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For me, its Pepper North. Blueberry Plague is out of this world and Stargazer is HAF

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>uses their own "heat index" rather than the scoville scale
Fuck off.

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How do I short the hot sauce bubble?

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they put the scovilles on the site, at least for stargazer. 118,000

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Fair. The blueberry one would probably be good on ice cream.

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i think my dad gave me the blueberry one for xmas
i haven't opened it yet because he bought me a million and i only eat one at a time

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Why? They don't go bad. Open some up, see how they taste, try different sauces for different meals. Also op what's the flavor profile for the stargazer like in your opinion?

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they absolutely go bad

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Unless you leave them on the counter after opening, no they don't.

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can i order a set to europe?

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Whole foods sells them so maybe through amazon?

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Tastelet, please

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Honestly it tastes like salsa with some citrus but its so hot I can't get a good bead on it.

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Thanks for the info. If I see it in some stores I might pick some up and give it a chance. I dont expect much heat but I'd be curious to try it. Maybe on some tacos or something similar. Like I said before I'd be curious to try the blueberry one on ice cream, that one sounds like it would be on the sweeter side.

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nope, i've emailed to see if they'll ship it overseas. i need this blueberry shit.

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they don't carry it.

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Did you think of the ice cream thing yourself or from the description??

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Actually I got the idea from Johnny Scoville, have yet to try it as all my sauces are more savory.

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Weird it says on their website they sell through amazon. Going on amazon canada I see it but only in a gift pack. It was available 3 days ago they might just be affected by covid


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I had Momento De Muerte, it was pretty tasty but it was also a guaranteed case of the shits the next day. I have Blueberry Plague and Solar Flare in my fridge, but I'm trying to use up some of my other half-full bottles before I open any more. I went on a huge hot sauce kick last summer.

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