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Why is David Chang a bitch

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reeee whitey

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His podcast is the best industry podcast.

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because you don't know how to deal with your repressed emotions and so fixating on this para-social relationship is how you distract yourself

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Fuck you got me

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Good post

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He got bullied by white kids when he was young and now feels the need to take it out on all white people.

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Would a bitch sign Alison Roman for a show and then not drop her even after she attacks Azn Americans? No sir that is some big dick hard dom energy.

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Honestly, when he has facial hair, I think he's cute enough to fuck. I'm white, so despite me being a dude, he'd probably let me put my hoohoodilly in his chacha just due to his severe inferiority complex and his secret desire to be accepted by whites. Since he believes white society will never truly accept him, and he's not wrong, these feeling manifest as anger towards the white. But really, all he wants is whitey to love him. I could give him this. With my penis, of course. And he could give me buns. Both types.

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no homo

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Sweetheart, I'm as gay as a daffodil. Total homo. And while I'm not typically into Asians, David Chang really does give me that special tingling in my pants. It's probably the dimples. They just really make me wanna dip my crispy noodles in his duck sauce, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Then we can fuck after. I think he'd really like my recipe for cream of sum hung gai.

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>cream of sum hung gai.
lost it

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We should find a cure for you. This shit is not normal, my guy

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Don't you fucking kink-shame me. I legit have a David Chang fetish. Idky, but I'm not ashamed of it. I don't understand it, either, but it's there and it's powerful.

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no i sympathise with him entirely, the no grindr allowed quarantine is hard on all of us. your libido may go some whacky places

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Just the way he is. Can't stand the faggot.

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>tfw my penile emissions to daddy changy started long before the quarantine
I wish this were the case, but alas, I just really wanna fuck that pudgy Cao-Cao-looking motherfucker. But only when he has a beard.

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he's really insecure about being asian and it shows

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can vouch growing up bringing korean food for lunch in an american school puts a big fucking chip on your shoulder

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During one of his Netflix shows he meets Vietnamese people who make Cajun food into “viet-Cajun”. They are proud Americans and David litersly gets mad at them for not being more Vietnamese.

>b-but ur Asian
>yeah but I’ve never been to Vietnam so I call myself an American and Houstonian

*cuts the scene to a solo David monologue and never ever mentions that family again*

He’s a douche bag

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also his restaurants suck

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dave is a complete nightmare and i cannot wait til people find out exactly how much. for all his overblown media coverage that company is garbage and rapidly degenerating into chain stores. fuku is garbage milk bar is garbage. hes abusive and extremely racist against white people.

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David Chang is insufferable. If they don't agree with him, it's because they "don't get it". Which is funny as hell because they were refugees and suffered more than his fat ass.

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I live by several of his restaurants and unfortunately they're all packed most of the time. His ramen is ridiculously priced at $17/bowl and you still see people lining up for it every day.

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>my mother worked very hard for her American citizenship and I don’t feel bad for immigrants who have to do the exact same thing


fuck Chang, I thought it was just me but he literally cries about people being “too white” and some episodes literally says he wants to go to Asian places “without anyone who’s white” because then he feels comfortable and knows the food is good

Like imagine doing to a steak house and saying “yep no Asians here bet they make a mean steak”. Fuck him

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It's pretty ironic since he's a Korean American making mostly Japanese food and white people are his biggest demographic. Didn't he also go to China after bitching about muh authentic chink food and then is disgusted by it? Guy's a hypocrite on the highest level.

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ok milk bar is the tits tho don't bash my queen christine

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Yeah he refused to eat a Donkey Burger, guess it wasn’t normal enough for him.
Honestly donkey sounds pretty dope to me

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no one:

absolutely no one:

/ck/: Why is David Chang a bitch?

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I've had horse before and it's really good, albiet leaner and can be gamey if you don't cook it right. Donkey is tame as fuck by chink standards he's just a wuss. They could've made him eat dog instead.

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We eat horse in my country but not donkey. Horse is good. We do it a few ways and each is pretty delicious. I couldn't imagine donkey being much different. The closest I've gotten to eating donkey is that donkey's milk was common when I was a kid so I grew up drinking that. It's still available, but not as common these days as we've adopted a more Americanised diet. We still eat old titty salad, tho, so we're not all the way there yet.

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doesn't even realize he's doing that racist shit white people are always accused of where he lumps all asians together like one ethnic group

he's a korean-american. The fuck is he the one giving anthony bourdain a tour of japans food scene for? why is he selling ramen instead of dog meat with spicy mozzarella topping?

he has no more claim over japanese or chinese cooking than I do
of course cultural appropriation doesn't exist so it doesn't matter. The point is you need to call out people that say rules for thee but not for me

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He loves showing off Japan and Japanese food and talks about how people made fun of him for Korean food but he never went to Korea to show off Korean food. It felt disingenuous since he is so proud of being Korean but never wanted to go to Korea

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I started watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix because I ran out of cooking shows to watch during quarantine.

At first, it seemed ok. It was an interesting approach on discussing specific dishes and touched a bit on his influences and motivation. Slowly it became more political and highlighted a lot on racism. I got confused on the message he was trying to give. It seemed to teeter between "white people can't like authentic food because they don't understand it's true meaning in a culture" to "all authentic food should be a fusion to branch away from their oppressed past".

I stopped watching at the fried chicken episode because it was one of the cringiest things I'd seen in awhile.

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He got called out for his BBQ episode in ugly delicious


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I was going to post something similar, I would love to have some nice sex with him and I don't even need the guy to have facial hair, I really like him just the way he is. He's exactly the kind of guy who could give me the pleasure I want. Maybe it's my fetish for asian guys but he's definitely one of my favorite ones and I fucking need him.

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I'm going to send him a picture of me with my asian gf
hey lil davie? whadda ya think of these apples?

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I liked mind of a chef, but the more I watch this dude's stuff, the more apparent it is that he usually doesn't know what he's talking about.
He's also a massive fucking snob.

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Tried to watch his show but got immediate SJW vibes from it.

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There's an episode of Ugly Delicious where he goes home for Thanksgiving, and proceeds to berate and insult his own mother in an extended monologue about how oppressed he was because she made him Korean food for lunch sometimes.

Can't trust a man who insults his mother in front of an audience of millions.

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A white British woman helped him get into authentic Chinese food and he basically spit it out

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Moms need to be protected at all costs.

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His show is okay, but holy fuuuuuuck you can tell that it would be awful to be in a room with him for longer than ten minutes.
>"yeah i just like cooking this dish my way David haha"
>"Oh, so you've always harbored resentment for tradition since you were, what, 9? 10? You little bitch fuck you and your whore restaurant"
>Rest of the episode is David being passive aggressive while the guests try to pretend to be nice to him
He's like a child who gets upset when other kids don't wanna play tag the same way he does. David if you're here I hope you suffer bodily injury do you hear me?

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What the fuck? And this is the image he wants to give everyone? How does all this shit help?

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