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What is /ck/'s favorite hot sauce?
>pic related

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senior alfredo

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inb4 "faggot.jpg"

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Tapatio is a good all-purpose hot sauce to have in the fridge, but there's nothing special or interesting about it. It'd be like having "yellow mustard" as your favorite mustard. You need to branch out.

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Shitty brand

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why'd you put the hot sauce in the fridge?

and why'd you do that to mr. tapatio's face?

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My favorite is my own. This one habanero, cilantro, garlic. Fermented for a few months.

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My girl put it in the fridge. I generally leave anything with vinegar out. The last bottle I had for like 7 years. Aged real well, got super fucking hot.
The face thing is a ritual my dad would do when I was a kid. He hated being reminded that it was spic sauce.

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This stuff is good, but really any chipotle sauce. Chipotle peppers on their own are really good too, doesn’t even need to be a sauce. Something about smoking a pepper is nice, smoked paprika is pretty good too

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tabasco original

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Nice dub-dubs

Wal-mart started carrying this locally and I'm thankful for it, probably the best hot sauce a part of a national chain available fairly reasonably.

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>He hated being reminded that it was spic sauce.
Massive cope

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The alfredo bandito

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sriracha unironically goes good on anything.. texas pete or louisiana if i'm eating american food (fast food/bbq)

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How much hotter is that than regular El Yucateco? I've only had the red and the Carribean.

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it's hotter — noticeably but not oppressively more. If you like the red you'll most likely be fine with the heat. It's got a different flavor, however.

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i find tapatio to be really gross

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because it is. All low cost mexican hot sauces are disgusting, they all taste putting pennies in your mouth.

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Can anybody recommend a good chili oil? I tried pic related and it tasted like ass

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I bought this yesterday

It taste pretty good and the ants in it make a nice crunch.

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It depends on what I'm eating, really, but general go-to's are crystal, matouk's, yucateco, or something with a good jalapeño flavor

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making it at home is pretty easy and much much better


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These. Love the Green and Charcoal Habanero sauces.

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for me, it's taco bell diablo sauce

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>Hot Sauce Thread

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Best sauce ITT

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Ring the bell, salivate. Like clockwork.

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Mine is Frank's.

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I just bought my first aardvark bottle what am i in for? What’s the first food i should try it with? I was thinking something basic like a chipotle burrito or a California burrito

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haha yeah, fuck me i'm a big fag for talking about something I enjoy haha

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i like Melinda's brand. wish the store i shopped at had the chipotle sauce.

i also unironically love Tabasco recently since starting to enjoy fresh oysters but that's a once a year thing

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This shit is wonderful on everything.

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Better late than never, king

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That stuff is only good because it's so cheap. It's the little caesars of hot sauce. You can buy a massive 34 oz bottle for around 1.50

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I've had the xxxtra hot on ceviche before, based af

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Correct. Fuck you.

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Melinda's is pretty good! Marie Sharp's is very similar tasting, but with much more salt

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I only enjoy the flavor of the red yucateco, even though it's the weakest, heat wise. The chipotle one is pretty good with some grainy or slightly sweet food though

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This shit is REALLY fucking amazing. It's by far the best I've ever had. Went through a bottle in a week since I just put it on everything.

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>Melinda's is pretty good!

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Aw, thanks! Kys, kys

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I really don't care for this brand, but I guess it's what all the brown people who don't speak English in my town like because it's the table sauce at their restaurants. The black labeled one was interesting, but only goes with certain things because of how smokey it was.

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yeah it actually is pretty good
it tastes like the peppers it's made from and goes well on eggs
plus the brand girl is pretty cute
Melinda que linda

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shut up

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The black label is decent. It's about the same as Tapito and Cholula.

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based trips

all of you shut the fuck up

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Buddy, you can comment on a 4channel board and not be racist, you know.

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But homophobic is still mandatory, right?

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Niggas help

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First off, do you know what a California burrito is? It has french fries in it. Totally barbaric.

Now that that's out of the way, breakfast tacos/burrito is a classic drown in hot sauce food, but really put it on anything with a good amount of starchy shit

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That's what I was doing. I could have just said spics instead.

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goddamn you are such a fucking faggot holy shit

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Tapatío is kind of disappointing

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It’s literally just vinegar and cheap chili powder.

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your dad sounds like a faggot.

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Do you ferment in a crock in your pantry or just bottle and fridge?

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I ferment everything in my AIDS-ridden colon.

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Does this speed up the fermentation

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i like most puckerbutt sauces, i put reaper squeezins in a lot of shit

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HOT SAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how high are you

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imagine the smell of your vinegary shits

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What a fag

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For me its Watchukiss

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I've never seen this before, in what stores/countries is it available?

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Bruh I was literally about to make this thread with the same sauce of the same size for the op image

>> No.14365360

Sharts Island

>> No.14365369

In burgerland. I live next to a mexican market and i buy it there. Never seen it anywhere else tho

>> No.14365382

CA, NM, or TX?

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I fermented some hot sauce recently. Tastes really fucking good I tell you what.

>> No.14365394

Prepare for Chalula and Valentina bois

>> No.14365395

Based Dad

>> No.14365401

Did you cook it using clean burning, all natural propane gas

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I like the little air hole on the cap for optimized pouring. I don't like how the cap is pressed on instead of screwed on so I can't clean out all the dried hot sauce crust.

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This stuff was on sale at Whole Foods this week so got a bottle.
It's pretty good. Hard to describe the taste compared to the rooster sauce. Maybe less sugar or something

>> No.14365435

Just take a screwdriver or small pry bar and lever it out

>> No.14365443

Oh. And the cap is fucking retarded

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I like to put Tapatio and Cholula on and imagine that is what it would taste like if they had a baby together then the baby made it's own sauce.

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Discovered this when I was living in Korea, now I put it on everything. Most asian food stores in the US carry it.

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Here's the english label if anyone is interested. It's technically a marinade but fuck the rules, it goes amazing on eggs and most meats

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Sick, thanks bro

Gonna hit up east Los bodegas

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I remember when this brand had a bald dude on the label. Haven't had any in maybe 20 years? I remember only the heat, which was too much for me, but not any flavor. How is it?

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The place i got it from was called Maxi Foods but yeah i hope u find it

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Depends on what I'm doing with it.
Valentina, Cholula, and El Yucateco are my mainstays, though Yucateco is kinda hot for me.

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>rooster sauce
>not cock sauce
One chance

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I had this and the next time I masturbated an ant came out.

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I like this but any hot sauce is fine really

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forget the name, and the words 'es una salsa..muy salsa" right next to it. your dad sounds like a fucking idiot

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There is no equal.

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Mason jars half gallon ones. I put them in a cabinet . Stays 60ish all year round.

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This is right

>> No.14367265

>tfw live in the north
You guys living near Mexico have no idea how good you have it with your sauce options

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When it comes to my every day always have sauce then for me, it's Frank's. Just the right amount of saltiness and pepper taste. But i like to branch out occasionally. I picked up pic related on clearance and it surprised me. I put sriracha mayo on lot's of stuff too.

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Hot sauce is trash and should ok only be used in hot wing sauce recipes and even that's debatable. Problem is hot sauce is nothing more then spicy vinegar. What you want is a pepper sauce. Yes there is a difference. Look at the ingredients next time. My go to for chilli or ribs/bbq is chipotle tobasco. I'd you haven't tried it yet then go get it now. It'll change your life. Also it's the more expensive sauce on the shelf at most groceries because it's more then just hot vinegar. Step your game up.

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Wrong, retard.

>> No.14367612

>pretentious about spicy sauce
>picks chipotle tabasco as favorite

For the sake of anyone unlucky enough to love you, I hope you're just trolling

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bros aardvark is honestly a bit too spicy for me. I do enjoy the light sweetness on it, any other similar sauces that don't burn my tongue up

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>Hot Sauce Thread

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> t.heatlet

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Avatarfagging is against the rules

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Mexican dishes - tapatio/cholula/valentina
Eggs - scrambled = tapatio/cholulha/tobasco/valentina, fried - tabasco, omelette = sriracha
Pasta or rice dishes - typically sriracha, depending on their specifics.
Pizza - now THIS is the most versitille, almost every sauce tastes good on almost any kinda 'za, I do a new sauce for each slice.

Typically my favorite is sriracha, though it can be a little sweet at times and doesnt go with everything. Tobasco I also really love just because I love vinegar forward tastes, its a very light sauce. Honestly 'vark is one of my favs and haven't had it in damn years, might have to purchase some. Might actually rate 'vark as my favorite, any more like this?

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OP is only answer worth considering, except maybe this

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valentina easily i drink this shit out of the bottle

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>Not making your own

>> No.14369192

Hahahaha imagine getting triggered by a hot sauce bottle

>> No.14369198

Sounds like you haven't tried El Yucateco, satan. It mogs your sauces.

>> No.14369969

Dirty dicks is pretty good.
A natural super hot hot sauce is great for sauces.
Secret Aardvark is way overrated in my opinion.
When eating eggs tapatio is the only thing I reach for.
Based OP.

>> No.14370019

been meaning to try it actually thanks for reminding me, I will order it and report back, I am honest, if I like it ill admit it

>> No.14370064

For me, it’s the ‘vark

>> No.14370866

What's it go on?

>> No.14370882

Everyone in this thread is an emasculated white boy.

>> No.14372162

cholula costs like 20x more than valentina per oz for some reason and I couldn't blind taste test the difference.

>> No.14372170

can we get past the hot sauce OMG phase of this backlash and just treat it like "what brand of yellow mustard is good" yet

>> No.14372467

The red one has the best flavor, in my opinion, but it is also the least hot. It's habanero based, so it's still got a good kick, though. It's my favorite of the line, though the green does taste good with lots of stuff

>> No.14372518

homemade sauce made with jalapenos and garlic fermented in a 2.5% brine made with piss from my favorite gamer girl on onlyfans while she makes a cute ahegao

>> No.14372883

i don't get why hot sauce became associated with soyboys anyhow. punk bitch liberals don't like spicy food.

>> No.14373416

No, fuck you.

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