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ITT post your quarantine meals and tips on how to spice up the usual fare.

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Looks tasty but needs more pubes

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tell me your opinion on black people

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Lol we did one of those nights about 2 weeks ago

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They're a myth

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My cast iron dutch oven came today, so I attempted to cook a pizza in the skillet top. I burnt the crust, but it tasted alright, lesson learned.

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you can put something under it to absorb some of the heat

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I had home made bread rolls, toast from home made sandwich bread, and scrambled eggs on top.
For lunch I had a burger on my leftover bread roll

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Lots of bread

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Brats with onions and brussels sprouts. Plus I moved away from Texas right before all this shit went down so I've been missing texmex, this was my first attempt at refried beans.

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More bread

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Pork chops and second attempt at refried beans.

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El Yucateco works everytime.

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Sheet pan fajitas were pretty good even though I couldn't find skirt steak. Unfortunately the tortillas here are not anywhere near as good.

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Homemade honey wheat seed bread, cream cheese, strawberry/raspberry jams, and homemade granola by way of Alton Brown.

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Soup with homemade Chinese spiced chicken broth as the base, then Bak Choi, tofu, pork dumplings, somen noodles, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, and scallions.

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I keep some in the corona stash with the cans and dry goods. Goes good with deenz.

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Bulgogi beef salad with romaine, carrots, red onion, peas, jalapeno, cucumber, and homegrown pickled radishes.


Love me some brats, and seared brussel sprouts are top tier.


Looking good, anon.


Shit I should make some fajitas. My mom would frequently pack me homemade chicken fajita wraps for lunch when I was a kid.

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I went through a taco phase last summer when I worked at a taqueria/bar. Front of house but I made them better than the kitchen did and had a good time proving it to myself.

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what are the baker's percentages for the honey wheat bread

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Oh geez, let's see. I haven't had to think about it in baker's percentages in a long time and don't have them written down anywhere. Here's the recipe for two loaves scaled at 2lbs each that I just adjust up based on how many loaves I need. Everything is in grams.

AP - 340
Whole Wheat - 450
Cracked wheat - 50
Rye chops - 50
Oats - 50
Soaker water - 200
Final water - 465
Salt - 20
Yeast - 5
Honey - 30
Hard Starter (55% hydration levain) - 160

Make the starter and grain soaker (rye chops, cracked wheat, oats, plus soaker water) 12 hours before hand. Mix everything on first speed for 2 minutes or incorporate by hand, then 2nd speed for 3 minutes or hand knead until the dough is smooth. 1.5 hour bulk ferment, then round and shape, spritz with water and plop in some more oats, final ferment 1 hr, bake at 450 with normal steam for about 40 minutes.

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How do you get your tortillas that thin? My tortilla press is either trash (it's two pieces of wood and a C clamp), or my dough is too.. Glutenous? It shrinks and thickens too much, the size directly after being pressed is decent but they shrink right back up. I rested the AP Flour+water dough for about 30mins.


>inb4 use corn
I use what I have on hand. Corn flour isn't that common here.

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That meal is adorable.

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It's just a storebought flour tortilla that i fried in butter but have you tried using more fat? That would probably reduce how much it contracts.

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That looks more like a lunch, but I'm not here to judge.

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Quesadilla with sour cream and hot sauce

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Poor bastard. They could've at least cut in half for him.

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>spice up
based browny

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Here’s my deenz with homemade tomato jam on sourdough.

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how's the sauce? i have the last dab and it tastes great (obviously not as hot as advertised, but still pretty hot)

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What should I get for dinner tonight? My favorite local Chinese place opened back up yesterday, but my favorite local Mexican place has a 12 tacos for $12 special going on right now.

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I'd go for the 12 tacos for $12 special

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Never thought of putting salted nuts on butter + jam, but that looks way too delicious not to try soon, thanks for the idea

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Interesting, will try more oil. Thanks!

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>t. low test


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Angus hanger steak

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Made some ramen eggs, couldn't wait so pulled one a bit early, still really tasty tho. I'll definitely be making more and in larger batches,

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don't ever call them brats you yank fuck

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Also yeah I messed up the yolk a bit, too small pot, cold eggs brought temp way too low and it stopped boiling and I couldn't time it right.

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Looks good but excuse my ignorance, what are ramen eggs? Simply eggs boiled in ramen broth? I would eat that

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It's soft boiled eggs marinated in 1:1:0-3 (mirin, soj sauce, water (which is optional, depends on how salty you want the eggs)) for half a day (I took one out after 4h tho cause I couldn't wait).

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Nice might try that

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Love it but it is a true ass burning hot sauce.

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Yoooo that looks tight. Good work

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Made some shakshuka for breakfast

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Where's the dippin' bread?

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>not having a jar of silvadene on hand at all times


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Anon, p!ease speak like a normal person

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that's lookin good. would dip yolk/10

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>brussel sprouts on top of overcooked pasta a lamode with ice water


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I don't know what the fuck pasta a la mode is supposed to be but there's no pasta there. Those are onion slices.

Brats are fine flyover cuisine.

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buy 99 cans of this and yer good

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I'd be shitting like a yellowstone geyser

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these are flyover tacos r u freal. this is what white people think tacos are. you basically took a salad, tossed some hot sauce on it, threw it in a tortilla and called it a taco.

jesus fuck this is why you never eat mexican food outside the american southwest. none of you people know how to make a taco

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worth it for the potatoes alone lad

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Lol I'm Brazilian. I like a lot of lettuce on my tacos because I like lettuce in general and eat it with everything. Underneath is just grilled steak with peppers and onions. They tasted great.

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unironically based. hope its real sourdough

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Turned out pretty good, took pic without mustard cause I'm not as good at putting that on as ketchup. Too think to get a good squeeze.

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Spätzle with 4 cheeses cream and grated grana padano (missing in the picture).

There’s too much cream because it was a leftover and I had to finish it.

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And here comes the picture

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it's important during these times of strife to go to international places and remind the British that they can't have McDonalds

remind them
>no McNuggets
>no Cheeseburger
>no Fillet of Fish
>no Big Mac
>no Happy Meal with My Little Pony Toy
But for me it's all about reminding them of the McChicken

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How fat are you, m8?

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>ADHD the picture

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Okay but Zevia fuckin rips. If you're into the fruit flavors a cheaper alternative is store brand seltzer + store brand Stevia drops.

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Damn, I want to try this now.

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Made Cornishi Pasties

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Nice calzone you cultural appropriation fuck

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Scotch eggs as well

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Shepherd’s pie
Pasties are made with pastry dough though and they taste way better than calzones

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Duck egg for breakfast

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Dutch Baby

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are they boneless?

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french bread spam pizza

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If I had this, I would feel ripped off considering how little apples I would get...

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The point of the dish is the baby. I only added apples cause I had left over pie filling

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Los Calientes green is a great Mexicany sauce. It has a really nice flavor and a medium heat. Their Classico red sauce is great too but it can go on nearly anything, in particular Asian food and sandwiches and shit like that. I made a pastrami, horseradish, red onion sandwich a while back and Classico was great on it. Finally, Hippy Dippy Green is a very unusual herb-first sauce that is great on random things like roasted veggies/potatoes, skirt steak, things you might use herbed butter on. Those are my favorite three. They’re really a great specialty hot sauce company. It’s not cheap but it’s not really outrageous or anything either.

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Some are surprisingly based and know their place

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the carribean yucateco is so goddamn good

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