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ayyy wypipo be like i eat spicy because i use ketchup

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I don't understand why whites are so eager to prove their "manliness" by eating spicy foods. My culture doesn't even eat very spicy foods. Certainly not compared to south indian or trini. It's like anything stronger than sodium free salt might as well be bear spray as far as they're concerned

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God I fucking hate niggers.

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it's not a manliness thing, it's a proxy for their ZOG-induced white guilt. they all want to "go native". I'll stick to schnitzel and the rule of law thanks

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i don’t get it. is this a shop?

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This has layers.

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>prove their manliness
no, we drink copious amounts of hard liquor for that. hot sauce is like tattoos. some people just like it, and some just want attention. it is fine to judge both for their choices, but not fair to judge them equally. I like hot sauce because I am a chain smoking alcoholic and it lets me taste something.

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I'm white AF.

I just honestly adore spicy food.

I have no limit

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I've been craving Frank's Red Hot a lot recently. After having it a bunch I feel like I'm ready to seek out the next level of spiciness. If I repeated this process over and over and gradually got used to ever higher levels of heat, maybe I could eventually enjoy e.g. choosing the "hot" option at an Indian place, but as things stand currently I find it just punitively hot and unpleasant.

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