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>ill have the steak
>oh...and a cup of coffee...

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good one

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It's hilarious to me that people like this are tying to make black coffee a soyjak thing. It's a utility beverage, chug it down and get the fuck on with your day.

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I drink my coffee black because I’m cheap and don’t want to keep cream or half and half around.

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Aside from the idiocy of this post, my dad used to drink coffee at every meal. I can't imagine doing that.

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I'd like an actual good thread for once.

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Then go ahead and start one

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Blacker than a moonless night and more hot and bitter than Hell itself... That is coffee.

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i drink coffee black because its an energy drink not a dessert
sure its an acquired taste like scotch but just like scotch a refined palet can tell a good bean/roast from a shit one
on the other hand people who add sugar cream syrup ect just want liquid dessert that wakes them up before they have to pick up the kids from soccer or go shopping for new uggs

as for meat eat it how ever you please but if you want your steak welldone because ew icky juices and disease then youre a soy boy beta faggot

like i eat my meat rare or blue because ifl the texture and flavor of raw meat tartare is my jam

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yah youre the type of edgelord faggot that op hates and the reason he makes these retarded threads

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Worst prosecutor and one of the dumbest characters in the series.

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So I gotta eat it well done and get a coffee with triple sugar and triple cream to suit your standards?

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>the plot twist was that he couldn't see red blood because his fake eyes are red
At least his music was kinda catchy.

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Is coffee more effective than energy drinks? I drink two Monsters every day but I still feel always tired anyway

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>*kills his lover's mother and traumatizes her sister in the process*
Nothin personnel, Trite.

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Who drinks coffee with a steak?

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It's alright, but you could say it's not my cup of tea.

Monsters are sugar bombs.

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Yeah, soyjacks would get some soy frappa latte crap. They'd probably get some plant-based meat too.

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I just had 9 nuggets a quarter pounder and a latte

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The important thing is not to load up on the day’s caffeine all at once. Gradual, slow intake throughout the day will make sure you don’t crash later. Also you’re basically just drinking soda, so you’re having a sugar crash.

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I drink them as soon as I wake up in the morning just to stay awake. I would not be able to even get out of my bed without it. I drink the Zero monster so there is not sugar in it

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I unironically like the flavor better.

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>t. orders well done steak with a frappuccino

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>Steak? Like as in cruel animal carcass? No way! Coffee? Do you realize how underpaid those poor south american SLAVES are? No way i would support a system like that!

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If you unironically drink coffee any other way than black, you're a manchild addicted to sugar

I don't care how you cook your steak as long as it's not above medium (steak is overrated as fuck anyway)

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the latte makes it sophisticated

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Slow and steady like I said. Also eat some breakfast your body can’t survive on caffeine and chemicals alone.

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no but it does the job and is better for you in the long run since energy drinks have a fuck ton of sugar/sweetner in them
the best thing for energy is kratom
people are trying to redefine masculinity and its really disheartening
Bro dont flirt with girls thats toxic
just let her have a side bf dude its show that you arent insecure
bro the most chad thing you can do is get pegged its all about equality
If you dont worship your girl and treat her like a goddess youre just a nu-male
real men dont do hard work thats what money is for only dumb guys work for things
bro fucking femboy is peak masculinity only scared boys dont like femboys and traps and theyre just lieing to themselves

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>steak is overrated
Great way to make your opinions on food irrelevant

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The real question is which kind of coffee you get? I personally like cafe bustello grounds, and its about 160mgs of caffeine. Grounds make it easy to make coffee at home.

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I even drink my tea with lots of milk and some sugar. And there's nothing you can do about it. In fact I'm doing it right now and noticed this thread.

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Yes coffee has more caffeine then energy drinks. A venti cup of coffee at starbucks has around 400mg of caffeine. I think a monster is like half that.

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>I personally like cafe bustello grounds
litterally the best coffee out there that isnt stupid expensive

>> No.14303966

Whatever light or medium roast is on sale. I won't pay higher than $8 except for that Italian one that comes in a silver can.

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>people are trying to redefine masculinity and its really disheartening
>Bro dont flirt with girls thats toxic
>just let her have a side bf dude its show that you arent insecure
>bro the most chad thing you can do is get pegged its all about equality
>If you dont worship your girl and treat her like a goddess youre just a nu-male
>real men dont do hard work thats what money is for only dumb guys work for things
>bro fucking femboy is peak masculinity only scared boys dont like femboys and traps and theyre just lieing to

This is all true.

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Real CHADS work hard at the gym so they can trap some law school stacy to mooch off of forever and hang out smoking weed and fondling their own abs for their whole lives. This is peak masculinity

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These people don't exist. And if they did, they're clearly winning by default since you let them live THIS free of rent.

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That fake person would be better than most vegans. Imagine caring about the suffering of chickens but not literal enslaved human beings

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>he cares more about 60 IQ shitskin rapists than some poor innocent chicken

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>"Why yes I'll have a well done steak, paired with the sweetest creamiest cup of weak coffee you can serve, and I will tip 30 percent"

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I drink coffee with milk and sugar because I am not an insecure faggot trying to overcompensate thinking it is "manly" having black coffee, occasionally I drink black coffee with sugar, only women care about other people's opinions like that

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This thread is not actually about food or cooking and the first reply should have been sage

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unironically true
if you work hard on your body and have the charisma to charm a rich girl into taking care of you while you just get stoned and fuck the shit out of her
youre a fucking chad

thats not peak masculinity though peak masculinity is leading people whether it be a a group family or community into prosperity and making there lifes better by being the protector provider and giver of wisdom and knowledge

getting mad pussy is just a side effect of obtaining peak masculinity

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sadly but men who believe that will never be respected and will live shamefull lifes that wont ever bring them happiness unless they find happiness in being submissive meak worthless a child in a mans flesh
a true disgrace

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now if you do all this and you are the bitch to some one who hasnt done nearly as much as you for the group or community aka the wife/gf
then you are a nu-male
but nu-males rarely accomplish such things theyre usually dragged around life listening to what everyone else tells them and never take lead

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basedboys drink their coffee with stevia and onionsmilk

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Oh look, a /pol/tard on safari. Soy. Soymilk. Soyboy. Yep you sure are stupid.

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Unironically based for using that in a coffee shop

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