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What are different things I could do to make instant ramen better?

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Add things like, minced garlic, chili, ginger, spring onion, parsley or other (fresh) herbs of your liking.

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Sapporo ichiban is the closest to restaurant flavor
Neoguri, zzamppong, instant rice noodles are second

To answer your question, whisk an egg a minute before you kill the gas to give the broth texture
Add rice after eating the fried noodles

Eat boiled and unfried noodles to avoid pancreatic failure

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>What are different things I could do to make instant ramen better?
>instant ramen

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I like to poach an egg while making stove top ramen and sprinkle in some red pepper flakes.

but really this anon's right, real men only eat tendies

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One time, instead of adding the flavor packet, I mixed in peanut butter and soy sauce. It was good.

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Deenz are an unironically good choice. I sometimes add vegetables and egg works no matter what.

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Once boiled in water, fry them up with a couple of eggs.

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