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Is this true, brit bros?

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they wasted their time with the industrial revolution and inventing modern democracy

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Who ever claimed fish and chips is an amazing culinary creation? It's culturally significant, but that doesn't have to mean it's unique or complicated.

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>everyone always forgets the ubiquitous cheese and pickle sandwich when making fun of Brit food
This is how you can tell they're just contrarian posers looking for attention by spewing the same things they've seen other people get attention for.

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brit food is kinda comfy and has neat names. Toad in the hole, bubble and squeak. LOTR hobbit food, a big ass pie with some peas and a pint. simple as


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there is a reason the french call us le rosbif

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Now THIS is real British cooking.

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why does he use all of the partitions and then immediately put all the food touching on the plate

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No it isn't. It's a retarded advert for a pan nobody in their right mind would buy.

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I'm glad you're not part of eu anymore and i hope we will never hear of your culture starved country ever again

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brit food brown and corny. just like their people haha riiiiight

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Nothing wrong with simplicity

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Righto. Enjoy poverty, peasant.

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>mashed potatoes
>cottage pie
>pound cake
>clotted cream

I'm not saying the UK makes the top 10 or anything, but they're pretty underrated.

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I like them pies

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Not saying thee bongs have the world's best cuisine, but the existence of the full English is worth a mention.

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Basic bitch strawmam to justify racism

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>bongs think they invented mashed potatoes

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This faggot its probably the most pretentious retard online and posting his "opinions" should be worth an isp range ban.

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>phoneposter makes shitty twitter screenshot thread
ban phoneposters from starting threads

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All british 'delicacies' are generally cheap, simple, and tasty, I have no idea why this enrages other countries so much
>NOOOOO you cant just eat actually tasty comfy meals!
>brown food go mmmmm...

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>lmao just deep fry it guv, soon we'll 'ave a 'igher obesity rate as the colonies and surely they will want to rejoin the commonwealth again

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alright, but you gotta be our colony this time

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o-only because y-you made me do it!

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>the English think "Fish & Chips" is some kind of amazing culinary creation
Fish and chips is so prevalent because it's simple and cheap. Nobody thinks it's some kind of amazing culinary creation. England never needed amazing culinary creations because back when India was perfecting their curries and China was perfecting their dog chow mein England was perfecting the art of invading other countries and taking all their shit.

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i think the worst thing is something like fish and chips is "english"

as if other countries don't fry fish and potatoes

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not to that extent. if you go to bongland, especially the north, you will find that the air is litteraly thick with oil. your blood pressure will rise from the second-hand diabetes alone. The inhabitants themselves are all sweatpants wearing obese tumors with piggish features, that are likely all related together. Just looking at their greasy, sulky faces will tell you these people have forsaken culture and education in favour of butter and mastication. Truely the land is now occupied by one great herd of walruses eager for their next government check so they can gorge themselves on trans fats like they have been for the past decade. other countries have unhealty foods and fat people,but englanders only care about fast food. it doesn't have to taste nice, it doesn't need to be varied, the only things that matter to the common british landwhale are "is it cheap?" and "is it fat?".

tldr the british isles are a sore on the face of earth, have consistently fucked humanity over since caesar made the mistake of not culling every last one of them, and are addicted to chippy oil like it's a state religion. which it is

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>amerilards trying to be 'funny'

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Yeah but i heard britian gets egg nog year round and not just during christmas

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Why do these people exist? Is this an after affect of neo-liberal consumerist society? Do they think consuming foreign foods somehow increases their status and enhances their character? There's always such a smugness and hatred behind posts like these it's obvious they come from upper class leftists.

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are you fags still triggered over british food?

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that guy is a pedo

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>he's never had a crisp sandwich
>he's never had a toast sandwich

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It gets (you)s.

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They don't regularly have them together and consume the meal as the storm clowns roll in. Culture is nuanced, and this is a significant aspect of English culture.

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Yeah whose mouth doesn't start watering when they hear the phrase "mushy peas"?

But I actually agree with you. Shepherd's pie is probably the GOAT comfort food.

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no, he's just parroting the same tired shit I see on /ck/ daily

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>beans for breakfast
I mean, do your thing, but i'll never understand this

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that sausage being dunked in the yolk always gets me

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Huevos rancheros? Chilaquiles? Beans are based, why restrict the times you can eat them?

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Eat em' whenever you want, I just don't wanna start my day ripping ass

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For those that don't know this dude is a literal commie, his whole schtick is just whining about rent. Just like most Chapo tards, he's probably a Midwesterner that moved to the big city for the "culture," but immediately realize that the cost of living in NYC was a lot higher than his "flyover country" hometown. I will never understand why leftists have to live in the city, they spend all day complaining about rent and landlords but never do anything to improve their situation in life.

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He is an outed pedo

Can't find the thread but he used to follow a bunch of werid child porn esque accounts on his alt and often defends attraction to children

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>british """"""""""""""""""""""""FOOD"""""""""""""""""""""

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Food isn't meant to taste good, it's just meant to keep you alive. The idea that food should "taste good" is what has lead to the startling rates of obesity as Amerilards shovel calorie dense foods down their gullet despite not actually being hungry.

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Noooo just hurry up an give me pie an chips so I can line my stomach before going on the piss

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He's never had beans and cheese on toast

Or even better
Tins of.beans with the little saussages in them with cheese on toast and worster sauce

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More trendy anti white narratives from a leftist who's voting caused the coronavirus outbreaks. In a month when you have dead grandparents, will diversity still be our greatest strength? Open borders still good?

Globalism caused this. White people are waking up to their Jewish media overlords. Stay safe and vote ultra conservative.

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>voting caused the coronavirus

>> No.13900118

sounds like a cope to me.

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Idk what this guy's talking about. Britain has curry.

>> No.13900153

british people love spices

>> No.13900207

Wh*te "people" can't handle spice.

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Curry is an Indian dish, just because colonial oppressors claimed it as theirs doesn't make it true.

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British food is actually very nice and has some interesting flavours and methods. The problem is they have very generic names and almost all restaurants in the UK serve something else so for foreign visitors like me initial exposure is always terrible supermarket stuff. It's like if you judged food in my home city by what frozen meals you buy from the local Géant Casino.

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Heart Attack Grill's pretty based tho.
Like, actually trying to hospitalize fatties based.

>> No.13900416

>grill = cafe
I think it's a knockoff and not the same place.

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They crave conformity. Their twitter buddies all live in the city so they must too. And they'll insist it's the best thing ever if challenged, while whinging about it any other time.

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>twitter pic

Fuck off. This is a boad about cooking, not cucking.

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also capitalism and the internet

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All that shit looks delicious

t. 5’4” 145 LB 5% body fat fit manlet who rarely eats shitty food

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You know what really gets me? YOUR MOM LMFAO!

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Just sounds like SEETHE desu

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first known recipe comes from England, don't know what you're mad about. Who do you think invented mashed potatoes then

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would much rather just have a massive cast iron pan without the partitions, so the rendered bacon fat can flavor all the other stuff

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>modern democracy
>any form of democracy
Say high to the queen for me.

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>I don't know anything about a subject
>Therefor there is nothing to know about that subject
This is from someone who makes "philosophical" comics?

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First thing I thought. Who would buy this meme shit?

>> No.13901467

The comment section was full of people saying "fish and chips is actually an immigrant dish and potatoes are from south america lmao" completely oblivious that this applies to every single country and dish the world over.

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>overcooked yolk
no thanks

>> No.13901716

Thats just a variant on cheese on toast which is on the list

>> No.13901731

>britcucks desperate to shift the conversation away from food
Overwhelming levels of cope

>> No.13902197

>Scottish breakfast
Overrated shite.

>> No.13902331

Fish and chips is Jewish btw

>> No.13902337

Thirteen million Londoners have to wake up to this. Murder and All-Bran and rape.

>> No.13902339

Why waste perfectly fresh tomatoes? I thought fried tomatoes were for poors who can only afford canned veggies

>> No.13902342

imagine the outrage if somene wrote this about jewish or african cuisine

>> No.13902346

Dude its a potato mash

>> No.13902371

To be fair
That person in general is a faggot

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Some Brit on Twitter wrote that she thought Indian food was disgusting. It caused a massive shitstorm, people were trying to dox here and sending death threats. Poos are almost as fragile as nogs.

>> No.13903299

Did your mom fucking chain smoke while she was pregnant?

>> No.13903375

>he doesn't walk around farting as loudly as possible to assert dominance
Cry more cuck

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some people are self aware enough to realise their irrational hatred of a decades post-relevance country is embarrassing so the food is used as a proxy
nobody is slagging off Scandinavian food 24/7, the opposite in fact, one meme restaurant in Denmark and now "New Scandinavian Cuisine" is a trend people are tripping over each other to dickride

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Why do people shit on British food all the time? I’m American and I find the food pretty tasty. Bangers and mash is tasty as fuck as is shepherds pie, meat pies with the green gravy is pretty good, mushy peas are tasty, full English is good, stewed eel is good, fish and chips are fucking great. I feel like it’s just because people like clowning on whites nowadays. Whatever success breeds jealousy I suppose.

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>green gravy

>> No.13904838

Well that’s what it’s labeled as but it’s actually a curry

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Why bark when you have dogs to do it for you?

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Sounds more like white social justice types getting uppity rather than actual poos. Did any of those tweets ask for bob and/or vagene?

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right, the brits also think they invented lasagna and sushi, not even joking, they're that retarded

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Where exactly is it labelled that?

>> No.13905553

Brits can't get over the fact that they were cucked and relegated by the eternal yank

>> No.13905555

Oblivious untrue.

>> No.13905561

The anglo is the original slave of the jew

>> No.13905577

Fucked that one up too, now look at us

>> No.13905762

>industrial revolution
That was America anon

>> No.13905771

>holier than thou commie cunt shitting on white people with whatever bait they can scrounge up

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this retard just spends all day on twitter complaining about nothing and hating himself. I feel bad for him.

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On the menus while I was there

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Nah, just restrict mobile posting to Pass users only. 90+% of the shitposting on the entire site would vanish overnight if shitposting via mobile came with the threat of loosing your 20$ pass, instead of being the free carte blanche to shitpost that it currently is.
People that are so addicted to 4chan that they can't even take a shit without posting shouldn't have any problems paying for a pass.

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>brits invented democracy
do brits actually believe this?

>> No.13907009

>no haggis
>no tattie scone
it's not scottish lol

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British food is traditionally utilitarian, nutrition first, and designed to allow simple ingredients shine through. We can't grow a lot of stuff in our climate, so what we can grow we grow well, and don't want to drown out the flavour with additives. Potatoes taste nice. They don't need 30 spices and a bag of sugar adding.

Unfortunately due to globalism, we sell our top-notch ingredients abroad for big profits, then buy in sub-par stuff to replace it. And our diet has become Americanized to the point that shops only sell garbage now.

If you want to taste real good English food, you need to have a meal home-made by someones grandma or great grandma. Simple ingredients prepared well.

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There where, nigger? 27 years on this God-forsaken island and not once in my life have I heard the term 'green gravy'

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He will see the day when nonwhite filth are executed in mass graves.

1488 brothers. We are all proud national socialist Nazis after the ultimate cuisine, no dark skinned vermin. Delicious.

Ban me again you nigger lovers. I'll be back.


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Most culturally significant food is simple, that's the REASON it's culturally significant, if poor peasants can't make it then it would never enter the cultural lexicon in the first place. Burgers. Burritos. Noodles. Fish. Potatoes.

>> No.13909893


I'm surprised there aren't any potatoes on here

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>anglos invented modern globohomo globalist democracy and fractional reserve jewry banking
yes, they did. And they couldn't even invent any edible food from it.

>> No.13909984

>full English
it just looks like a plate with various simply cooked foods on it.

>> No.13909990

>Some Brit on Twitter wrote that she thought Indian food was disgusting
pot calling the kettle white

>> No.13910001

The grilled tomato is something that needs to make more breakfast appearances. It's delicious, but i only ever really see it in the full english. Would much rather have grilled tomato slices than some gay little cup full of canteloupe, like you get at lots of restuarants.

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Nonce nonce nonce, why don't you like me nobody likes me!

>> No.13910014

Everything is just what they can be described as. It's not an interesting statement to make.

>> No.13910055

>Hot sauce
Helllllllllooooooooooo reddit

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Just had a full English breakfast. Delicious. Plus the world was built by whites and especially the English. Look how Africa fell back into poverty when they wanted independence.

Only whites are fit to run the world. Delicious white food for strong white families.

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Beans on toast is amazing

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It's obvious OP's never sat down to a nice Lancashire Hot Hot before

>> No.13910759

You forgot the chip butty, mate!

>> No.13910774

we wuz kangz

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I'm not patriotic and least of all I'm not patriotic about food.

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Why are they like this?

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