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My hot sauce collection

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Why can't I afford to buy a house the millennial retard asks

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>inb4 a bunch of shitty forced soijacks

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>no Texas Pete Hotter Hot
>no Dave’s insanity
>no Tapatio


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I like Dirty Dicks, Vark, and Gringo Bandito.

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Fucking rookie shit senpai. Try something you actually have to shop around for besides your local Kroger. of which I have seen ALL of these brands at, maybe except for one.

Like, some Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat™. Shit's fucking cash famalamadingdong.

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>Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat™

Just picked up a fresh bottle yesterday at Kroger.

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Nobody cares.

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I only have a bottle of Texas Pete

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shut up

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Never seen a real female vagina in person I see.

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not sure whyd you assume that.

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>Texas Pete
I like tp

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What’s the point of having hot sauce made with peppers hotter than habanero/scotch bonnet? You can’t taste any flavor past that, just stupid amounts of heat and it will give you vinegary shits.

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>If only I didn't buy my incredibly cheap hot sauce collection, maybe I could afford that $450k 2 bedroom house!

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OP Here yes that's true I never have seen one it's weird you could figure that out. How did you know?

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Your bragging about buy stuff from the $ store, lmao peak millennial adulting

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>not just making your own hot sauce

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Louisiana hot sauce is the patrician daily sauce

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thats salsa brooo! and you forgot the cilantro and limes (not to be roasted in oven)

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and no tomatillo? shame!

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salsa is sauce

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bro cut ur stems off tf?

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He's cute.

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hate your image but that sauce really is the shit

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I too collect hot sauces. When I moved I lost the bottles of Dave's Gourmet and some of the Hot Ones sauces which is unfortunate. What's your favorite so far?

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this is my salsa

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Carrots are good

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do you bother to peel the skins or de-seed?

i do not want to do that

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What's the tastiest sauce bro?

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that tropical pepper co ghost sauce is amazing, very spicy but it's got a nice flavor behind it

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Liked the Trader Joes Jalapeno Hot Sauce, but really getting tired of it, I would like something a bit more spicier but something that doesn't taste like shit. Would be regularly putting it on pastas and pizzas. Any recommendations?

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another 'varkbro????? on MY /CK/? thats hella epic, brochacho!

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Now, I would like to see the expiration date of each bottle and the spreadsheet you use to track the freshness.
At least this faggot washes out the bottles after the shit goes rancid.

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I would add a couple drops of extract sauces to the egg when I was making chicken fried steak, they're also interesting in soups or other applications like this where dilution and/or cooking would wipe out a conventional sauce's more subtle flavor or require excessive amounts. These legitimate uses as well as "bro I dare you to eat this" make it worth having at least one bottle of multiple hundred thousand plus scoville sauce

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Yes I have a sauce collection and I am bald. How could you tell?

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by your lack of hair?

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female soyface

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She's not exposing her entire mouth cavity, so it's not soyface

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nope also too lazy

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post results faggot asshole

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omg god hes poor lol
no wonder hes poor cause hes poor am i right fellow boomer republicans

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>spending all your money on chinese chemicals to flavor your taco bells makes you rich

Ok millennial

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Please dont that looks like newborn shit and probably is

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>>14289087 #
salsa left, hobenero sauce right
I need to make a new batch, but have to go get habeneros first. Maybe I will start a thread when I make it.

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All of them have yellow teeth. Why?

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Tooth brushes are too high tech for them?

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Typical millennial doesn't even know his colors but has 135 bottles of flavoring for avocado toast that he swears are all unique just l Patrick keep his personality

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That's left coasie fag shit and you know it.

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Step aside for the phalanx of El Yucateco

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well the salsa is for my girlfriend, she likes it all blended up for some reason.

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left is ass

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Jesus can you stay out of threads already you insufferable twat?

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Wow, seven varieties of neon crap and it still can’t hold a candle to real mexican hot sauce

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The prices for these are all over the place. Target sells them for $1.89, everywhere else seems to be $4 or more.

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Post hot sauce recipes I have 2lbs of habaneros i have no idea what to do with

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The black label reserve ruined the food I put it on. I threw that shit out.

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just roast your shit, boil it with whatever else ingredients and then blend to disired consistency

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Where's Bajan tyga

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Is this really worth it (the middle one)? I keep hearing good things about it

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all the sauces are like 100 bucks max, i dont see any houses below 100k

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nice 69 get.

If you notice on the label (or had a bottle in the past three or so years) you'd notice they stopped with the neon coloring. Black label Valentina is great, though.

I'm not sure what that one's appeal is, it's... not that good of a flavor.

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No dave's insanity or ghost pepper? Why even collect hot sauce?

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Doesnt it go stale before you eat it all?

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pew ain't a soy

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>and then he said pew ain't a soy

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Yucateco is a great sauce. Tapatío is better than Valentina anyway. Valentina is too sweet.

How is there no Dave's? Is it a West Coast thing? Is it too pleb? I don't use it for a lot, but it's great to add some flavor to boring foods.

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Man... Marie sharps green habanero sauce and the hot habanero is fucking amazing.

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>Man... Marie sharps green habanero sauce and the hot habanero is fucking amazing

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Took like 30 seconds.

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A few stores in NY have that for sale, it's sure not common though. It takes less time to just mail order it than to find a place that has it in stock.

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dave's is hot af. one drop in a can of chili is intense and I have a high tolerance. i still do 2 drops and I tear up.

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I have a 400k condo in bay area. Bourn 84. I also have a massive hot sauce collection. Even Nandos in ops pic desu.

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