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What's your favorite cold noodles?

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I like soba noodles.

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I like kongguksu, it's great for hot summer days and kimchi. Mul-naengmyeon too. I'm just sad that soy has phytoestrogens

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Cold dandan noodles

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Hiyashi chuka

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Cold ramen

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This is like the best thread

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hate this thread

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For me, it's zarusoba on a hot day

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Ten zaru soba or Naengmyeon

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Cold semen for me.

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Many of these are on what seems to be broths? Must be quite light to be staying liquid while cold.
Me I like mixing leftover pasta with fresh chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, fresh herbs and other stuff like capers or olives, with some vinaigrette it's really good on a hot day
As the summer gets hotter I was thinking of trying an okroshka type soup but with some kind of pasta or noodle instead of the potato

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It's Summer, so indeed I like cold noodles!
A basic sesame noodle is refreshing! Cold pasta with a dip on the side or a pourover marinade with a couple tsp of ponzu, toasted sesame seeds or toasted sesame oil, thinly sliced green onion. Not much. I don't like those pics of literal cups of soup in the bowl. Cucumbers on the side, is fine.

At home, I like a step further, and will make a slurry of peanut satay sauce to toss while pasta is cooling. That peanut sauce is extra nice cold too. I like lots of red bell pepper tossed into that, vitamin C and crisp. Maybe some poached chicken.

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Leftover spaghetti (with sauce, cold) out of the fridge because I’m not larping as an asian.

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are you larping as an italian?

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Liang Pi

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Well, I haven’t showered in a few days and I’m 35 and still live at home, so, yes?

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Cold spaghetti

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Cold pasta

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Shirataki Noodles. Ready to eat out of the water pack. Zero carbs. Loaded with prebiotic fiber. Drawback is the rubbery texture.

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>I haven’t showered in a few days
A Greek, larping as an Italian?

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I tried the instant noodle version first, then was interested and went ahead to try it "authentic" at a korean restaurant, and it was pretty good. I love the cold and spicy combo, works well.

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Are you anorexic or something?

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I'm more of a protein and fat guy, don't need the carbs. I also like probiotic and prebiotic foods to populate and feed my gut bacteria.

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I bought a pack of soba noodles because I thought it could make for a nice lunch when it's hot as shit out.
I dont have any of the shit the nips eat with it though, apart from regular ass soy sauce. Any recommendations what I should eat with them?

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Mix soy sauce, sake(replace with some dry sweet wine) and water. Adjust to taste.
Stick in some wasabi, shredded nori and spring onion for extra taste and kick
Oh, and when you drain the noodles keep the water! When you are done dipping the noodles you pour the soba water into the broth/sauce and drink that.
Hope I am not too late

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Nah dont worry I was planning to cook them at some point this weekend.
Very interesting, dont have nori but afaik even my local supermarket carries it. I'm gonna have to see if I can find it.
I'll try it out, thanks Anon

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No problem, glad to help! Here´s the proper recepie https://www.justonecookbook.com/zaru-soba-cold-soba-noodles/

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phytoestrogens don't act as œstrogen in the human body

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And plastic containers do not lower your T.

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Watching retards cry over .006 extra grams of estrogen enter their diet is fucking pathetic. I love being a woman

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tits or gtfo

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I've had some great tsukemen in my time but honestly dandan noodles are hard to beat for me. I'm sure I've had some kind of Vietnamese cold noodles that were great too but I don't remember the name. Made this at home the other day (noodles aren't homemade). Simple and delicious.

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Bún Thịt Gà Nướng

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I like cold noodles with olive oil, some lemon juice, black pepper, salt and chives, like a salad

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aesthetically stacked bowl

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came to post this

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onions sauce, a bit of rice vinegar, sesame oil, hoisin sauce, carrot juliennes and a fuckton of green onions is my go to soba arrangement

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I prefer pork version, still goat nonetheless

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Never understood the appeal of cold noodles

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i alternate between the pork and chicken, but yeah that is the best thing at my local viet spot

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Refreshing on a hot day. I was skeptical until I actually had some in Kanezawa and immediately understood the appeal.

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>6mg is nothing
that's a lot for one sitting
t. medfag

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Yeah they’re pretty good

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Cold spaghetti tastes really good, and of course gazpacho is also my favorite cold soup

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Naengmyeon is great for the summer

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is soaking your noodles in a bowl of ice water necessary? usually they are rinsed in cold water or something, drained and served in a bowl/plate.

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Eating cold spaghetti out of a tupperware at 8 am with my hands.
Its a sign that I'm at a good point.

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Cold tanuki soba noodles.

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Hell yeah for soba. I tried making some one but it's hella hard

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>bro where the fuck is the protein?
>too many vegetables for my liking
>does this work with hormone injected beef?
>It doesn't look like enough food
>hey this is a rip off compared to my McChicken
Don't let the Amerimutts ruin every /ck/ thread like they usually do

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You have an unhealthy obsession.

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they will stick like hell if you do not rinse them in cold (best ice cold) water

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Let's get some more chinese cold noodles in here

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