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Best flavour of crisps for putting in a sandwich?

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Salt and vinegar on a crisp and chip and gravy butty.

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salt and pepper chips on any sandwich is god tier.

bbq or something spicy can be good too

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Depends on the sandwich. Say it's a pb and j then I'm going to go barbeque or dill pickle. Tomato sandwich? Either plain or ranch Doritos.

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For tomato a basil leaf is really nice.

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Salt and vinegar is the all-purpose sandwich chip. Although BBQ can also be good for pulled pork or other BBQ sauce based sandwiches.

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Nobody in their right mind would disagree with that.

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Those shrimp chips/prawn crackers that some Chinese joints use to have would work. I never see those anymore.

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Those paprika ones in the middle seem worthy of a try, I just never see those in the USA, I think they all get imported to Maine.

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Basic ham and cheese on white with DORITOS.

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Flaming Hot Monster munch on a barm

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Boring/classic, but I'd probably use the strongest cheese onion brand I cou... you know what... fuck this board, I'm trying to play games and twice today I've had to make a pack of ass piss 20p noodles just to stop being hungry thinking bout food as the shop's a mile walk away. Fuck you and your butties.

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Peepee poopoo.

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Only if cheddar and guacamole doritos.

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You can buy fish crackers like those from your local chinese supermarket. But they're sold uncooked, so you'd have to deep fry them.

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Creepy weirdo!

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no u

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Yeah I know, unfortunately I don't have a deep fryer.

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Don't need a deep fryer itself, just any small-ish pan/pot with tall sides.
Tilt the pan to have the little bit of oil pool to the side and then fry them one at a time.

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When I was a little kid every Chinese restaurant had those prawn crackers, now none of them do. I miss those.

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I have a cast iron skillet, that might work.

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What's the best oil to use, I'm thinking either peatnut or canola and am open for suggestions.

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Yeah, I think it will. Each one should cook in like 3 seconds.

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I use canola oil but I don't think it matters, just whichever deep fry oil you like to use. You could probably use lard too.

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I'll try them both, I don't have lard around, that would make me go to a supermarket and deal with the stupid "social distancing."

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Can't you buy them online? They come flat in packaging but puff the fuck into that delicate shit up once you deep fry them iirc. Yeah fuck I just googled a pic for ya bro.

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Oh yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing.

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That one looks British so will need to find a source in the USA, it's not difficult to do.

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I think those would go well with some Colman's mustard or at least some S&B.

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Kettle chili Verde on my tuna sandwich, but they discontinued them in stores. Now I only use Jalapeno. Fucking hell I miss those and korean barbeque. Reeee

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Check out Herdez green, you might like it.

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Not OP. But, I had this a few days ago - just a warning that it's quite vinegar-y (more than you expect). Tastes great in small quantities but don't expect to chip and dip a whole bag with it since it's just too much.

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I'm gonna blow your mind, sandwich sliced chicken, mayo, beef hula hoops, fucking godlike.
I'm not joking, if you put a pile of these next to a pyramid of Ferrero Roche the ambassador will fucking love you.

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I don't find it vinegary at all, not like tabasco for instance.

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Step aside and put these on your sandwich!

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I guess because I went in thinking it'd be like actual guacomole so I was surprised. My dumbass ignored the word "salsa" on the product so just throwing a heads up for the OP.

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My mom bought a huge ass bag of these. We keep forgetting to use it in our soups T_T... tonight it will happen!!

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Those and oyster crackers work great in soups and on sandwiches.

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Well tabasco is literally chili infused vinegar.

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El Yucateco is much better, it's not vinegary.

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The problem is that I'm not in NYC anymore so there are no local asian stores around me, there's one like 30 miles away but that's place is sketchy at best, it's much easier and more cost effective to just mail order.

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This makes me think of tomato soup. I could go for that and some of those crackers with a grilled cheese on the side :^(

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Ah thanks but it's not a bad thing to me. A few drops of vinegar adds a bit of acidity.

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Don't forget a basil leaf, it makes the tomato soup come alive.

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all dressed

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Wait, you are going to put potato chips into a fucking sandwich?!

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You don't?>>14054567

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a handful of potato chips is great on a sandwich.

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Classic lays in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread is fantastic.

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do bongs really?

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Put these on pulled pork bbq sandwiches or mushroom swiss burgers, fucking amazing

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As a child, I thought it was silly and never did it. But, I went on a schooltrip once and they gave us boxed lunches with a cold sandwich and a side of lays chips. I was like, hmmm might as well try it. Shit was amazing. That extra crisp and salt really takes it to another level.

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That seems pretty good, I'll try that out sometime.

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>Post double chin, yeah? Awll em' bergahs froiyed in laard and smehgmeh must be ge' ' in a lil 'ef' 'y, innit'? Oy buegeh oauff, will ye'? I'm troyin' to ehnjoay dis 'ere beanzh mahsh, yeah? unloiyk 'em "Amehrilaads", wee 'ere in the qweenz lānd we eea' ' propah n' nu' 'riciois reeyel fewwd. 'em shtewwpid ærse "Amehrilaads" dunnow gewd qwuiseen if i' 'i' em i' th'fayce, ye?
lmao @ bong "cuisine", your beans and bread and tea biscuits were getting too boring so you stole paki and Indian food lmao, Imagine stealing the food of shitskins (like me). It smells so bad holy shit lol you're taking food from people who literally shit in the street because your food is THAT bad you fucking bong. You guys realised that mashed beans and slop was a shitty meal to come home to and you started thinking "aye wha' iff wee took bu' 'ah chi' en and adde' red fewwd doiye? " oy buggah awll tha' s brillian'!" and then get splotches of red food dye all over you clothes bc you don't know how to eat with naan and resort to using a spoon and looking like an absolute retard. 10/10 move, man!

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Don't knock it until you try it.

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I love how you can almost distinctively tell that video is British because of the editing, that weird ass overlay effect and the way the logo kinda zooms into the corner.

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>shitskin like me
You're seriously calling yourself a shit skin?
I guarantee you're just white faggot trolling.

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This, I've legitimately never heard of anyone putting potato chips in a sandwich, and I come from a Midwestern state that makes 2 ton butter cows for the state fair. You'd think our grease-and-salt-addled burger brains would've come up with this ages ago? Sounds nasty and shameful, but I'm gonna try it when I get more drunk tonight

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It works amazingly well on cold/cured meats sandwiches.

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I do it for sandwiches that lack texture. I typically have a tuna sandwich with spinach instead of iceberg, which would give it texture. Adding kettle chips adds that for me.

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Spinach is always good and gives you energy to chase around Olive Oil and pinch her ass.

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