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Why is Brit cuisine so underrated worlwide? People always like to say how shit British cuisine is and whatever. Not saying UK have one of the best cuisines, but I don't see how it's one of the worse.

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Beans on fucking toast.

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It's not really bad. It's just kind of boring.

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Nonces fear the fry up

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British food is so shit that they literally created the world's largest empire just so they could import non shit food and spices from other countries.

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Still manages to be bland. The only thing bongs have to offer when they get criticized is BICCIE WICCIES AND TEA and a full breakfast.
Tbf, beans on toast is pretty rad.

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>Still manages to be bland. The only thing bongs have to offer when they get criticized is BICCIE WICCIES AND TEA and a full breakfast.
Tbf, beans on toast is pretty rad.

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WWII fucked brit bongs over pretty hard. Modern brit cuisine mostly comes from post-war rationing, which lead to pathetic drunk tier food like beans on toast. Americans on the other hand had so much surplus that they were just making up stupid bullshit simply because they could.

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Probably because you guys tend to cook everything until it's no longer recognizable is what it started as. That's why you fuckers are always heading down to the kebab shops.

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I can finish that no problem, don't like white beans though so I won't be enjoying that bit, red beans are so much better

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American here, could literally eat those eggs alone and call it breakfast. Why do Brits call us fatties again?

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post the edit

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Extreme jealousy.

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It's not underrated, it's just shit.

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Implying most Americans don't just eat piles of syrup covered sugary desserts for breakfast. Well done on being sane.

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Ok. Brits eat nothing but fish and chips, you stupid fucking faggot.

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This mighty dish strikes fear into the most lipid dense american heart

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Which one?

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No. Americans have access to every kind of food on the planet. They aren't eating that shit, that's for fucking true.

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Then what are they eating?

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Not your 3rd world trash. you fucking faggot.

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At least we're not force fed homegrown zog juice that makes you shart in mart and slice your dick off from a young age by kike overlords

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I love how angry decent food makes septics. Then when you criticise the abominations they eat they throw a tantrum. >>14344060

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I was defending your national food through sarcasm, but apparently dry humor isn't your nation's staple anymore.

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The same reason why people shit on American food. They only look at the cheap trash food.

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You ever watched a video of a burger taste marmite? Their tastebuds hallucinate.

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It's the fact that what people know as "British" is just what tourists get fed when they visit London, the equivalent treatment would be reducing Dutch cuisine to fries with peanut sauce.

When you take Britain as a whole, the cuisine is great in no small part because Britain has some of the best produce in the world. English seafood, Welsh lamb, Scottish beef and seafood. Britain produces a great variety of booze and cheese, and they've mastered the Sunday roast. You only have to look at what Christmas dinners look like around the country to know that Britain can hold its own against any European cuisine.

The problem is that Brits just don't cook, but that's because they were ahead of the curve with adopting ready meals. This is what happens when people are overworked, tired and poor, and will happen all over the world if shit continues the way it is now.

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surprisingly sensible post
our desserts and baked good are p good too
no, not greggs (althought i do like greggs)

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What the fuck is this thread?

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Holy kek

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the food in that image looks delicious

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pakis n hindus migrated to britbong. curry is brit food now.

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this. minus the bread. FEB was the original keto breakfast.

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Bruh, if you eat that everyday, prepare for your heart to give up by 45

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Modest ingredients cooked simply, highly regional and localised, ‘peasant food’ including offal, seasonal. Italian food and British food are the same.

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It was Brit food from the moment we owned India.

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Its one-note, but its a damn good note. Simple comfy food.
Brits will always be based for giving the world the Full English.

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>Japanese people eat bats
you can't be even this retarded, this is some sort of port-ironic 4D chess

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What's with the milk?

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>jellied eel

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drinking milk triggers le roasties or sjws or vegans or something. the retard-right memed themselves into making it a symbol of virility and manhood and not what literal babies drink

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All the good English food is some kind of brown people fusion. Traditional English food is not very good, and really most N. European food is the same. Nordic food is all pretty terrible too. I think it comes from it being a harsh environment, food was there for survival. Compared to all the places just south of there known the world over for food. France obviously, Spain, Germany to a lesser degree, Italy if you want to go a bit more south.

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So are we now just posting food based bait for fragile white people?

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Brit food always struck me as bland and unremarkable.
I will say that a scotch egg sounds delicious though, because I'm a fat fuck. Never had one.

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>scotch egg
Dumb gimmick food, just like a Juicy Lucy burger. You don't get anything any better than the sum of the parts. Just have pan fried egg, sausage and toast, and you get the benefit of each thing getting browned rather than making a big ball of shit out of them all.

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Imagine being this obsessed with owning a ridiculous straw man

Get some fresh air redditurd

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That cunt-eyed fish fanny wouldn't know good food if Hirohito bukkakked it all over her face.

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>>Japanese people eat bats
>Slint eyes: Slint eyes
>Yellow skin: Yellow skin
>Small penis: Small penis
They're the fucking same.

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most Americans have eggs, toast or yogurt for breakfast, fatass. Pancakes for breakfast is really more a treat for your kids not making the morning a nightmare kinda thing.

>> No.14349652

You're fucking blind if you think chinese and japanese people look the same.

>> No.14349664

Is the guy working meant to be a Saiyan?

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Pancakes/waffles have taken a huge hit in the US, partly why IHOP tried re-branding to a burger joint. Most breakfasts are probably cereal, yogurt, or bacon/sausage and eggs. But yeah, I can't think of anyone that does pancakes other than like Sunday before/after church or some shit. It's like a once a week thing, mostly for children.

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Didn't even look, but I'd bet money that the artist is a self hating white weeb.

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>complain about the food not being spicy enough
>next time, goku spites me by giving me the hottest sauce they have
>complain about the food not being spicy enough

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I do them often, partly because I rarely stock bread. I only use flour, water, and salt for the batter, though.

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Do you smother them in syrup? I don't have a sweet tooth at all, but those sound gross. I usually use a traditional batter and only put maybe like a teaspoon of syrup on each pancake.

>> No.14349768

well i wonder who is the fragile one of us two, i aint gonna get banned for saying cracker, so much for this my dear N

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based jannies

>> No.14349782

Rarely. It's usually part of a savory meal for me.

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>everyone I disagree with is a redditor, but you're the one obsessed with strawmen

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Not him and they absolutely look the same, same with Koreans and most east Asians for that matter. Japan ranges from what is essentially Siberia down to tropical islands in the south pacific. It's a wide variety of people. China as well.

But the nationality and culture is absolutely different, that's where he's being beyond intentionally retarded. Nothing's more pathetic that a racist who's ignorant about racist stereotypes like he's mad that Jews are good at dancing or something.

>> No.14349867

There's practically no Asian people in my area, but I can almost always tell if someone is Korean or Japanese. Chinese is hit or miss because sometimes they are something else like Malaysian or Laotian or something.

>> No.14349905

Sure and I mean there's also Uighurs and Tibetans and whoever else that are Chinese but as far as Han Chinese that make up the bulk of Hong Kong and Taiwan and even mainland China they look the same as Japanese & Korean.

>> No.14349916

I dunno, Japanese are racist enough to detect that someone is like 1/5th Korean and shun them. I'm pretty sure my white ass could then pick out 100% Korean from 100% Japanese from 100% Han

>> No.14349951

>I dunno, Japanese are racist enough to detect that someone is like 1/5th Korean and shun them
That's not really a thing anymore. They love k-pop like anyone else and as far back as the 60s they were accepting people like Mas Oyama as one of their own.

Sure you've got your fringe nationalist groups that mostly exist online, but mainstream Japan isn't about that anymore.

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It was brit food the moment we invented it.

>> No.14350980

France is shit.
Italy is shit.
Spain is literal who? tier.
German does great food for when you're drunk.
Plenty of food that had no mudpeople influence.

>> No.14350982

Because you're ignorant. Scotch eggs are fantastic though.

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If these cuisines are shit, what's a good cuisine then?

>> No.14351212

Boiled chicken breast with the tiniest pinch of salt and black pepper.

>> No.14351239

i will be glad to get away from the shit food here when i move away, the only half decent British foods are cottage pie and Cornish pasties/cheese and bean pasties, every thing else is fucking trash.

>> No.14351354

>put a bunch of random food on a plate
>call it culture
do bongs really...? the only thing that's distinctly british on there is the black pudding

>> No.14351367

People eat that occasionally at restaurants or it is prepared at home on holidays or when guests are over. You really think every young couple or single person in the US sits down for fucking blueberry pancakes every day?

>> No.14351835

>he missed the haggis
>he missed the tattie scone
Also, name where country where that is a common fry up.

>> No.14351837

Common meal*

>> No.14351841

>defending frogs and wops
Your meme is stale, nigger.

>> No.14351880

This isn't an everyday breakfast retard

>> No.14352037

When a bunch of dudes wearing furry hats and red coats come along, sneeze at you while saying pip pip cheerio, and then your civilization ends by shitting and pissing puke and puss, it tends to leave a bit of a raw mark.

>> No.14352397

>4 years later and Brita are still seething
Lmao, PP season 2 when?

>> No.14352415

Traditional English food is good, it's not outstanding or super interesting, mostly meat and potatoes and pastries and stuff, but they generally taste good

>> No.14352441

ive always loved this video. max comfy

>> No.14352447

Because it objectively sucks. You guys need to face this.

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i guess this dish is kind of a funny thing to be proud of because none of the constituents are from britain originally and most other countries have something similar. it would be like someone claiming raisin bread was a national dish

>> No.14353690

Only when you're using shit ingredients. The English, the Scots and the Welsh have lots of things I wish I could get back home.

>> No.14353701

What's spread on the toast? Looks like nutella.

>> No.14353731


>> No.14353870

Non-whites are lactose intolerant.

>> No.14354939

>and most other countries have something similar.
Give examples

>> No.14354944

Where's home for you? Examples of what ingredients?

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I unironically really enjoyed British food when I visited there as an American. I love pubs and fish and chip shops. Only thing that is fucking disgusting is their porridge and their bacon. Absolutely disgusting. Other than those though yeah top notch.

>> No.14355138

american bacon is 3/4 fat and fucking cremated

>> No.14355144

Only if you overcook it like a dumb boomer housewife.

>> No.14355407

There's a reason fried eggs and jam on toast are eaten in pretty much every country on earth, you want to eat something in the morning but don't want to spend a lot of time making it, it's literally "filler" food for when you don't want to make an actual meal

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British curry sucks though. Potatoes in a thick mild sauce. Woohoo... I prefer Thai curry to Indian style anyway. I'll still eat it, but we've always had more slopes than pakies around here, and desu the poo in loo thing has kind of gotten to me.

>> No.14356487

Tell me you wouldn’t eat that

>> No.14356488


I'd take the fries out and dip them in ketchup.

>> No.14356493

Piss off

>> No.14356524

Looks good with some ketchup/mayo mix

>> No.14356534

What’s wrong with French and Italian cuisine

>> No.14356538

Do Americans really?

>> No.14356664

>Potatoes in a thick mild sauce
You’ve literally never seen a proper British curry have you? Lying faggot.

>> No.14356866

So, Brits are stupid in only serving bland shit so that the good tourists won't come back and the country will be left as it is today? Wow

>> No.14356891

Britbong's cuisine definitely went to shit post WWII. It honestly seems like everything they eat commonly now was made for a nearly black out drunk guy at the bar to get him to sober up. Rationing definitely cucked them the hardest of any nation probably.

>> No.14356909

Burger here
Visited London for a couple weeks and couldnt get enough of the food. Well done bongs

>> No.14356924

Literally nothing. That guy is just jealous.

>> No.14356953

Based and currypilled

>> No.14357030

Bitch have you seen Indian food? That shit's so loaded with dairy it'll make your head spin.

>> No.14357049

A Nordic country. I miss blood pudding, pork sausages, the pies, pastries, cheeses, oatcakes, neeps and tatties, real ale (especially a good mild ale), the seasonal veg, all kinds of things. They import some of that Tesco's Finest stuff, but it's... limited and not very good. I always went to Morrison's over Tesco.

>> No.14357068

Oh, and fish! Some varieties you can get there just aren't freshly available here, nor are they cheap.

>> No.14357349

>Potatoes in a thick mild sauce
Is he talking about bombay potatoes?

>> No.14357354

French cuisine is just rank for the most part.
Italian cuisine is starchy.
Both are vastly overrated.

>> No.14357357

You're thinking of British food that was adopted by indians. Most native indian dishes are dairy free.

>> No.14357359

Interesting and surprising thanks. You're right, real ale is awesome, I'm surpised at the fish though, I though nordic countries would have access to everything we have/

>> No.14357578

>Be in London
>Texan tourist
>Go to pub for food and sorry ass beer
>On special board:
>Nachos's with the apostrophe s, yes
>Order them of course
>Nacho cheese Dorito chips with canned chili
>Lady bartender "Would you like mayonnaise with that?"
>Uhhhh.... no?
Only regret from that particular trip

>> No.14357595

>Nacho cheese Dorito chips with canned chili and mayonnaise pales in comparison to my beloved TEXAN Fritos with canned chili and shredded pasteurized cheese product.

>> No.14357613

Roger that. Was more a tale of misguided interpretation of a regional dish.
>Be in London again
>First trip, young, false ideas
>Stop at pub
>Regard the six or seven beer choices
>In erudite young beer snob fashion ask bartender
>Can you tell me about these beers?
>He says sure, points at them left to right
>I eagerly anticipate descriptions of hoppiness, bitter, blah blah blah
>He says "4.2, 4.4, 4.5, 4.8, 5.1"

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File: 274 KB, 1024x502, The_Churning_of_the_Ocean_of_Milk_6124603065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everything cooked in ghee
>yogurt as thickener/marinade
>deserts are milk-based sweets or milk pudding
>all of hindu cosmology takes place on a churned ocean of milk

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File: 50 KB, 512x326, arbroathsmokies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I reckon its some mix of the basic reality of the British climate, rationing, and the food pyramid lies of the last century that disproportionately affecting British cuisine - lard and meat drippings having been essential part of the Victorian homestead. Also the simple fact that Britain has a vastly outsized cultural output, and has been hit particularly hard by modern Western self-loathing, i.e., more people are aware of British cuisine than, say, the equally boring Swedish cuisine, and the Brits are less likely to defend its existence.

>> No.14357673

But then, finally go back, older, wiser, blah blah, and get out of London. Rented a car and drove to Orkney (ferry at John O'Groats I think)
>Get to York, eat at The Left Bank
>Have seizure due to pleasure
>Get to Edinburgh
>Eat at The Dome
>Pass out from orgiastic ecstasy
>Get to Kirkwall
>Eat at the Foveran
>Pass into Maslow's highest level of self actualization

>> No.14357716

Based horizon-broadener

>> No.14357760

>everything they eat commonly now was made for a nearly black out drunk guy at the bar to get him to sober up

>> No.14357777

I don't think you're supposed to eat it everyday

>> No.14358222

Hot brown

>> No.14358739

Mackerel and certain other fish just aren't as readily available, not to mention shellfish. Then again, we have fish you wish you had. Deep fried vendace are a treat. :P

>> No.14358763

What bothers me most about British food culture is how they've got a sort of Galapagos Syndrome going on like whenever there's a "select your favorite candy bar" and there's Kit Kats and whatever else all the British people will just be like OI NOW ANG ON A MINUTE WHERE'S ALL THE JOLLY WOBBLYS AND FANCY FANNIES AND SWEET SUZANS THIS CANDY BAR LIST IS QUITE LACKING. Same with drinks, their sodas are always called something weird like "fizzblurk"

>> No.14358770

because it's just ingredients
literally every cuisine has brit cuisine, just take away their signature ingredients, techniques, and everything that makes them unique.

Underneath is brit cuisine

>> No.14358780

the average life expectancy in Scotland is 55 or thereabouts.

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North Indian food is pretty high in dairy. The actual consumption in India itself might be low because poverty.
you're fucking retarded if you think ghee/kulfi/malai/etc were introduced by native brits. Wiggas couldn't even domesticate the cow on their own.

>> No.14359154


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>love beans
>love toasties
>love bangers
>hate greens
>simple as

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I have lived and worked in both London and Auckland, and the most surprising thing I found about bongs and their kiwi bastard children is how little green vegetables they actually eat. It also seems like every other person always has stomach trouble and feels "a bit crook" every other day. I FUCKING WONDER WHY?

>> No.14359295

Yeah your map is wrong, champ.

>> No.14360012
File: 19 KB, 320x349, 0db08797a731e80141242bc8b00a9984644b15b344540eb3ef9a2d5c3e191bc4_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that's a cursed image.

>> No.14360264

Based Aryan comment.

triggered wewuzzer

>> No.14360398

>blood pudding, pork sausages
shit tier
> the pies, pastries
with the exception of cheddar(barely) and gloucester, they're all shit

English food fucking sucks dude

>> No.14360440

>Being proud of the average countries breakfast dishes
God english are pathetic.
Eggs, sausage, bacon/ham, and toast were already breakfast staples in most countries.
Beans were also staples in hispanic countries too, but they actually make the good beans.
It's nothing special, no skill involved, no complex flavors or interesting twists.
The fact that people praise this munchie box of a breakfast when in reality it's just a big portioned hodgepodge.
This is like taking multiple breakfast dishes and combing it into one and saying it was original.
Completely unimpressive.

For anyone to say english cuisine is good/original would also imply that american cuisine is good/original by default as well, so think carefully when you talk about english food when you consider that both places essentially stole other cultures food ideas, alter them slightly and try to pass them off as their own.

>> No.14360592
File: 278 KB, 640x360, E03CACBD-9DFE-49EC-B2E9-4BC0246220AF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hory shittu! Bery hirariosuu

>> No.14361190

Clearly you haven't looked around.

>> No.14361196

The fruits of imperialism. Cruel, but delicious. Imagine the world without the Colombian exchange.

>> No.14361251

>Most breakfasts are probably cereal
that's what I meant by piles of syrup covered sugary desserts

>> No.14361452

Except it conflicts with written sources doesn't it, and had already fallen out of use by the time it claims chariots where introduce. Stupid nigger.

>> No.14361454

Kek, state nationality. I'm guess septic.

>> No.14361457

Kek, no, it's not comparable to the niggerdom that is US cuisine, not at all.

>> No.14361529

t. ponce

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