there is literally no difference between microwaved water and kettle or stove boiled water, any anyone who disagrees is paid by Big Kettle

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Do americans really coat their food in radiation then just eat it???

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Nosy fucker aren't you?

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Why wouldn't you? When have you heard of a superhero that didn't get stronger with radiation?

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No, usually I put the teabag in before microwaving it

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>Do americans really coat their food in radiation then just eat it?
do eurotrash really not understand what radiation is and how it works? there is no residual radiation of any kind from microwaving it.

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Do Europeans really do this?

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Do Americans really get triggered by obvious bait, likely from another unemployed American?

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