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Welp, guess I'm not using Uber eats ever again

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I never planned on using it but I’m glad to know I never will

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if only black men would have raised their own kids for the past 200 years we wouldn't have to watch corporations shamelessly tap dance like this

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Me neither, but I wouldn't use that service anyways. I feel sorry for the lazy faggots that do.

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I wonder if any nonblack restaurants will sue for racial discrimination.

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They could, but they'd have to hope they make enough to cover the fact they will NEVER get business again

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Log off, gramps

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Their workers are better off looting than working for them

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Report the racists and move on. Don't give them the attention they want.

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it's entirely illegal what they are doing by the way
you can't have a different pricing model based on the race of your customer

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woah... so it's really just one factor... that quote changed my whole way of thinking! I'm glad everything is this simple

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Nobody cares, you retarded drone.

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pretty sure white business owners who also use uber eats might mind

>> No.14203800

it really is

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>being THIS fragile

>> No.14203983

I feel like this should be illegal? Otherwise, what's stopping a them from doing this to benefit white businesses in the future (if the profits point in that direction)?

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>being cucked

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being raised by a single mother is worse than drinking from lead pipes

>> No.14204060

Or Asian, or European, or South American, or Middle Eastern, or Australian, or Indian (indians are a seperate species from Asian)

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Every customer gets the same price, brainlet.

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Lead pipes save lives

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I do think if anyone were to try to sue they'd probably find a native american plaintiff

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the 0 delivery fee is for all resteraunts you slow boy

>> No.14204252

is there a way to find out which restaurants are white-owned, for a person who cares about supporting certain demographics?

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>UberEats is already 3 billion in the red
>growing resentment from restaurant owners pissed about exorbitant commission fees
>pull this stunt
>business fails, but execs get to blame racism without accepting any responsibility
it is quite a Trumpian move really.l

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