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I miss boba tea so much :'(

the places here are all closed due to corona
i need my fix

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Buy some tapioca balls and make it yourself. These are just tea syrup and milk, right?

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I miss the variety. It would be wildly inconvenient to purchase syrups for more than 1-2 flavors, and tapioca only stays good for a few hours so you'd have to reboil new boba every time. In Taiwan they have 1-2 tea shops on every street, so I used to try something new every day. My favorite shops would slice up fresh fruit instead of syrups, and you can't even get real mango in my part of the US. Plus it costs like 6 dollars here instead of $1. Fuck, I wish I could travel right now.

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>I miss boba tea so much

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Yes, OP. I, too, enjoy the feeling of creamy balls in my mouth.

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me too.

:/ The way to make Avocado boba tea is blending the below ingredients



Condensed milk


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