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I'm starting to. I just love eating.

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Nah man.
I was fat, now I'm normal. How did you start getting fat?

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I'm fat but I think it has more to do with the amount of beer I drink. I actually eat fairly healthy. Gonna start going to the gym when the chinkflu passes.

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When I quit Xanax I gained 60 pounds in a matter of months and haven't been able to drop it.

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Fatfuck here. Eating while watching mind-numbing shit on YT is my coping mechanism.
My worst comfort meal is pints of ice cream and beer

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I just like eating.

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Gaining weight in quarintine. Lifting to help compensate. Everyone hope my muscle memory kicks in.

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>I just love eating.
So do I, anon, but what I love to eat isn't filled with excess fat/sugar/salt the way most processed foods are made, and I also love to exercise on the reg so I don't bloat up like a cow.

What's going to make you fat as shit is the regular consumption of: soft drinks / energy drinks, processed "snacks", candies, fast food.

Avoid that shit. It's poison.

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