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Whats the best dipping sauce to have with spicy wings?

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I like dry rub wings. Wet sauces just kinda overpower the flavor of actual chicken. Might as well just pour the sauce down your throat and cut out the middle man.

Also, chunky blue cheese with extra chunks. No other offers will be accepted.

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>talks about overpowering flavor
>picks blue cheese

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Easily ranch

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ranch by far but sometimes i get blue cheese to switch it up

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ay, OP asked a question. I answered.

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It depends on what they're spiced with. If it's just traditional buffalo sauce, then blue cheese dressing, obviously.

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Horseradish sauce
A little mayo
A tiny bit of worcestershire

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some type of garlic dill sauce or ranch
sometimes sour cream

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I've really never understood why someone would dip a wing. a sauced one, that is. I like them covered in the hot sauce or whatever it was tossed in, no need to then douse iy in ranch dressing

I WILL however have celery with blue cheese on the side to balance out.

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God I wanna fuck that deer

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nothing's stopping you, anon. post results

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ranch, there isn't even a debate

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You faggots all need to kill yourselves. Wings go with bleu cheese.

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>Whats the best dipping sauce to have with spicy wings?
what you have pictured is so over sauced that I'd send them back, honestly. Breading sucking up that much vinegar is not going to be good.

Dairy cools the tongue. Most bottled ranch doesn't have real dairy, so the answer is always blue cheese.

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There's no debate cause anyone who says ranch is a subhuman

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Ranch or blue cheese

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feta mousse or yogurt-aubergine-lemon dip

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Ranch but blue cheese isn't a bad choice either

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Ranchfags need to kill themselves

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Ranch. Blue cheese fags are disgusting.

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The dip tempers a hot wing. It's there so you can eat hotter wings than would be possible without. Hot, hot, hot, the hottest fire wings dipped in a tiny bit of blue cheese so it goes down easy.

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Blue cheese tastes like moldy socks

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ranch faggots are little girls
queer enjoy your soybean sauce

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If you're getting from Domino's, you get the garlic dipping sauce. If they tell you that's for pizza you insist. Trust me on this. My Easy Order consists of the hot wings, the primavera pasta bowl plus a Diet Coke. I call it the DOOM II.

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>soybean dipping sauce

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exactly. eating dressing on hot wings is not only pants on head retarded, its pig fucking disgusting. I want hot sauce on the wings, thats why I made it that way. if I wanted salad dressing on them, id toss them in salad dressing.
you absolute farm animals.

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blue cheese. Try to prove me wrong, you can't.

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Never change.

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lemon pepper wet

maybe somekind of cheese

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ranch and blue cheese

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What's the point in getting spicy wings if you just douse it in dairy?

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Bleu cheese is literally a women’s sauce.

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Blue cheese mixed with some hot sauce like pic related. The green makes a nice color with blue cheese.

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You'd know, time to take out your tampon?

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I tend to only dip bbq sauce wings into ranch. Any other sauce I just eat normally.

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